Ultimate objectives of PAD

       a. PAD wants to get rid of corruptions. Thaksin, the billionaire civilian dictator, has left Thailand with extensive high level of corruptions and proxy politicians. Having cheated the country while in power, Thaksin hid his corrupt billion of dollars worth of assets overseas. When ousted, Thaksin is subjected to numerous convictions but cowardly fled jail overseas and pull strings on politicians to sabotage his homeland.

       b. PAD protects the Monarchy. Thaksin wants to launder himself through amending the laws with his proxy politicians, while trying to abolish the Monoarchy and make himself a President, that is to cause turmoils and change Thailand from being a "Kingdom" to a "Republic" in stead.

       c. As a permanent cure for Thailand, PAD wants to get real democracy for Thailand. At present it is a fake democracy with bad on-sale politicians.

       d. To achieve all above a, b, c we have to get rid of Thaksin and his proxy politicians and punish them according to the laws.

    People's Alliance for Democracy

    Press Release

    PAD's Meeting and A Press Interview On July 29, 2009

    ( Last edit 2009-08-20 )

    At 10 am on July 29, 2009, core leaders of PAD held a meeting at the Sun House to talk about the several critical current situations. After that there was a press release at 12:30 by Mr.Suriyasai Katasila, the coordinator of PAD who told why a meeting was held on that day was because of a critical issue concerning (1) a mass calling by red-shirts for presumptuous petition to the King, (2) the issue about the lost of sovereignty of pieces of land to Cambodia and (3) the progress of the investigation of attempted assasination of Mr.Sondhi Limthongkul, one of the core leader of PAD.

    PAD leaders

    Mr.Pipop Thongchai, a core leader said that the petition to the King to ask for a Royal amnesty for Pol. Lieu. Col. Thaksin Shinawatra, is a political movement aiming to affect the Monarchy and the justice system as well as the national security in that it is going to cause divisiveness no matter what would be the outcome of the petition. The government has the duty to protect the Monarchy and the justice system.

    "Since the movement is affecting the Monarchy and the justice system, it is going to affect the national security. The government by the Justice Minister's statement alone is not enough. The Prime Minister has to come forward too because it affects 3 main issues, which are (1) the Monarchy which the government has to protect, (2) the national security because it is dividing the people no matter what would be the outcome and (3) the justice system because it is interfering with the justice system. The people who lead the petition are not honest, do not think of the national interest, but just want to make it a political game for a particular person. As a result of being a political game, if let proceed to a certain point, there would be a huge divisiveness. The PM has to come out to make it clear and use the state media to clarify this issue.

    Mr.Panthep Puapongpan, PAD's spokesman said that PAD had issued the announcement of 29/2008 on December 12, 2008 calling for the government to pronounce an abrogation of the Thai-Cambodia joint communique (signed by Noppadol Pattama ex-Foreign Minister in Samak's government) which had supported Cambodia to unilaterally enlist the Pra Vihar temple to become a world heritage. We call for the government to defend the sovereignty of the nation and the national benefits regarding the energy resource in the gulf of Thailand. However, 8 months have passed without government's satisfactory response.


    Mr.Panthep continued that the Constitution Court had already ruled that, being against article 190, the joint communique had been unconstitutional. However, quite a long while have passed and the government have not abrogated the joint communique which posts a threat to the national sovereignty while Cambodian comminuties, roads and Cambodian troops have trespassed into the area.

    "Worse than that, we found a subrogation as result of a negotiation in the Pol. Lieu. Col.Thaksin Shinawatra's PM term. There was a memorandum as a joint communique on June 19, 2001 without the parliament's approval but signed by Pol. Lieu. Col.Thaksin which has the same message similar to the one supporting the unilateral enlistment of Pra Vihar temple. There are maps attached to the joint communique which are oceanic maps written by Cambodian themselves without international convention reference but at least trespasses 12 sea miles into Thai sovereignty near Good island, from latitude 11 degree north downward. There is now a negotiation which instead of entirely belonging to Thailand, it becomes an oceanic overlap which harbours natural gas and oil worth of 4 million million bath."

    Mr.Panthep continued,"Next, it was found that a French Oil company, "Total" have signed a concession contract with Cambodia to invest in the area which belongs to Thailand. If we do not realize and let the Deputy Prime Minister or the Minister of Defence go to talk with Cambodia and accept the maps, it would mean we accept that the Thai's area is an overlap and also a benefit of Cambodia."

    "In addition, in the area claimed to be an oceanic overlap of about 27,900 sq.Kilometers, most of the people who invest, are close with Pol. Lieu. Col.Thaksin such as Mr.Mohamed Al Fayed, the Harrods Department Store's owner and Temasek group from Singapore. If the negotiation is without Mr.Kasit Pirom, the Foreign Minister who used to join PAD in fighting against this issue, Thailand would loose a great deal of national interests. We, therefore, call for the government to follow the announcement of 29/2008 which asked the government to defend the national interests both Pra Vihar temple case and the oceanic sovereignty which are now being more and more contracted for concessions."

    Maj. Gen. Chamlong Srimuang, a core leader of PAD said, "This greatly affects the national security. Academics led by M.L.Walwipa Jaroonroj (Thai study Institute, Thammasat University) have come forward to call for an abrogation of the joint communique. We can see that she usually speaks very softly and pleasantly but when she gives a press interview, she is very distressful for the country. As it is so, top rank military officers and the Deputy Prime Minister can no longer keep quiet. The country is in big troubles and knowledgables have pointed out, the top military officers and the Deputy PM have to take actions. If let the damages go on, it may last to the next generation and will not be able to undo. Therefore, ignorance is unacceptable. It does not hurt to ask the experts. We have the righteousness as we are not trespassing anybody. The government must take it as a prime priority. It is not a small matter just to let a small lady come forward whereas top officers sit back."

    Suriyasai:"The assembly assigned Mr.Panthep puapongpan to announce the resolution about the dispute about Pra Vihar temple and the conflict of the overlap areas particularly energy. The third issue is about the progress of the case of attempted assasination of Mr.Sondhi Limthongkul. The last issue is about the New Politics party which was just a follow up report to the five core leaders on the current progress of the party establishment.

    The issue regarding the national security and the inappropriate conducts against the Monarchy, will be announced by Maj. Gen. Chamlong Srimuang"

    Maj. Gen. Chamlong: "Why we held an emergency meeting this morning is because we see those are very important issues to the country. As for the petition to the King, we agree all that it is an inappropriate conduct which the government should for long ago have used all the media in hand to explain to the public why it is a misconduct which could adversely affect the high Establishment, the national security and the justice system."

    "Therefore, the government has to devote all endeavours, without any distractions, to concentrate on this priority because the planned date of submission on August 7, 2009. Therefore, we plead for the government to sort things out urgently. Actually, it should have been done long time ago. Still, today is not too late. Otherwise, there would be a lot of damages. The government can wait no longer because the government has the duty, and all the tools. Only the government can solve the problems. If left the damages done, it would be difficult to rectify. We then held an emergency meeting and take this issue as the highest priority."

    Pipop:"The petition is a political movement which is intended to collide with the Monarchy, the justice system and the national security. It is going to cause divisiveness no matter what would be the outcome of the petition. The government has the duty to protect the Monarchy and the justice system. As it is affecting the justice system and the Monarchy, it would eventually affect the national security too. The government has the duty. Only the Minister of Justice's announcement that the petition format is inappropriate and does not match the procedural formality or how illegitimate it is, is not enough. The PM must come forward against it because it is colliding with 3 main institutes, i.e.: the Monarchy, which the government has the duty as stipulated by the constitution; the national security which the petition would cause divisiveness no matter what would be the outcome of the petition; the effect upon the justice system which the petition interferes. Notoriously, the people who lead the petition are not honest, do not think of the national interest, but just want to make it a political game for a particular person."

    "Since it is a political game without honesty and may cause such effects, it this issue is left to a certain point, may cause a wide rift in the country. The government, especially the Prime Minister, has the duty to clarify this issue and to use all of the state media to correct the understanding of this issue."

    Suriyasai: "Next is another urgent issue which PAD has closely followed about the interests upon the energy resources particularly along the territorial borders which are political conflicts for political opportunists. Mr.Panthep has continuously followed this issue sees a worrying situation about a joint communique conspiracy.

    Panthep: "Good Morning spectators and brother media who attend this press interview today. I have been assigned by PAD to talk about an important issue related to PAD's announcement of 29/2008 on December 12, 2008 in which we call for the government, whoever it is, to defend the national sovereignty by annulling the joint communique between Thai and Cambodia which had supported Cambodia to unilaterally enlist the Pra Vihar temple to become a world heritage. We also call for the government to defend the sovereignty over all aspects of the land and sea and to look after the national interests over the energy resources."

    "It has been over 7 months since the announcement on December 12 which means the government has operated for a while. PAD is concerned that the government has not satisfactorily responded to PAD's requests."

    "First, we see that the Constitution Court ruled that the joint communique between Thai and Cambodia signed with Hun Sen in Samak Sundravej's government, is unconstitutional as it is against article 190. The verdict would affect the world heritage listing. But after a good while, we have not seen this government pronounce the abrogation of the joint communique. As a result, throughout several months there have been several threatening incidences within our national sovereignty. If there is no reaction, we are concerned that the sovereignty would be trespassed more. At present, there are Cambodian communities and temples as well as their roads and military forces within Thai territory. If the government does not realize, it is worrying that Thailand may be loosing more soveriegnty."

    "What is more worrying is that incidentally we found a subrogation of benefits from a negotiation in Thaksin Shinawatra's government. We found a signed memorandum between Thai and Cambodia on June 18, 2001 and another joint communique between Thai and Cambodia without the parliament's approval about June 19, 2001 signed by Thaksin and Hoon Sen. Within the documents, there are similarities to the joint communique to support Cambodia to unilaterally proceed with world heritage enlistment, i.e. addenda of maps."

    "These following documents are addenda signed between Thai and Cambodia which are sea maps between Thai and Cambodia. Area No.1 was arbitarily writen by Cambodia without any supporting references standard and was against international rules. Thailand uses Median line following international standard, to draw a line from the post no 73. We find that the Cambodian maps violate Thai's sovereignty around this shaggy-wavy area which is the Good island which has to be surrounded by Thai sea area of at least 12 sea miles radius. Cambodia does not observe this rule."

    "In the joint communique and the memorandum of June 2001, we find that due to the concern that the people may be alerted and dispute, therefore, the deal was that there was no agreement about the sovereignty over the area above the latitude 11 degree north. Instead, there was a record of the interests below the latitude 11 degree north to be shared together. Consequently, today the area is taken over from Thai. Instead of belonging to Thailand, it has turned to be an oceanic overlap area from 2001. The interests over this issue worth as high as 4 million million baht."

    "We also find suspicious evidences that a French company called Total Oils has recently signed a contract to involve the area of Thailand. The contract signing is a step in a deal between foreign nationals and Cambodia over the lands which belong to Thailand. We are afraid that if the Thai government does not realize and let the deputy Prime Minister or the Defense Minister go to negotiate Pra Vihar issue while accepting those mapped areas, it would mean that we simply give away legitimately Thailand's resources to be in overlapped areas and endorse Cambodian's interests. It is obvious today from the press interview of the executives of Total Oils in Cambodia that there was a signing for a concession of block 3 area granted by Cambodia which includes the areas mentioned in that document of 2001. Therefore, it is a further illegitimate assumption that the overlapped areas become contractable areas between Cambodia and other nationals."

    "I think these are of national interests. The government should abrogate the illicit joint communique signed since 2001 which posts threats to the national sovereignty. Otherwise, the history could repeat itself like Pra Vihar temple case in that Thailand has been precluded by estoppel."

    We also find suspicious evidences that some areas which seem like overlapped areas of 27,960 sq.Km are PTTEP's joint ventures companies who are all close to Thaksin , including Mr.Mohamed Al Fayed the owner of Harrods Department Stores and Temasek company. I am afraid that the negotiation without Foreign Minister Kasit, accepting the areas and the Cambodian maps would validate more of Thailand's lost. Since there have been more and more concessions granted by Cambodia to other nationals, we therefore reiterate our plea as appeared in our announcement of 29/2008 on December 12, 2008 that the government must, at their best and probably with the navy, defend the national sovereignty and the interests which include the Pra Vihar temple and the Thai gulf territory."

    Maj.Gen.Chamlong: "This issue directly affects the national security. Led by ML Walwipa, the academics who have both accumulated experiences and followed this issue for a very long time, have come out to call for the government to abrogate the joint communique. As I met her several months ago, when she was gathering the information about Pra Vihar temple, she appeared to be a delighted and very softly speaking person. In contrast, on the day she finally came out to give a press interview, she was very distressfully speaking for the country, not personally for herself. I say, the top rank mililtary officers and the deputy PM looking after the national security as well as the PM can no longer sit back. How can they sit back when the country is going down the hill that badly, and the knowledgable academics have pointed out? I say, somethings have to be done quick. The top rank mililtary officers and the deputy PM as well as the PM who are all directly responsible to the national security must see that it is a great danger not only for this present generation but also the next generations which we would not be able to rectify. They can no longer turn a blind eye.

    Our reactions would be righteous since we are not invading any country. This is very important for the public to pay attention. It is not supposed to be a small headline about a small woman who supposedly has nothing to do with the national security but distressfully comes forward whereas the top national security people sit back. They must not keep quiet.

    Mr.Pipop: "I want to say that historically Pra Vihar temple has related to the Democrat party since the late Royalty Senee Pramoj was the lawyer in the case when we lost the case of the dispute over the temple in the Permanent Court of Arbitration (the Hague tribunal).

    XXXXimage explainationXXXX

    "At present, regarding the Pra Vihar temple, it was the previous government (under Samak Sundravej) who paved the way for further potential lost of the land and the rights by supporting Cambodian unilateral enlisting of the temple as a world heritage. Now that Mr.Abhisit is the Prime Minister, he has to solve this problem. If the PM and his deputy looking after the national security, do not take a serious action, ignorantly leaving the academics, the Royalty ML Walwipa to rally in front of the government house, the Democrat party would be recorded in the history that it repeats the history by jeopardizing the sovereignty of the nation once again. I wish to warn Mr.Abhisit and Mr.Suthep Tuaksuban that it is a major issue. We are not to loose any single inch of the territory."

    Suriyasai: "The last issue is the progress of the investigation of attempted assasination of Mr.Sondhi Limthongkul. There are 3-4 related matters which are both our requests and observations to the investigation team and the Prime Minister who wants to take care of the case by himself."

    "First, we have to admit that we are concerned that this case would be dragged on and on to fade away or it may end with an arrest of a scapegoat or some minion culprits. We strongly believe with our hypotheses that it is a conspired concert which was dictated by some state officers. The investigation team led by Pol. Gen. Thanee Somboonsap is progressing along the right path but gets stuck when facing a brick wall. We hope the PM would get rid of the brick wall. However, we are suspicious of some behaviours of the PM and his deputy, Suthep Tuaksuban who, more eagerly than the PM, wants to look after the Police Bureau. Suthep, being assigned by the PM to look after the Police Bureau, appears to be the brick wall instead. The latest news is that the head of the police is not going to be dismissed. We understand that to dismiss or remove or not is upto the PM but there must be justifiable reasons to support. The NCCC has not denied the additional indictable offence against the police head in the case of October 7, 2008. If the PM does not take it as serious enough to dismiss the police head, but let him carry on working while the PM himself would look after the investigation and will be clarifying the matters on July 31, 2009, the PM must make it clear to the public because everybody is interested in Sondhi's case particularly the doubts about a possibility to involve the people in uniform. We shall see."

    "Second, we are concerned about how the PM directs the police and want to ask what the purposes of such direction may be. I would like the media and the public to compare with the case in which 36 core leaders of PAD were accused of being international terrorists as a result of rallying at Suvanapoom airport and Don Muang airport. When the media asked the PM, he said that he would not get involved and would place himself as neutral which sounds nice. In contrast, in Sondhi's case the PM said he wants to direct it by himself. Therefore, I would like to ask what are the principles for which one deserves his direction or else, and which one are for him to behave neutrally. Are these claims just for political survival or for the righteous justice in the country? We actually want to see the National Police Bureau free from being a police state and can be dependable for all people. If in Sondhi's case, only some scapegoats or minion culprits are arrested, then laymen's lives would worth cheaper than dirt. As a matter of fact, despite Mr.Sondhi is widely reputable, the investigation gets stuck."

    "Third, there are some suspicious news which we want to ask the PM and the deputy PM whether or not there have been some inappropriate misconducts following a letter from the office of the Prime Minister to the Commander-in-Chief of the National Police Bureua, dated July 20, 2009. The letter which was numbered NR0508/T4812, was titled "Police Officers Appointment and Request for Royal Decorations of Police Generals". The request listed about 500 police generals. Two-page main document can be concluded that the request for Royal decorations is a stealthy shortcut because the new police officer manpower structure has not been Royally endorsed and announced in the government gazette. It is like the Commander-in-Chief of the National Police Bureua is precipitating a stealthy bypass to a list of appointment of police generals. Therefore, our doubt is that the source of this letter is from the office of the Prime Minister and is destined to the Police Chief. Whether or not the actual quest is from the palace office, we do not know. What we know now is that this letter was destroyed. The day before yesterday (July 27,2009) the media must have known that there was a fire due to electrical short-circuit on the desk of the Assistant Police Chief, Pol. Lieu. Gen. Suwat Jan-Iti-kul which was followed by the disappearance of this letter. Therefore, please could the deputy PM Suthep explain what the letter was all about and whether or not the letter was done away with."

    "Lastly, actually we want to see the PM take care and support the investigation team which Pol. Gen. Thanee is responsible. For the arrest warrants against the suspects, as the first two suspects have yet not been arrested, we have to ask the chiefs to whom both suspects belong, since both DSI (Department of Special Investigation) chief and the Commander-in-Chief of the army who used to say that they would bring the two suspects to the police. However, up to now, it becomes silent. Today, there is a news about more arrest. We are not happy since it may be a signal for the culprits to flee. Moreover, to issue an arrest warrant, it must be granted by the court only. So long as the police has not made a request and it has not been granted, practically the news should not be released. It would be like a signal for the culprits to flee. As the first lot has not been arrested still whereas additional warrant is on the way, we are not that confident. Eventually, nobody would be arrested. Therefore, I believe the investigation team is somewhat loosing its efficiency. As a result, the PM has to get a good control of the investigation and be transparent."

    Pipop: "Brothers and the media, I would like to add a little. Mr.Prime Minister is a part of the justice system. The justice system does not comprise of only the police, the prosecuting attorney, and the court. The Prime Minister, as a part of the administration is a part of the justice system. Therefore, if the PM cannot manage the justice process to be a fair system, then the whole justice system would collapse. Mr.Sondhi Limthongkul's case is not only a personal conflict. Eventhough it is a personal matter, he has the rights to defend his life and call for justice. More importantly, Mr.Sondhi is a medium who exposes and checks state's authority at all levels. Moreover, he is famous. If a person like Mr.Sondhi does not get justice, neither would others. This is the first issue."

    "Second, regarding the justice system and the national security which we have just talked about the petition. As I said, if the Prime Minister does not get involved, the justice system and the national security will be jeopardized. In the case of Pra Vihar temple, it is obvious that it is about the national security. The last is the issue about Mr.Sondhi's case. Therefore, what the Prime Minister has to reconsider is that he is a part of the justice system. If anyone is obstructing the justice, the PM has to get rid of. Now it is clear that the person in the justice system who is being indicted by the NCCC that is the Commander-in-Chief of the Police, together with Mr.Suthep Tuaksuban, the deputy PM who looks after the National Police Bureau are both obviously defective in terms of the national security and the management of the police bureau. The PM has to reconsider whether or not both should continue in their seats. If they remain in the posts, would they be obstructing the justice? The PM must not forget this duty that you are a part of the justice system to make it fair."

    Maj. Gen. Chamlong: "Out of four of us talking here, Mr.Suriyasai has two roles. First he remains our coordinator. Another role is the secretariat of the party. Therefore, I would like Mr.Suriyasai to tell the people what his party is doing so far."

    Suriyasai: "I would like to take this opportunity to report that there are meetings of the party committees presided by Mr.Somsak Kosaisuk going on. We are forming party branch offices which are ready to take off for more than 10 branches. Eventually, however, they must be approved by the Electoral Committee. We are now open for the party member enrolment at the temporary head office which is Mr.Somsak's house."

    "I expect that all of the matters regarding the membership, branch offices, and the EC's verification would be over in the beginning of September (2009). Then the New Politics party will be able to hold a general meeting to elect all party committees, including the head, the secretariat, the treasurer and to approve the policies, the regulations and the preparation for the general election."

    "During the satellite meetings with brothers and sisters PAD, the conflicts and doubts about the establishment of the political party is no longer a problem. The major issue now is how the New Politics party would be able to compete in the political arena which is full of electoral frauds. We are preparing the people mass and by the beginning of September (2009) in which we would hold a general meeting would be the starting point of the readiness. Therefore, the rumours about us sending contestants into by-elections here and there, are not true. Moreover, the contestants must hold the membership in the party more than 90 days before being eligible to enrol in the election contest for MP. Please, we will have your questions now."

    Media Question: "How are you going to desist it? Or how would the government stop the petition since they say the signatures amount up to three million."

    Maj. Gen. Chamlong: "It is not to desist. It is to announce to the public how inappropriate the petition is. With the announcement, the people would understand and make a proper decision. However, up to now, there has been no official and national announcement to the public that it is a jeopardizing situation. The public would not know as they are not informed. Some may do it without knowing. They should be helped to understand since the state has losts of media in hand. Why are they used for other matters instead with ignorance to the national security."

    Media Question: "Before this, why had the PM not talking about dismissing the Commander-in-Chief of the police, but when Mr.Suthep said that there would be no change of the Commander-in-Chief of the police, then the PM said there would be no dismissal?"

    Suriyasai: "It reflects the PM's state of leadership. Actually, we had no rights to expect that Commander-in-Chief of the police would be dismissed. However, during the last week if you are close to us, you would have noticed that he had wielded the axe ready to go ahead but eventually he hold his axe and walk home empty hand. It is confusing in that between Mr.Suthep and Mr.PM, we do not know who is leading this government."

    Panthep: "I wish to add a little bit here. Regarding the dismissal of the Commander-in-Chief of the police, this current Chief had been once moved to an idle post in the office of the Prime Minister during the government of Somchai Wongsawat following an allegation of a nontransparent procurement worth of 18 million baht (half a million USD). He returned by the authorization of the acting PM Chawarat Chanweerakul without any reasonable explanations. We first believed that PM Abhisit had not aware but it has been more than 7 months since. PM Abhisit still supervises this Police General Patcharawas Wongsuwan which indicates that the PM is not bothered with the allegation of a nontransparent procurement worth of 18 million baht as being investigated by a committee."

    "On top of that is the incidence on October 7, 2008 which is about to be indicted in August (2009). If the PM sees that it is an important issue as there were casualties following the ignorant command of the Commander-in-Chief which resulted in bombardments from dawn to dark and even a death at night. If they were unrighteous and undue, the PM should not have let this chief remain in his seat since that time; however, he lets the chief work for the past 7 months. The PM's gestures within the last two weeks when he realizes the obstacle to the investigation of the attempt assasination of Sondhi, therefore, must be considered as reactions to another misdeed which is not related to the previous two misdeeds. If he would dismiss the chief because of the misdeeds which he realizes by himself, he must stick to those and does not have to wait for the NCCC or other authorities. He must be brave with his own decision."

    Media Question: "How about the conflicts within the government coalition parties, particularly the Minister of Defence who is the elder brother of the Pol. Gen.Patcharawas?"

    Panthep: "The public certainly has to ask this question because, first, the Commander-in-Chief has worked for over 7 months with the two allegations being ignored despite of PAD's requests. Secondly, the police chief having his elder brother as the Defence Minister, the public would ask whether the PM is too courteous with them more than the righteousness. As Mr.Suriyasai has just mentioned, in the case of the allegation of PAD being terrorists, the PM said it was under the authority of the investigating officers which he would not intervene. However, when it is the case directly under Pol. Gen. Thanee Somboonsap, the PM keeps listening to other people who are not in the investigating team, i.e. the Deputy PM and the police chief. That is why we raise the question if the PM has a single standard or double standards just to serve his political interests or the interests of his coalition parties. The public certainly ask these."


    Pipop: "Customarily for the bureaucrats, when an officer is being interrogated following an allegation, such as the Commander-in-Chief of the police who is accused and interrogated in several cases. Moreover, the inefficiency in the management of the Naional Bureau of the Police is obvious from the Songkran (April 2009) riot incidence. Official practices are either a dismissal or a transfer out of the post. Those are the conventional practices. Therefore, it is not because of PAD's wish for a purge of the police chief but we want PM Abhisit use the customary bureaucratic practices for a fair interrogation of any accused officers."

    "Second, for the universal convention, no matter whether or not the Commander-in-Chief of the police is involved, but when his subordinates have committed misdeeds and regulatory violations particularly in the October 7, 2008 's incidence and the April 2009's incidence, in accordance with etiquettes, the police chief has to resign. This is international practice in the democratic system. Even without considering how much involved, the primary responsibility is to resign. Therefore, there are two issues, i.e. the conventions of the bureaucratic system and the conventions in the democratic system. It appears that the PM has not signalled or ordered what should be done."

    "Similarly, the Deputy PM Suthep Tuaksuban who has accepted the role to take charge of the security and the Bureau of Police but he does not do anything at all. It makes the people loose faith in the PM which could have been better after the April (2009) incidence when he well expressed the state of leadership."

    Panthep: "May I add here? We have issued the announcement of 1/2009 which we called for several people to show their responsibility in the incidence during the Asean Summit and the Interlocutors meeting. They are the Deputy PM, the military chiefs and the Commander-in-Chief of the police all of whom were incapable of maintaining the security for the meeting which means the national dignity. Those people must express their responsibilty by resigning. We made it clear in the April's announcement of 1/2009."

    Media Question: "Today, you come forward to urge the government. If the government does not response, what will you do next both the Cambodian issue and the legal issues?"

    Maj. Gen. Chamlong: "Why we come forward this time is necessary and important. The reporters would see that we do not come forward for everything. Sometimes it seems tempting to come forward to clarify or dispute but we don't because we may not see that they are as important. This time, we want to tell the government that it is not only us, but a lot of people also realize that the problems have already occured which jeopardize the country. The government has to manage which is not at all complicated. If the government is ignorant, the government will later get the results as the people would remember and will not re-elect them. The government from the people's election should listen and comply for the sake of their parties to satisfy the people who make the choice."

    Media Question: "Would you hold a rally to expel them?"

    Maj. Gen. Chamlong: "No, it is not our duty to do that. It is directly the government's duty within the government's capability. Additionally, this government is not a puppet government. It is an elected government to do the benefits for the people as they claim. That is these issues. We do not threaten them that we would do anything, if they do not comply."

    Media Question: "Do you believe the reason why the police chief is not dismissed is because the connection with General Prawit. Would it lead to a short-lived government?"

    Suriyasai: "Mr.Panthep has just said that it was a public belief that the PM has come across conflicts of interests which is blurring his state of leadership. Even more obvious is today when he said that he would not dismiss the police chief, the belief is more realistic. The PM has to solve the problem by himself."

    Media Question: "Would the Pra Vihar temple and the overlapped territories be for Mr.Kasit Pirom (Foreign Minister) to negotiate with Cambodia?"

    Panthep: "First, the proposal to revoke the joint communique between Thai and Cambodia about the Pra Vihar temple and the vicinity, originally came from the ex-ambassador Kasit (currently FM in Abhisit's cabinet) who had joined the rally with PAD. It is his proposal quite a while ago when he gave a speech on PAD's stage. Therefore, we included it in our announcement of 29/2008. However, now when he becomes the Foreign Minister, I am not sure how much he is involved in the negotiation with Cambodia since there are rumours that he has been excluded from the negotiation with Cambodia regarding the Pra Vihar temple. When there were negotiations about the Pra Vihar temple, the deputy PM Suthep Tuaksuban and the Defence Minister Gen.Prawit Wongsuwan were sent and the talks instead turned to be about the interests deal in the energy resources in the gulf of Thailand which had been signed since 2001. This can be considered a subrogation of the rights over the interests since Thaksin's government, not the talk about Thailand's national interests or Thai's national security, can't it? It is a grave concern particularly with more and more private companies have contracted concessions from Cambodia unilaterally, as well as when there are rumours that politicians might have strings over such puppet investing companies. FM Kasit must exercise his rights and duties as he declared on PAD's stage."

    Media Question: "Should the government authorize Mr.Kasit Pirom (Foreign Minister) to negotiate with Cambodia?"

    Panthep: "According to what was obviously writen in that joint communique and the MOU which were signed in Thaksin's government in 2001, the Foreign Minister is the direct negotiator. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are plots to get rid of Kasit from his FM post since actually the deputy PM is not in the situation to negotiate according to the signed MOU."

    Panthep: "According to the signed MOU, the responsibility of each party has been obviously stated. In terms of energy resources, there is a joint committee led by both Foreign Ministers to negotiate the overall profile. Therefore, under the MOU, in the negotiation about the energy, it is not the duty of the deputy PM, but it is the committee which has to go into detail and both Foreign Ministers. If the FM who had joined PAD on the stage, and does not agree with the lost of the interests around the Pra Vihar temple and in the gulf of Thailand, but in stead agrees with the revocation of the joint communique, could probably be subjected to a plot to purge him out of the seat. We have to raise the question of such a possibility. Moreover, regarding the charge of terrorist against the FM Kasit, which according to the rumours, he was the last person to be included in the list of defendant. It is a plot to get rid of him out of the negotiation between Thai and Cambodia. Now it is confirmed that the several negotiation occured, have been nothing else but about energy resources."

    Media Question: "Would PAD take any actions in the Administrative Court?"

    Panthep: "First, through the media and with this today's announcement, we urge the government particularly the PM, the deputy PM, and the Foreign Minister to make them realize that we may loose a huge interest not only the Pra Vihar temple but also the gulf of Thailand."

    Maj. Gen. Chamlong: "This is very strange in that we are a larger country but we let Cambodia coerce and intimidate us. Why is it I do not know. Even stranger is that in each negotiation, particularly with the national security, they would principally consider the relative military force. We are much more powerful than Cambodia but we are so afraid of them. Several people come out to say that we had lost the territory long ago. The sentence is forbidden since we still reserve our rights in the piece of land as belongs to us and not Cambodia, as we have long done. How come anyone can just simply give it away? Is that one the sole owner of Thailand? What happens to Thai people this day? They are so scared of Cambodia."

    "Do you remember what we talked when we were rallying? Regarding the comparative military force, actually we do not want to fight with anybody but it is just a backup tool during any negotiation. The stronger the comparative military force one has, the more beneficial is to the negotiation one would gain. It is like a larger built person talking to a smaller one. At that time, a high ranking military pilot officer wrote to us that, if time after time of gestures of good will, which means no harm to others, if we are still relentlessly threatened by a small country, there would be no need for the ground troops, since a part of the air force would be enough to do the job within two hours. Why let them intimidate us so badly that we become disarray. I think this issue should be raised. Are we no longer patriotic? Is everything OK because we just comfortably carry on and let the officers directly in charge of the national security turn a blind eye."

    Media Question: "Why is the press release today without Mr.Sondhi?"

    You are aware that Mr.Sondhi is in recuperation although he is much better now. We just held a meeting with him but we told him to take a rest since it is going to take a long while.

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