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King Bhumipol Adulyadej

The most revered figure of the nation.


Please go back and consider. Consult with other judges, administrative court judges, constitutional judges for what should be done.

Then do it, quickly, otherwise, the country would fail.

Just before this, I saw a television program, a several-ten-thousands-ton ship had been wrecked by a storm, sank to the depth of four thousand meters in the sea. They did have to investigate how it happened.

Thailand would sink deeper than four thousand meters and might not be able to salvage or rescue. Therefore, you would also sink as well as other innocent people, sink into the ocean.

This is the most critical time.

Therefore, those who have the responsibility, do consult with the educated, in order to, salvage the nation.

For whatever the matters, people always call for salvage the nation. However, the nation has not sunk yet. Why salvage the nation?
However, do prevent it, otherwise, we shall have to really salvage the nation.
And when it is drown, it will not be salvagable. It is gone.

Therefore, do think carefully of what we can do, consult with others. If so, the whole nation and the whole world will admire.
The supreme court judges would then be seen as so-called competent and well-educated and really intend to salvage the country when it is the right time.

Thank you for your good intention to very well execute the duty. The nation would survive without the need to salvage.

Thank you for trying to stay clean. People will admire.

Thank you on behalf of the whole country for strong supreme court judges.

Thank you. I wish you could well execute the duty, with good health, fighting, fighting fighting for the good, for the justice in the country.