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Sondhi Limthongkul, exposes corruptions and facts through ASTV and Manager Media Group.

Thus, he educates Thai people all over the country to rise up against Thaksin Regime, demanding true democracy.


Expatriate Thais in the North American Continent Joint Declaration No.1/2008
To: PM Somchai Wongsawat
Subject: Condemn the Use of Force to Crackdown People and to Sacrifice the Authority Back to the King

Following the turmoils in Thailand, it is obvious that the government under PM Somchai Wongsawat have not been able to continue administering the country, because of electoral frauds by all government coalition parties under support of Thaksin Shinawatra, the fugitive criminals as sentenced by the Supreme Court.

Apart from ethical defects, Somchai's mistress affairs as a favourite talk of the town, and Somchai together with his wife's lack of transparency, Somchai shows strong intention to use political power and parliamentary influence to launder Thaksin Shinawatra, his close relative, from the jail sentence by the Supreme Court and from all allegations which are to be further subjected to adjudication, by attempts to abolish the 2007 Constitution which has been validated through a national referendum of more than 14.7 million votes. If the attempt is successful, the Privy Council will also be annulled. It erodes the Royal Authority of His Majesty the King, which would deceitfully lead to the change of the country's establishment.

Apart from parliamentary means, the government helps undermining Thai society's foundation through supporting the underground movements which have been destroying the Monarchy all along. For example, there have been attacks on people's faith by lese-majesty against the Monarchy both regional and worldwide, both continuously and severely. Recent Thaksin's tricky implication to threaten the Establishment by hired masses to pressure against His Majesty the King was also evident. Moreover, the ignorance to the party's members' threats on the division of the country for Thaksin Shinawatra to be the President.

All above lead to the widespread and rapidly expanding protesting rally of the people and PAD. Instead of feeling shame, standard democratic manners and cultures, listening to the people, the government becomes abusive of its authority, stubbornly defying and ignoring the people. Evidently, the government used police force to murder people with brutality, cowardness and irresponsibility. Despite three senate committees and the National Human Rights Commission have concluded that Somchai Wongsawat have to be responsible to the dispersal of the people on October 7, Somchai has not taken any interest. Being an inveterate tyrant, Somchai Wongsawat conspires a plot with the police and the People's Power party's members to form political racketeer gangsters and guerrilla bands to cowardly attack and use military weapons against the people and the brave media. There have been lost of properties, injuries, cripples, and daily lost of lives. Such acts by the PM confirm tyranny bringing down Thai society into crises and uncurable rifts.

From the above reasons in brief, we, Thai expatriates in USA, agree that the government has no intention to govern for the benefit of Thai people as stipulated by the Constitution and as vowed in front of His Majesty the King. Moreover, to protect Thaksin Shinawatra's benefit, the government has the intention to divide the country which is a violation of Article 1 of the 2007 Constitution.

We, Thai expatriates in USA, shall persistently support the rally of PAD and all groups of Thais to protest the government and call for Somchai Wongsawat to refrain from crackdowns with violent force against the people and completely stop violation of human rights and to immediately sacrifice the governing authority of the country back to the King in order to form a reconciliation government to solve the problems of the country, to organize a fair and clean election with a strict law to severely punnish electoral frauds, to obtain a decent and ethical government to bring back to Thai society the reconciliation and peace.

With the love in the Nation, Religions and the King,

PAD Washington DC
PAD Chicago illinois
PAD San Francisco
PAD Saint Louis
PAD South Carolina
PAD Dallas
PAD New Jersey
PAD New York
PAD Pennsylvania
PAD Florida
PAD Missouri
PAD Maryland
PAD Las Vegas
PAD Los Angeles
PAD Virginia
PAD USA-Canada
PAD Oklahoma
PAD Hawaii
PAD Houston Texas
Thai DC Forum President
Thai LA Press Club
International Justice For Peace (IJP) President
United Thai Assembly, North America (UTANA) Coordinator

November 29, 2008
Expatriate Thais in the North American Continent

If you agree with our fight against the tyrant Thaksin, please email this address www.ANTITHAKSIN.com to your friends. Support extradition. Send Thaksin home to stand trials for his crimes.