Somchai Wongsawat, gentle tyrant, ex-judge, brother-in-law of Thaksin, husband of tough Yaowapa Wongsawat, the youngest sister of Thaksin Shinawatra.

He ordered the police to brutally attack peaceful PAD 's rally around the House of Parliament just for his cabinet and MPs to get in an obligatory policy debate in the buildings. Eventually, he managed to successfully declare his administrative policy while the people bled and lost their limbs outside around the buildings.



  Chingchai Jaroen-udomkij, a gentle artist PAD and a member of the Artist for Democracy got a blast injury avulsion of the right arm and serious trauma to the neck and the chest.He has a wife and children.






1. Somchai, in his own report to the National Counter Corruption Commission at the initial MP term, owns a 100,000 shares of a Telecom company, CS Loxinfo, which operates a concession from a state enterprise, CAT Telecom. Such ownership is prohibited by the Constitution to prevent conflicts of interests of an MP as well as PM who may apply policies and their authority in favour of the businesses or cause unfair competition. Therefore he has violated Article 265 (2), which would disqualify him from being MP under Article 106 (6) and from being a prime minister under Article 171. Senates have saught a Constitution Court ruling of his disqualification.

2.The National Counter Corruption Commission ruled that Somchai committed serious malfeasance when he was the permanent secretary for the Justice Ministry in 1999 because he was ignorant to penalise two senior officials from the Justice Ministry's Legal Execution Department. The director-general Pramarn Tiyapaiboonsin then and Manit Suthaporn his deputy then, were found guilty of waiving a 5-per-cent fee on the auction of two pieces of land worth Bt897 million as ordered by the Pathum Thani Provincial Court.

3. Somchai as well as other 28 Ministers in Samak's cabinet have been indicted by National Counter Corruption Commission, the anti-graft agency, for their endorsement to a communique supporting Cambodia's bid to list preah vihear Temple as a World Heritage site. He was in Samak's cabinet and agreed to the Noppadon's supporting document. The Administrative Court as well as the Constitutional Court have ruled that the document was equivalent to an international treaty, since it involved the country's sovereignty and should have been scrutinized by the House of Parliament before Noppadon, the Foreign Affair Minister then, endorsed and submitted it to UNESCO. Under the Criminal Act, such violation of Article 190 of the Constitution, which states that any treaty that would affect Thai territories or sovereign rights must be approved by the National Assembly.

4. Somchai’s role in the October 7th bloodshed was of the prime murderer. He presided a special cabinet meeting in the late night of November 6, to make sure that he would be able to enter the House of Parliament in the next morning for an obligatory first policy declaration to the House. He authorized the police to disperse the crowd on October 7, 2008. Chawalit Yongjaiyudth, the deputy Prime Minister officially resigned from the cabinet at 9:00AM, leaving Somchai the obviously remaining highest seat incharge above the police. Despite, the Army Chief pressured on Somchai to resign following the incidence he remain ignorant. Somchai is also found guilty by the NHRC and the Senate Committee.

5. Somchai is incapable of administering the country. During the past initial seven months of his initial Ministerial seat in the Ministry of Education, he did not contribute anything to the country.

In the Prime Minister seat, Somchai has been ignorant to the country's problems and the economic crises. He never intends to halt the political crises of the country in a reconstructive ways.

His administration fails to provide safety and security for people. Thailand becomes ranked the seventh most dangerous country in the world. Major political demonstrations and a temporary state of emergency have affected both of Bangkok’s airports. The area around Government House and nearby roads, including the area around Metropolitan Police headquarters and Parliament. Fighting also broke out in September on the Cambodian border at Preah Vihear and tensions remain high. Civil unrest and frequent attacks continue in the southern provinces of Pattani, Yala, Narathiwat and Songkhla.

Not only that he has no initiatives and reconstructive ideas for the country, but also he has never been able to answer to the needs and the quests of the country. He appointed unqualified ministers as ordered by Thaksin just to serve Thaksin eg. Chalerm Yoobamroong, ex-Constable to be a Minister of Public Health. Somchai has been running the country on a day-to-day basis with rare press interviews and rare House speeches, including rare direct answers to simple media's questions.

On top of that during the past seven months of PPP's in power, Somchai's cabinets and MPs have approved several unusually expensive projects with primary purposes to earn from under-table commissions such as the unnecessary proposed new Parliament buildings at another site, a big lot of new 6,000 buses and a lot of road construction projects. Now that when they realize that they may have to face a new general election soon, they have raised local civil servants' (Kamnans) sallary throughout the country by fifty per cent or more to secure their local grassroots' popularity and connections and to facilitate upcoming electoral frauds.

6. Because of his family's relation to ousted premier Thaksin, Somchai acts as a proxy of Thaksin and on behalf of Thaksin only. Thaksin found him most appropriate to defend the domestic political fortress for him while in exile because Somchai is an obedient brother-in-law, a husband of Thaksin ambitious sister who becomes rich under the same styles as Thaksin. Being so loyal to Thaksin, Somchai shows strong intention to use parliamentary influence to launder Thaksin Shinawatra from the jail sentence by the Supreme Court and from all allegations which are to be further subjected to adjudication, by attempts to amend the 2008 Constitution which has passed a national referendum.

7. Despite his past lifelong career as a judge, He has shown no respect to the judiciary system as he is ignorant to Supreme Court's warrants and jail sentences against the Shinawatras. He does not bother to urge the processes to apprehend Thaksin through the Foreign Affair Ministry and diplomatic chanels to request extradition of Thaksin or to revoke the prestigeous diplomatic passports of the Shinawatras. Instead, in a speech to the Thaksin's supporters in the north, he insisted that Thaksin was a good man for him since he appreciated what Thaksin did for him all along. (Without Thaksin, Somchai would not have a chance to be a Prime Minister, a Minister of Education, and a Permanent Secretary of the Minister of Justice).

8. Somchai has supported interference with public televisions NBT and MCOT to repress media's freedom and to make them single-sided report in favour of the government. Under Samak's Cabinet, Channel 11 was changed to NBT, the first to be occupied by Jakrapop under Thaksin Regime.

Next was the Board of directors of MCOT who were reappointed to suit Thaksin's wishes. Then, Wasan Paileeklee, the president whose contract, which started in May last year, was originally scheduled to end in May 2011 was suddenly terminated. Wasan is an impartial and does not give in for Thaksin regime. It was the same plan Thaksin used with his political campaign particularly before a general election, that is to have most of the major public media under his grip to control flow of facts and information particularly to the grassroots.

9. His personal indecent sexual behaviours as revealed in several VDO clips is a gross misconduct. While he was the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Justice, he betrayed his wife and got caught on several VDO clips by a private eye surveillance team. In addition, the clips reveal that he also abused his official working hours to go out shopping, dining and sleeping with several of his subordinates mistresses in various cheap motels.

More Reasons to Expel Somchai from Thai Expatriates in US-Canada

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