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King Bhumipol Adulyadej

The most revered figure of the nation.


If you listen to the radio, you have to listen for the whole day and night. For the past two nights there have been a lot of critiques about courts. You have to find the way to protect your fellow judges in other courts.

When all said supreme courts had no rights, the supreme courts in which some of you may used to be judges.
But you cannot do anything because they said supreme courts had no rights. I would like to say this. You will have to work it out by yourself.

Judges of any courts have to work things out and get them right, otherwise, the country go bust.

I used to tell the President (of the Supreme Administrative Court) last time, when I spoke at Hua Hin (Prajuabkirikan) over a year ago, when there was an incident, it was a responsibility.

That responsibility made some people alarmed so much that series of events happened which in turn, had their causes and effects and so on. Some days later, it went on complicated.

Be prepared and accept critiques, not in court status, but in personal status, or in expert status, or in learned status, in order to prevent the country failed in catastrophe.

Such as, last time, I said, if we did not do anything, did not try, then, catastrophe would ensue. We were nearly fail. Even now, we are nearly fail in catastrophe still.

Therefore, you have the responsibility to prevent the country get into catastrophe or warn the educated people, and educate the uneducated ones, where the country should go to.

You can do it. You can say it. You can think because you have the knowledge.Therefore, I beg you try to continue to rectify the situation because the current situation is not so good.

When listen to the radio, it sounds logical. Some speakers are knowledgeable but may not be totally correct because they are politicians.

We -- why I say "We" is I already have got the same gown like being another judge -- have the rights and have the duty to make people understand their duties, judges' duties, to rescue the country from hardships.

Thank you all for the endeavour to rescue the country from this present crisis.
To fulfill this, I bless everyone of you with good luck, abilities, and chances to express them.
I believe everyone of you have the abilities. You must prove that you are able to decide and decide on behalf of other judges, either administrative courts, other courts, supreme or nonsupreme.
I wish you judge well, speak well, think well of the best ideas to solve varieties of problems.

By this, you have to maintain the honesty and please show your honesty to the people including uneducated and unpositioned in law, to be able to think. This is because of the deep patriotism, why I do not want the country to fail in catastrophe.

Thank you for your commitment to duty. I wish you the power particularly mental power to bravely carry out the duty and to bravely carry out the duty with honesty for the society to live happily.

I wish you safety and honesty. I understand that you are committed to do the work for the safety of the country.
I wish you the mental strength, physical strength to be able to carry out the duty.

Thank you, administrative judges. Please be able to advise others to duly carry out their duties especially judiciary side.
I wish you strong bodies and minds to successfully fulfill the duties for the peace of the countand happiness of the country.