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People's Alliance for Democracy coordinator Suriyasai Katasila revealed that the People’s Alliance for Democracy will soon issue another announcement detailing a total of five questions the PAD wishes the new premier to address. The PAD coordinator added that appropriate answers may in fact convince the PAD to disperse its rally.

People’s Alliance for Democracy coordinator Suriyasai Katasila revealed that soon the PAD will issue another announcement. The latest announcement will detail five important questions the PAD demand prime minister-elect Somchai Wongsawat to answer.

Firstly the PAD calls for the new PM to explains how he plans to address the conflict of interests between the Shinawatra family and the Thai public.

Secondly, the PAD demands to know how the new premier will bring his brother-in-law, former PM Thaksin Shinawatra to face justice for his crimes in Thailand. In addition, the PAD would like PM Somchai to explain how and when he will nullify Thaksin and his wife’s diplomatic and regular passports.

The question of how the new Cabinet will proceed with the unconstitutional Thai-Cambodian joint communique will also be included in the announcement. The joint communique was ruled as unconstitutional earlier this year by the Constitution Court. The Samak administration violated Article 190 of the 2007 charter by failing to obtain an endorsement from Parliament before the joint declaration was signed and put into effect.

Furthermore, the PAD will call on the new PM to express his intention to address the People Power Party’s determination to amend the Constitution.

Lastly, the group will challenge the new PM to clarify how he plans to do away with the image of being a proxy of former PM Thaksin.

Suriyasai made it clear that Somchai must answer these questions clearly and to the satisfaction of the public prior to the new government's policy declaration. He added that if Somchai managed to answer the questions satisfactorily, the PAD may be convinced to disperse its gathering.


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