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  PAD are peaceful demonstrators who protest against tyrant governments of Thaksin Shinawatra and his proxy.


Contemporary Thai Politics

His Majesty and the Country's Governance

Police State and Red Gangsters, What We Are Up Against

Elected Governments, The Vote Buyers

Election Alone is Never a Guarantee of Democracy

Thai Judiciary System, The Only Trusted Pillar

Why PAD?

The Captured Government House

An Academic Research on Shinawatras

Thaksin Shinawatra's Rise and Fall Chronology

Looking Back on Thaksin Shinawatra

Thaksin Behind the Coup or The Coup Behind Thaksin?

Thaksin Shinawatra is Also One of Them, Peron, Marcos, Estrada, Suharto, Sharif, Fujimori. [1] [2]

Danish's Report on Thai's Corruptions

If you agree with our fight against the tyrant Thaksin, please email this address www.ANTITHAKSIN.com to your friends. Support extradition. Send Thaksin home to stand trials for his crimes.