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Thaksin Shinawatra billionaire Ex-PM and his wife, both fugitive criminals, jumped the bails, are now facing series of verdicts on corruption charges, abuse of power, tax frauds etc. PAD is forcing extradition for them to return to stand trials and to receive jail sentences.

Billionare Pojaman Shinawatra, has been convicted in the criminal court and sentenced to jail for three years for tax evasion and frauds just 3 days before fleeing to UK. The tax fraud worths about 7.5 million USD.


On November 7, 2008 British Government revoked visas issued to Pol.Lieut.Col. Thaksin and his wife Potjaman Shinawatra while asking airlines not to bring those two convicted and jail-sentenced fugitives into United Kingdom and her territorial colonies on the ground that both have been sentenced to jail by the Supreme Court of Thailand.

One week after UK cancelled their visas, Thaksin and Potjaman declared their official divorce while in exile in Hong Kong.



After Thaksin Shinawatra, the fugitive criminal came to Hong Kong to phone in to the "Mobile Truth Today" a red UDD/DAAD or Thaksin's supporters rally at Rachamangklakeelastan Stadium, Bangkok on November 1,2008, he flew to mainland China. It is believed that he went to follow up on the building of an under-construction luxurious mansion worth of 10 million USD (60 million Yuan) which his close friend, "Yian Pin" is supervising. The mansion is in a huge golf course of 4 square kilometers, called "Reignwood Pine Valley" located in the suburb of Beijing.

After Britain has cancelled Thaksin and Potjaman Shinawatra's visas, both will not be able to go back to the luxurious service apartment in Central London which cost 1,200 pounds per week or the middle-age English two-storey, five-bedroom estate worth 4 million pounds in Weybridge, Surrey UK, which was once home to pop stars Cliff Richard and Diana Ross.


Reignwood Pine Valley 45-hole golf course was designed by Jack Niclaus, a world renown and former world champion American pro golfer. It consists of two clubhouses, Golden Bear Clubhouse and Nicklaus Clubhouse, a five-star hotel called White House Hotel, a chapel called Sapphire Chapel. It can house any large scale sporting events such as a major golf contest, a convention or a wedding ceremony.

Yian Pin is the president of Asian Golf Course Owners Association which has led to this golf course hosting of several major golf contests such as Johnnie Walker Golf Classic, 2008 World Club Championship and Beijing Open.

In an interview in the mid 2007, published in a book titled "Thaksin, Where are you?" written by Lieutenant Sunisa Lerdpakawat
Thaksin said, "I am glad that this has become a shelter for me. I believe if I am forced to stay out of Thailand more than this, China would be the best place where I would like to stay beause my ancestors were from China. Chanchai (Yian Pin) is a friend indeed. When he was in Thailand, he never asked for a help from me. We only got acquainted, talked, played golf and often had dinners together. Before the coup, I never thought that I would live in China. When I was in London, I thought I would go to Asia. The first one who telephoned to invite me is Chanchai (Yian Pin) which I had never expected. He would prepare everything so well for me. He does not only prepare for me but also arranges for my friends to visit me."

"He thought I should stay here at least 3 years. That is what he said. He prepared to build a house for me and my whole family. I feel obliged to him. I think one day I will have to return to repay his favour."

Yian Pin now 57, was born Chinese but got Thai nationality and a Thai name "Chanchai Ruayroongruang" with the aid of Major General Praman Adireksan in Chart Thai party. Then he started an international trade and tourist business by the name of Hua Pin group.

In 1994, Somkid Jatusripitak, Deputy PM under Thaksin and the Consultants to the PM chose Yian Pin group to be the sole agent to sell 30,000 Elite Cards which were worth of 30 billion baht (860 million USD) coupons for tourists which turned out to be a total failure with some millions USD lost by Thai to be put under the carpet without check-and-balance mechanism.

In 1995, Yian Pin went back to China and became an agent for the Red Bull drinks. He builds Hua Pin buildings in the center of Beijing. He runs fun parks and golf courses.

Yian Pin always boasted that he could dictate Thailand's policies. He always invited Thai Rak Thai directors to party at his golf courses.

Despite of the Thai nationality, in 2005, Shanghai's Accounting Office ranked Yian Pin to be the 30th of Chinese top rich because of the total assets of 3.5 billion Yuans or 500 million USD.

Sondhi Limthongkul was the first to talk about Yian Pin in public on November 18, 2005 in the 9th Mobile Thailand Weekly at Lumpini park, Bangkok. Sondhi alarmed the public that it was dangerous for Thailand if the government have Yian Pin as a broker and a nominee. Sondhi gave a nickname of "Thai Rak Thai Broker".

Sondhi raised suspicions that the Thai nationality given to Yian Pin was possibly a fraud from a dead Thai since there was no logical evidence to explain how, Yian Pin got Thai nationality at the Northest border of Thailand, Doi Mae Salong, Chiangrai where most of fraudulent IDs from the deceased Thais were recycled for illegal Chinese immegrants.

Before long, in January 2006, it was revealed that the Thai Rak Thai government under PM Thaksin conspired with Yian Pin to allow him to get the 49 per cent shares in a Potash ore mining company to mine at Bamnetnarong district, Chaiyapoom. Potash ore worth more than 1 billion USD was practically robbed. Additionally, a construction of a tobacco factory in Chiangmai was found to be unusually expensive for several hundreds million USD.

The conspiracies to corrupt between Thaksin's Thai Rak Thai party and Yian Pin contributed to the excesslive wealth of theirs at the expense of Thailand. During powerful PM Thaksin's term, such conspiracies were totally not to be published.

adapted from http://www.manager.co.th

If you agree with our fight against the tyrant Thaksin, please email this address www.ANTITHAKSIN.com to your friends. Support extradition. Send Thaksin home to stand trials for his crimes.