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Thaksin Shinawatra and his wife, both fugitive criminals, jumped the bails, are now facing series of verdicts on corruption charges, abuse of power, tax frauds etc. PAD is forcing extradition for them to return to stand trials and to receive jail sentences.

Billionare Pojaman Shinawatra, has been convicted in the criminal court and sentenced to jail for three years for tax evasion and frauds just 3 days before fleeing to UK. The tax fraud worths about 7.5 million USD.

















































Three of Thaksin's Lawyers got Caught Bribing the Supreme Courts




One might be wondering why are these hundreds of thousands Thai people gathering at this place and at this time under the summer heat and alternate days of soaking rain. Are PAD lunatics?

The answer is simply because the previous Thaksin and Samak's governments of Thailand used their power in fraudulent activities and put in place corrupt policies to abuse their own people and violate all forms of decency that no civilized individual with a conscience can ignore. The abuses range from human rights violations (over 3,000 innocent people were shot dead), suppression of media's freedom, police harassment, threats against it citizens, undue influence / conflict of interest violations, election fraud, insider trading, land grab for personal gain, tax evasion, tampering the constitution and wide spread corruption by government officials and more.

We want to tell the world about this civillian dictator and corruptor,Thaksin Shinawatra, and his bully government headed by a proxy political party under Samak Sundaravej who was one of the worst PM of Thailand, if not second to Thaksin or Somchai Wongsawat.

Details here is ONLY a brief of SOME of Thaksin's-Samak's-Somchai shameless conducts which have caused hundreds of thousands of middle class demonstrators join to form the People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD) to demand Samak to step down and to once-and-for-all end the Thaksin's regime.

Hundreds of thousands of PAD' members in Thailand have been on the street days and nights for longer than five months struggling under the soaking showers or the burning heat of the sun in the extreme humidity, not to mention the constant harassment from the police and red gangsters, to no avail. The government did not budge and even worse intensified the violence and abuse on the protestors. Samak publicly threatened to use violence against the PAD protestors to dissolve the rally, ignoring the basic human rights to call for political righteousness.

Samak is a greedy street-brawler employed by Thaksin to come in as his best puppet. On July 14, Samak threatened to file an executive order to abolish the current constitution and eradicate the judicial system in order to free all his people from all charges including 111 former top officials who were banned by the court's decree for election fraud. If successful they could avoid about 10 billion dollars in total of tax evasion and corruption charges. The blunder Samak made was also to speculate a military coup, sending the financial markets plunging, and forcing the army commander to rush out a denial.

Samak's cabinet was full of the messy and incompetent coalition politicians that included proxy relatives of under-Thaksin politicians who have been disqualified because of recent electoral frauds. There were four wives, one husband, one younger brother and even one father of more powerful figures present in Samak's cabinet, and a host of other ministers with no qualifications for their jobs.

Samak completely failed to tackle the economy as the inflation has caused turmoil for the entire country. Driven by his cabinet members who control the industry, the prices of rice, sugar and other food products have unfairly and dramatically risen, initially benefiting farmers and manufacturers, then catching them off-guard as prices fell back. The Thai currency suddenly slipped in value, pushing up the cost of energy even further. Mr. Samak's economic team blundered around these challenges without producing any credible policies to address them. His cabinet members and family benefited from high price of gasoline since they control 90% of energy stock and receive outraged profit while the poor people suffer and struggle to make ends meet.

On the contrary, Samak's and his PPP's only main objective has been to amend the constitutions to launder Thaksin's crimes and the collective penalties upon the party board's electoral frauds. However, they had to retreat because of PAD's strong protest called for public attention. On top of that, within the first three months of Samak's term, several of his cabinet members were found by PAD to be unqualified as stated by laws to be ministers and hence removed. On July 14 in a televised statement, Samak announced “My people were killed enough, and now I will send my people out to kill you." The arrogant message of Samak aroused even more people to join PAD.

Samak and his Foreign Minister, Noppadol Pattama, negotiated a secretive but extremely expensive deal with Cambodia on behalf of Thaksin to finalize the concessions of a casino complex and petroleum wells in the Cambodian territory. This deal caused an international dispute of Preah Vihear Temple and compromises the sovereignty of Thailand which dangerously and unnecessarily causes military tension along Thai-Cambodian border. Patriotism rose up to strengthen PAD protest, followed by the Constitutional Court's ruling that the negotiation was unlawful. Noppadol had to resign to reduce the pressure on the governement.

Personally, on September 26, 2008, Samak received a jail sentence with the charge of slander and libel and currently is appealing to the supreme court. Another section of supreme court is proceeding with hearing on charges of corruption and bribery regarding the fire trucks contract. In addition, he is being investigated on the bribery charge of 400 million yen (US $3,743,600) presumably paid to his office during his tenure as Bangkok Governor from a Japanese contractor. The constitution court returned a verdict of disqualification for PM on September 9, 2008 which finished off Samak's political life. More serious charges are on the way for his entire cabinet.

For Thaksin, the ousted PM, is directly behind Samak's party because Thaksin and 110 other former top officials have been banned from politics for 5 years as Constitution Judges ruled that TRT party had committed frauds in the past election and unconstitutionally acquired the state's power. They simply put forward relatives and cronies to take up ministerial positions in their places of Samak's government. Most of these new ministers lacked competences and experience. Consequently, their performance has been shameful at best.

Thaksin while in exile after the coup, bought Manchester City football club in 2007 with 200 million USD fund from a hidden source. Thaksin, through Nopadol Pattama, his official lawyer, formally declared that the money was from his site in Europe which was never declared to the Board of Counter Corruption as required by laws.

Thaksin's through his unlimited hidden wealth, also secretly sponsored National United Front of Democracy Against Dictatorship (UDD) No Po Ko in Thai or the red-dressed gangsters, either by violent demonstration, street rioting, press publications, web sites. UDD, former TRT members and the new proxy party of Thaksin (PPP People's Power Party) relentlessly accused the President of the Privy Council, General Prem Thinasulanond to be the mastermind of the coup, in order to indirectly accuse of the royal involvement and undermine the people's loyalty to the King.

Apart from being sentenced to three-year-jail in the criminal court for Pojaman's evasion of 8.5 million USD worth tax, Thaksin and his wife, Pojaman face up-coming verdicts related to a fraudulent real estate deal where Thaksin used his authority as a Prime Minister to help his wife win a state's bidding for a large piece of land in central Bangkok at the unusually low price with a fraction of sales tax. Series of major and complex corruptions of more than a dozen cases were filed to the courts by Asset Scrutiny Committee (ASC) will be on their ways.

In applying materialistic policy on the petroleum-gas-riched Islamic predominating areas in the south, Thaksin incited violence and unjust force against the Muslims in three southernmost provinces. Thus, Muslim people's uprising as guerilla fighters and terrorists to protest Thaksin's authoritarian power ensues. Over 3,000 innocents have been killed. An islamic lawyer, Somchai Neelapaijit who litigated against Thanksin and many powerful officials were mysteriously disappeared presumably murdered in Bangkok most likely by a secretive police-team ordered directly by Thaksin.

Thaksin was found trampled on the judiciary system when three of his lawyers were sentenced to jail in July 2008 by the Supreme Court for blatantly offering $60,000 cash bribe in a cake box. He also used his corrupted cash assets for bribery and consequently created conflict, turmoil and division in every level of government and its people.

Just three days after Potjaman's first sentencing to jail on tax frauds in August 2008, Thaksin and his family fled to UK, jumping the bails and accused Thai judiciary system of being unjust. However, because of these scandals, he was forced by Manchester city Football Club's fans to resign from the board of the MCFC and soon out of the ownership.

Now, after seven months term, although Samak's government was finished, a new monster proxy, Somchai Wongsawat, Thaksin's brother-in-law, becomes appointed by the same old master.(Reuters - - -AFP- - -AP). PM Somchai, on entering the House of Parliament for an obligatory debate of the cabinet policy, on October 7, 2008, ordered police to use lethal forces on PAD's rally to pave way into the degate which resulted in two deaths, four seriously lost limbs, three critically ill and more than four hundreds injured.

Thaksin's only extreme priority is to launder himself and his family from numerous corruption charges and to recover all his assets (2 billion USD) confiscated by Asset Scrutiny Committee (ASC).

What he could do, no matter wicked or cruel it sounds, directly or indirectly through his puppets are as follow:
1. Get control of the police. the attorney general and the courts through bribery and threats.
2. Get control of the army. Most of high ranking offers in the army are now classmates of Thaksin while in the Military Cadet School. Ex-PM Samak has approved the appointment of the officers for the next term starting in October 2008. A coup in favour of Thaksin could abolish all charges and legal proceedings on Thaksin.
3. Get control of the State's civillian offices, the National Bank, Boards of various State Enterprises eg. Stock Exchange of Thailand, Thai Airways PLC to earn the funding of the next up-coming election and vote-buying.
4. Get control of the government and the majority in the parliament to legislate the amendment of the constitutions and related laws to lift all of the accusations of his.
5. Get control of UDD red gangsters to use violence and probable fatal sabotage of PAD.

This is partly an explaination to WHY we PAD bother to come out to peacefully fight for ourselves and we PAD have to insist to stay on in the beseiged government house to unify the good people and to back the judiciary system until the justice is served and the genuine democracy is ours.

On October21, 2008 the Supreme Court found Thaksin guilty in the Ratchadapisek Land Bidding and sentenced for two years jail term. Thaksin is therefore the first Prime Minister of Thailand who has been sentenced for jail because of corruption. It is the monumental landmark in Thai history that a powerful politician has been tried in the court and eventually found guilty.

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If you agree with our fight against the tyrant Thaksin, please email this address www.ANTITHAKSIN.com to your friends. Support extradition. Send Thaksin home to stand trials for his crimes.