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Thaksin Shinawatra billionaire Ex-PM and his wife, both fugitive criminals, jumped the bails, are now facing series of verdicts on corruption charges, abuse of power, tax frauds etc. PAD is forcing extradition for them to return to stand trials and to receive jail sentences.

Billionare Pojaman Shinawatra, has been convicted in the criminal court and sentenced to jail for three years for tax evasion and frauds just 3 days before fleeing to UK. The tax fraud worths about 7.5 million USD.










Thaksin always praised General Sunthorn, The military coup leader "If without this elder brother of mine, I will not have today".



Adapted from Plaew See Ngoen' s Commentary in Thai Post on November 7, 2008

Outstanding Thaksin's cronies, Vera Musikapong, Jaturon Chaisaeng, Jatuporn Prompan, Natawut Saikua, Jakrapop Penkae, as mouthpieces of Thaksin as well as Thaksin himself, always claim Thaksin Shinawatra to be a democratic hero against military coup and dictatorship. They also oppose any legacy from such military coup, such as Asset Scrutinizing Committee (ASC = AEC Asset Examination Committe) and the 2007 Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand.

In the November 1, 2008 gathering of the red-shirt UDD/DAAD (Democratic Alliance against Dictatorship)
Thaksin and his cronies publicly declared themselves anti-coup. They condemned military coup as a wicked enemy to democracy, destroying good people. All of their on stage show-off made them look like they really worship democracy. But do they?

Looking back on how Thaksin got extremely rich, was it not because of Thaksin dearly serving the coup led by General Sunthorn Khongsomphong and General Suchinda Kraprayoon who formed the absolute authority called National Peace Keeping Council (NPKC) ? The military coup which was staged on February 23, 1991, ousted the PM Chatichai Choonhavan which headed a democratically elected government.

Was it not both husband and wife, Thaksin and Potjaman, who were crouching down to lick the military coup leader's ass to win the sole satellite concession of Thailand, "Thai Com". Thaksin always praised General Sunthorn "If without this elder brother of mine, I will not have today". Don't they remember the trembling bodies and the flattering behaviours of them fawning over the military coup leader, General Sunthorn, on December, 17, 1993 when Thai Com satellite took off into the space from French Ghiana launching pad?

The communication satellite project started in 1983. Several companies submitted proposals but could not finalized until 1990. Eventually, Shinawatra Computer and Communication Company Limited won the bidding and signed the contract on September 11, 1991 seven months after the military NPKC was at its peak.

The best witness of Thaksin's success must be General Sampan Boonyanan, a former Minister of Defense in 2004 Thaksin's cabinet. This chief of military staff was the closest escort of General Sunthorn who, before his death, authorized Sampan to be a joint executor with his secretive mistress "Nong Yui".

Thaksin, a skillful merchant, as always, returned a huge business favor as General Sampan had facilitated the approach to the coup leader by rewarding Sampan with a minister's seat when Thaksin already climbed into the PM seat.

Chatichai Choonhavan got into the Prime Minister post in August 1988. His cabinet got a good chance when Indochina, particularly Thailand, became peaceful and prosperous because of foreign investments while Thailand under General Prem Tinasulanond had saved a lot under strict economic disciplines. Chatichai's cabinet however, was named a "Buffet Cabinet" because of a lot of rumours about corruptions involving the Ministers, especially expanding of nation's infrastructures, constructions and telecommunication projects.

During PM Chatichai Choonhavan's term, Thaksin who was still a merchant, wanted a state concession in telecommunication. By keeping very close, Thaksin courted police captain Chalerm Yoobamroong who was the Minister of the Office of the Prime Minister, then (1988 - Feb 1991). Police captain Chalerm, without bidding, was just about to offer the concession to Thaksin when there arose a conflict and Chalerm changed his mind to give it to Thaksin's competitor instead.

It was at the same time when top military officers from the powerful military cadet class number 5 exposed threats against the PM Chatichai government. PM Chatichai had to divide a concession for conventional telephone to let General Isarapong Noonpakdi, a top military officer from the military cadet class number 5, have a stake in the commission via passing on the concession to C.P. group, another of Thaksin's competitors.

When the government lost its righteousness, it also lost its popular support through verbal attacks in the media and outbursts by military leaders in the public. PM Chatichai tried several other tactics to defuse the tension between his government and the military but all to no avail. Incorporating General Arthit Kamlang-ek into the cabinet, as well as regular weekly morning breakfast with military leader on Wednesday did not help. Chatichai's cabinet was ousted by NPKC on February 23, 1991 while stepping on board a plane.

General Sunthorn Khongsomphong, the Supreme Commander was the head of the National Peace Keeping Council (NPKC) and General Suchinda Kraprayoon, the Commander-in-Chief, Air Chief Marshal Kaset Rojananil, the Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Air Force, Admiral Prapat Krisanajan Commander-in-Chief of the Navy were Deputy leaders. General Isarapong Noonpakdi, Deputy Commander-in-Chief was the secretary of the NPKC.

Thaksin got straight to General Sunthorn Khongsomphong through a strong connection, the closest escort "General Sampan Boonyanan" to monopolize the only national satellite of Thailand.

Contrarily, it was the three leaders of PAD who stood up against the military dictator regime which was conspiring to carry on with its legacy after its promise to step aside for a democratic civillian government.

Major General Chamlong Srimuang, a civillian ex-soldier from military cadet class number 7, a former secretary to General Prem Tinasulanond, Somsak Kosaisuk, a life-long labour unionist and Sondhi Limthongkul stood up against NPKC-backed government, led by General Suchinda Kraprayoon who took up the Prime Minister post and ordered a bloodbath military crackdown on the pro-democracy rally on the Rajdamnern Avenue in May 1993, the very same site as the current PAD's rally.

This time, with PAD against Thaksin Shinawatra right after the zero-tax sale of Thaicom Satellite (with Shin Corporation worth 2 billion USD) to Temasek of Singapore, the rally has been initially and wholeheartedly led by Sondhi Limthongkul, the owner of the Manager Media Group, who successfully utilizes continuous cable television broadcasting of the non-stop rally via a satellite since May 25, 2008 in order to eradicate Thaksin's regime.

Additional comments:
After being ousted by 2006 coup, Thaksin in-exile, explicitly and financially supported Samak Sundravej to be his proxy head of People's Power Party which holds all of Thaksin's MPs. Samak is a life-long right wing politician, who supported students massacre and wholeheartedly pro a military coup in October 1976. Samak was rewarded a Minister seat in that junta government. With Thaksin's support, Samak was allocated in the PM seat once again before he ended his political life.

Thaksin supported Police General Kowit Watana to be the Minister of Internal Affair in PM Somchai's cabinet. PM Somchai is Thaksin's brother-in-Law, another proxy PM, following Samak. Police General Kowit Watana was one of the five coup leaders by the name of the National Security Council formed on September 19, 2006.

Did Thaksin honestly follow the fair rules of the game? Even in Thaksin's pre-politics business competitions and any political campaigns, Thaksin insisted to play only the games that he monopolized and dictated the rules as he always told his followers. Whatever made him the upper hand, such as through strong (bribed) connections, he would do it, such as peeping into the tender offer documents of other competitors such as in the bidding for 3-million- number conventional telephone projects.

Once, Thaksin comforted his colleague politician, Sanoh Tienthong, that he already had EC (Election Control Committee) under his control well before the upcoming general election.

If you agree with our fight against the tyrant Thaksin, please email this address www.ANTITHAKSIN.com to your friends. Support extradition. Send Thaksin home to stand trials for his crimes.