Somchai Wongsawat, gentle tyrant, ex-judge, brother-in-law of Thaksin, husband of tough Yaowapa Wongsawat, the youngest sister of Thaksin Shinawatra.

He ordered the police to brutally attack peaceful PAD 's rally around the House of Parliament just for his cabinet and MPs to get in an obligatory policy debate in the buildings. Eventually, he managed to successfully declare his administrative policy while the people bled and lost their limbs outside around the buildings.




The police special execution squadron "Arintharaj" and the border police troops methodically aimed tear gas canisters directly into the protestors as near as 10 meters, thus causing serious injuries more than eyes irritation.

Shotguns, rubber bullets and pistols were also used at the scene.

Hand grenades M26 were fired from M79 launchers to cause blast injuries, thus either fatality and lost of limbs. Three were killed. Four lost their limbs. More than 400 were injured.



Bloodshed Chronology

Polices Fire Directly at the Crowd with Explosive Teargas

Military weapons were intentionally used to kill PAD.

Lethal Explosive Tear Gas and Non-explosive one

Angkana Radubpunyawut, a woman of 28 was killed by a grenade shot directly to her chest. She died from serious wounds at the chest, the doctor said.

Angkana's Autopsy Report

Physician's Testimony on the Patient's Injuries

Angkana was among protesters who clashed with police on Tuesday October 7, afternoon. She was rushed to the hospital and was announced dead at the hospital.

There was a blast in a car parked in front of Chart Thai Party and immediately killed a frontline PAD security chief from Buriram, a former police, Pol.Lt.Col.Methee Chartmontri. It could be from a booby trap or a direct hit by a shot from a M79 grenenade launcher.

More than 400 people were also injured and received hospital treatments. Two Protesters Dead.

Initial Report from a Forensic Expert

National Human Rights Committee's Report Oct 17, 08

National Human Rights Committee's Report Oct 24, 08

Aftermath Facts Finding Committee

Bloodshed Policy VDO Clips

October7, 2008 Kill, Cripple and Clear the Streets VDO, PDF

PM Somchai Wongsawat believed Thai police have used "soft approach" on protesters following police's using tear gas to disperse the protest on Tuesday October 7, morning.

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