Somchai Wongsawat, gentle tyrant, ex-judge, brother-in-law of Thaksin, husband of tough Yaowapa Wongsawat, the youngest sister of Thaksin Shinawatra.

He ordered the police to brutally attack peaceful PAD 's rally around the House of Parliament just for his cabinet and MPs to get in an obligatory policy debate in the buildings. Eventually, he managed to successfully declare his administrative policy while the people bled and lost their limbs outside around the buildings.



  Chingchai Jaroen-udomkij, a gentle artist PAD and a member of the Artist for Democracy got a blast injury avulsion of the right arm and serious trauma to the neck and the chest.He has a wife and children.







At first, right after the raid to disperse the rallying PAD, the National Police Office announced that the police did not use violence against the protesters. They claimed using only tear gas bullets and standard procedures as used all over the world. The police said victims got only minor injuries because of the running away on slippery roads. However, as time passed, facts, photos, videos and witnesses emerged to disproof the police announcement.

To disperse the protestors, the police ignored the stepwise application of the force according to their standard guidelines. The police did neither negotiate nor give any warning before shooting. No water cannon was used despite being safer than tear gas.

Rescue nurses got shot in the back by shotguns which caused multiple pellet wounds simultaneously. Photos show other several deadly weapons used by the police against the bear-hand PAD. Shotguns, rubber bullets and pistols were also used at the scene. Hand grenades M26 were fired from M79 launchers to cause blast injuries, thus either fatality and lost of limbs. Three were killed. Four lost their limbs. More than 400 were injured.

While the standard procedures of firing of the tear gas are to shoot indirectly up into the sky to let the gas cannister fall down on the crowd by gravity with a distance more than 130 meters. However,
the police special execution squadron "Arintharaj" and the border police troops methodically aimed tear gas bullets directly into the protestors as near as 10 meters, thus causing serious injuries more than eyes irritation. Evidently on video, the first lot of shot blew piles of barricade used-tyres apart and high up in the air, thus confirming the power of those following shots on protestors limbs and bodies.

Chingchai Jaroen-udomkij, a gentle artist man PAD and a member of the Artist for Democracy was found seriously injured sitting besides a wall at the scene after the police shooting by a doctor, Direk Parkkul. He was half conscious because of the bleeding from the right arm stump which its right hand was torn away above the wrist. He also had serious wounds at the front of the neck and the chest. It was so bad that he was unable to talk and could hardly breathe because of the blast injury to the throat and the voicebox.

A photo taken by a newspaper photographer, of Chingchai holding something in his raised left hand, was later distributed in Government's media to blame that the object in his left hand was a hand grenade and that PAD protesters were behind the serious injuries. However, Dr Direk oppositely insisted that the object was a key ring, definitely not a bomb. The key ring was collected with other of his personal belongings and can be verified.

Police also accused other seriously injured victims that they had, either in their pockets or in their bags, carried bombs which prematurely went off and caused those lost of limbs and deadly wounds. However, the sites of the limb avulsion as appeared in photos are contradictory to the police accusations.

A 28 years old ABAC graduate, Angkana Radubpunyawut, died of a fatal 40 cm blast wound to the left of the chest, was accused by the police that she was carrying a bomb in her left arm, though her old mother and a young sister were present with her and also got serious injuries, strongly refuse that. However, the injuries which, Roongthiwa Thartniyom, a woman now in coma, sufferred from a blast injury to the left side of her head causing a lost of the left eyeball, cannot be logically explained by the police biased assumptions.

There was also a blast in a car parked not far from the House of Parliament. After the blast, the car was engulfed in flames. It immediately killed and totally burnt a frontline PAD security chief from Buriram, a former police, Pol.Lt.Col.Methee Chartmontri. He was a PAD's guards trainer who led several rallies and had suspected a life threat by an assasination before. The police accused him of a potential car bomb maker but it accidentally went off. However, some eye-witnesses saw a direct shot from a police's M79 grenenade launcher. The reason why the car was engulfed in flame was because it was equipped with LPG engine.

After failing to accuse the PAD protestors, the police turned to accuse the invisible third party's shooting.

If you agree with our fight against the tyrant Thaksin, please email this address to your friends. Support extradition. Send Thaksin home to stand trials for his crimes.