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Sondhi Limthongkul, exposes corruptions and facts through ASTV and Manager Media Group.

Thus, he educates Thai people all over the country to rise up against Thaksin Regime, demanding true democracy.


At 13:00 on November 22, 2008, PAD core activists held a press release at Ban Pra Arthit (the Sun House) after a meeting on the direction of the mass rally on the following day. The schedule of the mass rally was confirmed as set before. There would be an assembly at 14:00 on November 23, 2008. In the next morning, there would be a march to rally at the front of the Hosue of Parliament. On the night of 23 there would be some activities which would be considered.
Major General Chamlong said, "The march to rally at the front of the Hosue of Parliament is to defend the 2007 Constitution from being amended. There has been a release of the House's agenda which includes People's Power Party's remaining motion to amend the Constitution as number one on the list. It can be brought into the House's consideration at anytime because it remains valid."

"The motion to amend the Constitution following the signatures collection is unduly because the laws about signatures collection to amend the Constitution have not been approved but the amendment has been listed in the agenda ready for consideration. We therefore have to rally as it is the first reason for our protest from the beginning."

"The latest explosion last night, following a thorough examination by General Preecha Iamsupan, the President of the Security Committee of PAD's Rally Site" was from an M79 grenade like the past several incidences. The trajectory was from the Metropolitan Police Headquarter because from the impact site, the direct line drawn, as limited by the Royal image billboard, points directly to the corner of the Metropolitan Police Headquarter."

"The explosion is 50 meters away from the rally site and took place when our guards were distributing food and water from midnight to 2:00 AM, to the Military Polices who watched over around the rally. The responsibility wholly belonged to the police. We had warned the police but the violences still happened because the police was ignorant to protect the safety of people's lives, even in the city center."

Pipop Thongchai, another PAD's core activist said, "The government of PM Somchai Wongsawat ordered use of violence to crackdown PAD's rally on October 7, according to the three Senate Committees have voted but the House has not been able to effectively put forward. The National Human Rights Committee also voted similarly that Somchai had ordered use of violence and violated human rights, resulting in people's injuries and deaths. Sill, the government remains unresponsive to those judgements."

"According to the latest PAD's Announcement, following the resolutions of the Senate's committees and of the National Human Rights Committee, the government used violence against the people on October 7 and has continuously used it which this Parliament does not try to prohibit. Therefore, PAD has to rally in front of the House of Parliament to prevent the House to support the unjust government."

"This parliament has not established the three forces of check and balance. Thus, we have to go to prevent the parliament who ignores the resolutions of the Senate committees and the independent organization like the National Human Rights Committee, to work as an enslaved parliament for the unjust government. The committtee which the government has formed, has not progressed whatsoever. Therefore, we consider the government absolutely without righteousness."

"This government damages democracy with violence to intimidate people and to discourage us from exercise of constitutional rights. If the people retreat now, violence would be perpetually used. If the people cannot rally, people would not be able to protect the nation, the religions and the monarchy. Therefore, we rally to demonstrate the power to insist that we shall not be subdued by the government's violence aiming to suppress people's lawful rights to rally."

"We have warned the government several times that we rally peacefully. The government has not suppressed violence but let it happened several times. Therefore, we have to stop this government and this parliament from using violence once and for all."

Sondhi Limthongkul, one of the PAD's core activists said "This early morning violence was a use of miltary weapons which are solely in military possession. Moreover, only experts in military combat can use them. The ceaseless use of such violence would force the peaceful protestors to arm themselves. Thai society will turn bloodbath. But upon looking back, it is the government who is the cause and conspirator of injuring people."

"This government is the conspirator government which fails and ruins Thailand down to premeditated spreading of violence throughout the country. In particular, there have been some soldiers and polices involved in creating violence."

Somsak Kosaisuk, one of the PAD's core activists said, "The latest explosion was near the Metropolitan Police Headquarter. Therefore, I would like a lot of people to come out to expel the unjust tyrant government. We shall continue to exercise our constitutional rights to expel the government."

Somkiat Pongpaiboon, one of the PAD's core activists said, "This government does not admit ordering to murder people. They did not follow the conclusion of the three Senate Committees which state that Somchai ordered to use violence. Moreover, the National Human Rights Committee voted to confirm that the Prime Minister had ordered to kill. Despite the votes of the independent organization and the Senate Committees, murderous tyrant government still most shamelessly remains holding their seats. An MP of People's Power Party gave an interview about the plot to country's separation like the fall of Union of Soviet Socialist."

"The use of violence, the separation of the country, the lese-majesty by this murderous tyrant government made it absolutely unjust. They will be sentenced by the people because the check mechanism of the independent organizations and the parliament cannot deal with this government. Only the people can do it. I would like to ask the people to come out to stop their authority. We therefore announce a mass rally which according to Major General Chamlong, it would be just a single role of movie film shot."

If you agree with our fight against the tyrant Thaksin, please email this address www.ANTITHAKSIN.com to your friends. Support extradition. Send Thaksin home to stand trials for his crimes.