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Sondhi Limthongkul, exposes corruptions and facts through ASTV and Manager Media Group.

Thus, he educates Thai people all over the country to rise up against Thaksin Regime, demanding true democracy.


About 03:25AM on November 20, 2008, government agents of unknown number launched an M79 grenade into the Government House which PAD has been rallying. The grenade landed on the roof of a tent in front of the center stage. The explosion resulted in a wide area of destruction, one fatality by the name of Mr.Jenkit Kladsakorn, two seriously injured and other twenty one injured. This has been the third death by the government side.

People's Alliance for Democracy would like to express sorrow to his family and his friends, and mourn over the death of Mr.Jenkit Kladsakorn. PAD formally praises Mr.Jenkit Kladsakorn to be a forever hero of PAD. We also would like to express sorrow to all the brave injured comrades.

The use of military weapons in particular explosives in killing PAD's rallying supporters who are mostly women, elderly people and the young, is not the first time. Contrarily, it has been repetitive incidences caused only by state officers, murderous proxy government's racketeers.

Prior to this, on November 12, 2008, government agents launched a grenade into a rallying people's tent in the Government House, injuring several people. Major General Chamlong Srimuang, one of the core activists of PAD immediately submit letters to the area's safety supervisors, those are the Commander-in-Chief of the Army and the Deputy Director of the Internal Security Operation Commands, the Region 1 Army Leader, the Division 1 Commander-in-Chief, the Commander-in-Chief of the National Police, the Chief of the Metropolitan Police, the Superintendent of Metropolitan Police Office of Dusit to halt the using of military weapons killing people in the city center. However, no authority could stop such use military weapons.

The past several uses of military weapons, in particular explosives, against the rallying people proves that the persons were government agents under both former polices and current polices's conspiracy to kill people because if without police cooperation, it would not be possible to bring into the city center such military weapons to injure PAD in the Government House.

Therefore, it is evident that the Commander-in-Chief of the National Police, the Chief of the Metropolitan Police and several other top polices conspire with the government to kill people who, according to the Constitution, duly exercise their rights to carry out their duty in protecting the Monarchy, the national interests and the public interests.

Throughout our course, PAD has rallied to check upon the governments, to protect the nation, the religions, and the Monarchy. The governments, however, have abused their power using their evil mights to harm and kill people all along.

However, the rally to expel the tyrant murderous proxy government and the protest of the amendment of 2007 Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand have not yet accomplished and may not be fully trusted because the enslaved parliament under Thaksin regime remains insisting to launder themselves and their cronies by amending the Constitution. Within such amendment, there is a plot to abolish the Privy Council which is a direct curtail of the Royal authority. PAD will never allow those to happen.

Accordingly, without state's protection or security approval, PAD cannot continue its exercise of the rights to rally under daily murder by the government.

PAD will not tolerate the murderous government which brutally kills the citizen everyday and will no longer tolerate the enslaved parliament under Thaksin regime.

PAD thus voted a unanimous resolution to hold a mass rally at the Government House on Sunday November 23, 2008 from 14:00 onward and to march to the front of the House of Parliament to protest the forthcoming proposed amendment of the Constitution to dispose of Tyrant Proxy Government and to halt the Thaksin regime's enslaved Parliament with all possible measures.

PAD would like to invite Brothers and Sisters to join the historical rally in order to exercise the rights and to perform the duty according to Article 70 of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand
to protect the nation, the religions, the Monarchy, and the Constitutional Monarchy Democracy, until Thai society prevails.

With respect,

People's Alliance for Democracy
November 20, 2008

If you agree with our fight against the tyrant Thaksin, please email this address www.ANTITHAKSIN.com to your friends. Support extradition. Send Thaksin home to stand trials for his crimes.