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  PAD are peaceful demonstrators who protest against tyrant governments of Thaksin Shinawatra and his proxies.


















































































































































































PAD's Rally Chronology

The five core leaders have no flaws with corruption nor are they dirty politicians. They have had a lot of people who have trusts and respects in them long before. In this campaign, they try to present only facts against Thaksin's lies and Thaksin's proxies' corruption. FACTS are the most important weapons to convince people through peaceful protest and civil disobediences while Thaksin and his proxies avoid confrontation with facts. They always use smears marketing and dirty violent tricks against PAD.

Suicidal Marketing and the Tyranny we are up agaisnt.

Major General Jamlong Srimuang, a very dedicated and strict Buddhist is a good fighting strategist. Together with the components of other leaders, Somsak Kosaisuk is a brave and strong unions leader. Somkiat Pongpaiboon is a good speech deliverer who can very well attract the crowd. Pipop Thongchai is an intelligent NGO leader. Sondhi Limthongkul owns a cable TV/radio/newspaper/internet media network. They all are sincere friends, honest and possess no wealth. Sondhi became broke and his Newspaper company became dissolved in a civil case.

The rallying has been funded initially out of pocket of Sondhi Limthongkul who used to bankrupt once and is now practically bankrupt again. Later, it has been running only with donation from sympathizers from all corners of the world. People who are aware of the country's problem just come from all classes and all over the country to join because of their trusts and their hearts. Hundreds of expatriates flew from USA/Canada/Europe to physically join the rally.

People who join PAD, anonymous most of the time, came to give, share, sacrifice and even were prepare to die. Although they were from all over the country, all classes, all professions, they have unity through the objectives. Therefore, as soon as the core activists requested any donation or sacrifice, it was not difficult to obtain money, labour, cooperation or any supports. This highly efficient rally management is a point of smear on PAD by Thaksin's supporters, though.

The objectives are simple and straight forward. PAD stands on the interests of the country, not political interests or any person's self interests, there are always sympathizers/supporters in every corner of Thailand as well as in the army and the buraucrats. They have provided direct and indirect support to PAD, intelligence, news, secret documents etc. Actually, the army and the police often obstructed the government's orders to raid on PAD. Since they knew in their hearts that Thaksin-sponsoring proxy governments were no longer righteous. Sometimes, they decided not to carry out dispersals of PAD following direct orders from the tyrant governments. That is why two top polices, namely Police General Surapol Tuanthong Metropolitan Police Chief then and Police General Patcharawas Wongsuwan, Chief of the Police then were fired during PAD's campaign. Still, the military is with PAD and police would not move for government.

PAD staged a continuous rally against the People's Power Party (Thaksin's party) only after the party started the attempt to amend the laws to launder Thaksin on May 25, 2008. Only as a last resort, PAD increased the intensity of the protest in a stepwise manner and always with serious warnings/announcements to Thaksin's supporters before each step through series of PAD's announcement.

Initially, PAD was holding the Makawan Bridge and Rajdamnoen road toward the south side for some months. Later, they marched to rally on Pitsanulok road and held the Chamai Maruchet Bridge, in front of the Government House for some weeks. Then, a Civil Court order, filed by Thaksin's lawyer pushed PAD out of the Pitsanulok road back to Makawan Bridge but toward the north side to Misakawan intersection. A major mass rally on August 26, 2008 to ousted Samak started the seige of the Government House and all the roads around.


There are some minority loyal hardcores of Thaksin's lovers in any of prothaksin march. The rest are mostly hired people from the lower class or rural areas at a cost of 500 baht per day (with transport coach and meals). Therefore, they cannot stand any hardship, not the sun, not the rain, nor the heat or the cold. Therefore, they never protest overnight. If the situation is right, Thaksin may want to cause violent riot anywhere, he may hire outlaw drunk/brawler racketeers/youths at higher price of 1000 baht per day to operate the reign of terrors with sticks, stones, slings, and pistols against PAD after midnight.

PAD's Rally Chronology

But Thaksin's supporters/Proxy Government, deliberately turning blind eyes, have never stopped trying to whitewash Thaksin through serious attempts to amend the Constitution by its majority in the House of Parliament.

Inevitably, therefore, PAD had to step up the intensity of civil disobediences step by step to effectively prevent such unrighteous attempt of PPP, as well as the threat of PPP against the Courts. PAD activities ranged from street protest and camping out on Rajdamnoen road in Bangkok, rallies and hydepark in several provinces to Government House seizure, multiple satellite mobile rallying, and several other civil disobediences under peaceful means, unarmed and without violence.

The proxy government tried all possible measures to counter PAD's rally to end the seizure of the Government House, both legal means and illegal brutal police raids as well as red-shirt racketeers attacks on PAD. The proxy government under Samak conspired a hoax state of emergency around the Government House while charging PAD core activists with treasons charges. However, later the Court lifted treasons charges against PAD on the ground that the treasons charges are groundless.

After Samak was deposed following Constitutional Court's verdict on his conflict of interests, Somchai brother-in-law of Thaksin stepped in as the next puppet PM. Within two weeks of the new Prime Minister, he had to hold an obligational first session declaration of the cabinet's policy. PAD called a major mass rally around the House of Parliament. PM Somchai then authorized police to use violent force to disperse the rallying crowd.

Polices did not arrest anybody on October 7, 2008, but instead, intentionally killed peaceful rallying people three times on that day with teargas explosives (which they claim their innocence accusing the explosives were of low quality since the explosive teargas were made in China.

The Government's Policy of Shoot to Kill

There was a vicious threat by a former top police General Salang Boonak who led October 6, 1976 Massacre at Thammasat Univeristy. After a Princess Royal Cremation, they hired a put-up-for-sale army expert, Lieutenant General
Katiya Sawasdipol to sabotage the rallying crowd in the seized government house and ASTV, the headquarter station of broadcasting of PAD. Grenades and automatic rifles were fired at PAD every night while the government and the police do not take action.

PAD's Press Release

PAD had no choice to protest more effectively against the brutal but coward nightly kiliing secretly supported by the tyrant government. Jenkit's death and a lot injured on November 20, 2008 following M79 grenade attack triggerred the final showdown. PAD had to step up the civil disobedience to call for attention of the nation's and international attention to force this tyrant government out. In addition, on November 23, 2008 Yuthapong Samerpark was also murdered by a similar coward attack.

With occupation of the airport starting from Don Muang on November 25 and Suwannapoom on November 26 causing troubles to the tourists, PAD sincerely regrets any inconvenience and troubles. The airport rallies were unavoidable since PAD protested elsewhere continuously and peacefully for six months but the tyrants kept killing nightly. Lately, PAD has been more and more killed and injured every day with milittary weapons without police/government protection while PAD may not let this tyrant proxy government of Thaksin to go on. Therefore, before loosing more lives, limbs and safety, PAD had to go for an unavoidable final showdown which was the "final battle" as called by Sondhi Limthongkul or "To End As Short as a Single Role of Movie Film" as called by Major General Chamlong Srimuang.

However, it is the airport authority who ordered the shutdown of the airports, not PAD. The airports, particularly Suwannapoom, could still function well. PAD only obstructed the road outside the buildings while there are four other levels of easy accesses to the airport buildings. PAD did not interfere with the passengers or officers in the buildings. PAD did not step into the secured zones, the airport control, the runways, and the cargoes.

It is the smear of the government on PAD because the Head of the airport authority is a brother-in-law of Weera Musikapong, the leader of red UDD/DAAD, a strong supporter of the government and Thaksin. Actually, Weera Musikapong, Thaksin's mouthpiece is the interviewer of Thaksin's Phone-in in the major red gathering on November 1, 2008.

Thaksin's proxy government was no longer righteous with the bloodshed policy and the direct order to disperse PAD with violence. More resistances by bureaucrats, top military and some polices were rising. As a result of the disobedience, two top polices, namely Police General Surapol Tuanthong Metropolitan Police Chief then and Police General Patcharawas Wongsuwan, Chief of the Police then were fired during PAD's campaign. Still, the military is with PAD and police would not move for government. That is why the proxy governments instead turned to hire outlaw groups which are more reliable such as red racketeers gangsters and Lieutenant General Katiya.

It was still a critical situation on December2, 2008 when PPP, Machimathipataya party, and Chart Thai party were to be disbanded by the Constitutional Court. As a last gasping, the tyrants attempted to use their red UDD/DAAD mobs to cause extensive disruption in the city, around the Constitution Court House in order to prevent the court verdict's issued. Just one day before that PAD had virtually moved all the crowd out of the Government House to the far away two airports in Bangkok's suburbs because of serious threats of fatal clash with the red gangsters holding ground at the Democracy Monument in the inner Bangkok. Yet, a male PAD, Ronachai Chaisri was killed and twenty more injured following a grenade launched into Don Muang airport in the early hours of December 2.

However, just barely managable, the Constitutional Court fled from their own House to the Administrative Court House in the suburb of Bangkok in order to rule that three major People's Power Party and its junior ruling coalition partners, Chart Thai and Matchimathipataya were to be disbanded following electoral frauds. PPP's senior executives, including Somchai Wongsawat, were all banned from politics for five years by the verdict.

With PAD's rallies, propping up the judiciary system, the Courts have been able to fairly adjudicate politicians as one of the check and balance mechanism in Democracy. As soon as the PPP was dissolved by the verdict, on December 3, 2008 at 10:00 PAD pulled out from all sites and called an end to the 193 days long rally.

The tyrant's police and the airport authority are making a lot of smear on PAD still, that PAD caused a lot of damage to the places to justify their killing of PAD. However, there is no single window broken, no graffiti, no vandalism, no looting, no computer terminal damage at the airports and the three main government office buildings at the government house as recorded also in VDOs on the day of handing back the sites. That is why the airports could start quite right away after PAD left. The cargo flights could operate right away when PAD left. Domestic flights were in operation at 14:00 on December 3 while full function international flight could operate in the early hours of December 5, 2008.

A shattered window glass at Don Muang, numerous cracks and craters soaked with PAD's brave blood on the ground at the government office are marks of M79 grenades explosions. So long as any one could fire such grenades into such places without police catching any culprits, even without PAD's rally, Suwannapoom and Don Muang are still never safe places. PAD's rally with their brave hearts just exposed how corrupt ignorant and brutal Thaksin's proxy are to the safety of the people.

It is only Potjaman and her daughter who got the exceptional highest security treats when they are back to Bangkok on the night of Dec5. They got bypass of the security checking, usual passport checking and custom office right at the flight seats. So long as a major tax fraudster bail-jumper criminal with connection can bypass such checking, Suwannapoom and Don Muang are still never safe places.

The Last Sacrifice

Miss Sasithorn Cheysopon or "Tik", a brave volunteer guard of PAD since June 2008, sustained a severe head injury following and accidental fall from a pickup van on Rajdamnoen Nok road while cleaning up the rally site at the Government House in the night of December 2, 2008. Sasithorn 32 years old, a receptionist from Siam City hotel in Bangkok, had a critical brain injury and a fracture skull. After being admitted to an ICU of a hospital, she was pronounced dead at 14:30 of December 6, 2008. According to her father, she died in the same bed as her mother and at the same age with brain conditions alike. The remaining family has a father and two brothers of Sasithorn who continue to support PAD. (More to be edited and added.)


The Price to Pay

The Sue

Greedy Politicians Remain

Constitutional Court Verdict

Court Verdict

Suvarnabhumi operates at nearly full capacity

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