Ultimate objectives of PAD

       a. PAD wants to get rid of corruptions. Thaksin, the billionaire civilian dictator, has left Thailand with extensive high level of corruptions and proxy politicians. Having cheated the country while in power, Thaksin hid his corrupt billion of dollars worth of assets overseas. When ousted, Thaksin is subjected to numerous convictions but cowardly fled jail overseas and pull strings on politicians to sabotage his homeland.

       b. PAD protects the Monarchy. Thaksin wants to launder himself through amending the laws with his proxy politicians, while trying to abolish the Monoarchy and make himself a President, that is to cause turmoils and change Thailand from being a "Kingdom" to a "Republic" in stead.

       c. As a permanent cure for Thailand, PAD wants to get real democracy for Thailand. At present it is a fake democracy with bad on-sale politicians.

       d. To achieve all above a, b, c we have to get rid of Thaksin and his proxy politicians and punish them according to the laws.

    Contemporary Thailand

    International Message

    Sondhi's Speech January 27, 2012 American's Corrupt Capitalism, Back Thai's Anti-Monarchy To Seize Asia-Pacific [1]

    ( Last edit 2012-02-17 )

    Good evening my fellow audiences and brother PADs who are watching ASTV through local cable TVs or your own satellite dishes, including those who are watching through the internet. Today, January 27, 2012, I have a special intention to talk to you, the audiences and fellow members of PAD.

    This is the video clip of October 9, 2008 which you listened to what I said, "We shall fight for His Majesty" on that day, at that time. Such words, "We shall fight for His Majesty", put me under sarcasm, libels, ironies. Mr.Sanoh Tienthong said, "His Majesty is well already. There is no need to fight for him." Mr.Disathorn Wacharothai, a man in the Royal palace gave an interview that for anyones who love His Majesty, do stay at home and do not come out to fight.

    Over the past 3 years, from October 9, 2008, or even if looking backward a bit further, from the first day I put on the T-shirt "We shall fight for His Majesty" when we held a press conference at Pra Arthit house, after the program "Thailand Weekly" on Channel 9 was banned which has been for a total of full 6 years, it was not my sixth sense or contemplation but it was my actual perception that I saw coming for sure. Thai public was not able to perceive and people who were able to perceive, were not informed by mass media which possess the duty to inform.

    From the end of 2005 onward, the Royal institute and His Majesty the King have been continually undermined by underground and overground evil dirty tricks. Recently, actual movements to abolish His Majesty the King emerged in the name of "Nitirassadorn" (Law for the People) which is led by younger generation who received Anand Mahidol Scholarship to study abroad, as well as some teachers, writers, and October 14 activists. Over a hundred of them co-signed to form the group.

    My audiences, today we have to discuss to make sure we understand what is actually happening. Why does "Nitirassadorn" (Law for the People) show up? Why do such movements emerge? And, why does nobody do anything about them? All these are not only taking place in Thailand by Thais. They are movements from abroad, introduced to Thais who want to be traitors, want to annihilate the nation.

    These movements have an article. Just wait for me. It is an article from somewhere in the title of "Reform not Revolution for Thailand". In this article, a westerner (Farang) claims that the Thai King is an obstacle in reforming the country. In a moment, I will tell you where this article comes from, what is the name of the organization, and how it relates to the whole picture.

    [US Ambassador to Thailand made a negative comment against Thai court ruling of Lese Majesty cases, expressing worry about the law and the penalties, in favour of the defendants. This is a historical comment made by any US Ambassador to Thailand and exasperate Thai people.]

    My audiences, just follow me. For everything has the causes and effects. Because of the effects, there are causes for them. Let us look back a bit, not too far, only after the end of the Cold War which the world was divided into 2 camps. One claimed to be the free-world camp led by America. Another one was called the communist camp led by USSR. The day symbolically marked the end of the Cold War was the day when the Berlin Wall between East Germany and West Germany was torn down. That was the day USSR failed. Also, the communist government in East Germany failed. The Berlin Wall was demolished and, as a result, marked as the end of the Cold War. Among the American savants-writers, there is a American-born, named Francis Fukuyama who is behind economic policies and theories of corrupt capitalism application to seize the whole word.

    Mr.Francis Fukuyama wrote a book called "The End of History and Mankind", to signify that the history had ended and from then on, it was only the capitalism era.There was another westerner then, Mr.Samuel P. Huntington who also wrote a book saying that when the Cold War was over, next would be "The Clash of Civilization". That is what he talked about the clash of Muslim civilization with the Christian civilization of the west. But the conclusion is that the world then would need capitalism.

    Once the Berlin Wall was broken, the world has become without the world behind the iron curtain nor the liberal world. There is only a single world left which all westerners want, i.e., capitalism world. With such similar ideas, a group of people was formed and called "Washington Consensus".

    What is "Washington Consensus"? It is the shared ideas between them that, from then on, the world would have 4 rules which are "Liberalization" which means freeing all. It means all countries have to free their economy, including the trade, the service, and the investment which would benefit international corporations and international funds who are giant investment funds. This is the first rule.

    The second rule is "Stabilization". They want economic stabilization, with stress on price stability, but not unemployment problems. It does not matter with people become jobless, for the whole world, if the prices they set are maintained.

    The third rule is "Privatization" which is transferring of state sector's production to private sector. Because they believe in more flexibility of work in private sector.

    The fourth and last rule is "Deregulation" which is the decrease of regulation and control by the state. This includes the decrease of state's intervention and the state's size.

    All four rules are "Washington Consensus" by westerners. Having made the initiative, to apply the four rules anew to the world then, they used 3 world trade organizations in which Mr.Supachai Panichapak used to be a Director-General for a while. These 3 bodies are to seize the world.

    1997 saw the collapse of Thai economy. Many of my audiences and brother PADs might have also been injured from that economic collapse. We find that IMF came to Thailand and proposed these 4 rules in exchange for the rescue money. Thailand then had to abide by. The first rule was to be financially liberated, i.e., allowing foreign banks to enter and do whatever. Second was the stability of the prices. Third, we have to privatize state enterprises. And this was the origin of 11 national-assets-sale-off enactments which we have fought against all along.My audiences! For 15 long years, from 1997 to 2012, all those 11 national-assets-sale-off enactments have not been amended for even a little. Instead, we concede all to them. We privatized several state enterprises. PTT sold out shares. We privatized Thai Airways. Thank goodness. Still, the government is holding the majority. But it will not be long because this government is selling PTT off to private. Later, I will explain to you how it relates to Thai politics and how it relates to "Nitirassadorn", monarchy abolishment movement which you would never imagine.

    Afterward [Washington Consensus], various funds spreaded extensively. America fell into the over-expending traps. Having over-expended, America then printed out more bank notes because they have changed the security over the bank notes from previously using gold as the standard to using American dollar currency itself. This enables America to print the bank notes anytime while America has highly influential roles in the Middle East region which produces oil.

    I am showing you maps of the Middle East to help you audiences to understand. If you look at the maps of the Middle East, you will clearly see that in the Middle East, there are Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Iran toward Afkanistan, and a tiny bit here is Dubai.

    My audiences, please follow me. USA, UK and Europe seize Saudi Arabia which is the largest oil producer. Having occupied Saudi Arabia, America moves next into Kuwait through the governor, and then monopolizes the oil production by oil companies.

    American economy dipped while she used printed-out dollars without having domestic gold to securitize the bank notes, the shortcut is borrowing. The borrowing is in dollars from whosever hand, such as Thailand, who exports in exchange for dollars which are not to be kept because they are for buying American bonds. That is the foreign currency earned from our trade is to buy their bonds which is lending to them. The money would further finance the wars where ever they want to seize.

    The incidence which changed everything was the 9/11, the World Trade incidence which Ossama Bin Laden engineered al-Qaida's terrorism to smash the World Trade buildings with airplanes. Such incidence ignited the dream of hawkish people who wanted to seize the energy sources particularly Iraq. My audiences who used to listen to me, do you remember what I told you in the program "Thailand Weekly"? They said they had to take Afghanistan to suppress Bin Laden. But I said, Afghanistan was a deception. Actually, they wanted to seize Iraq because Iraq had clearly proven huge oil sources. Because of the objective to seize Iraq, there was a big lie to the world that Saddam Hussain had weapons of mass destruction hidden in Iraq to justify President George Bush's military invasion of Iraq.

    I forgot something. Do you know? Once [200 years ago], we used to have Bowring Treaty, a shameful treaty which Thailand had to yield to Britain. It enabled Britain to have the say over the freedom of British under protectorates and traders to travel anywhere in Thailand, to take the money out of the country, to directly trade with local sources and extraterritorial jurisdiction.

    My audiences and brothers, do you believe that the post American's seizure, in today's Iraq, all the extraterritorial jurisdiction and other rights are by no means different from the Bowring Treaty. And the present government is appointed by the American government. Why do I have to talk about Iraq? It is because I want to point out that, today, we must not think that American who has been our friend for 100 years, is still the same. There is no such word, "FRIEND" when "SELF INTERESTS" are involved. And there will be no such word, "FRIEND" when it blocks the invasion of their capitals. If the level is as our great father leader, His Majesty the King, who introduces "Sufficiency Economy", American would count as a threat to country reformation. I will elaborate next for you to understand what they have done.

    As a result, at present, American has already pulled out from Iraq. Saudi Arabia remains the same. Afghanistan is being dealt with. The only one target left is Iran which is pain in the ass for American. Haven't you noticed why they have pulled out the troops from Iraq even though they know that, without their troops, there will be no peace? Why they do that is because they want to abandon the Middle East. Why they have to abandon the Middle East is because the Middle East oil from Iraq and Saudi Arabia has reached the point of the so called "Peak Oil".

    "Peak Oil" means the gradual decline in amount. Also, during the past decade, marked by 2008 four years ago, there were financial crises which caused economic collapse and spreaded to Euro currency which is starting to collapse, including Greece, Ireland, and Italy which are all nearly bankrupt. Euro currency is as weak as American dollar. What they can make up is Iran which is a war with Iran. Now they have proceeded along that path, very far.

    American sees that if they start the war with Iran: first, economy would be boosted: second, if they win, they would also get more oil wells in Iran.

    Now, let's keep it there and come back to ASEAN group.We then can clearly see the map.

    My brothers, come along. India is a newly emerging country where more middle class people are increasing. Indonesia has a population of over 200 million. More middle class people are increasing in Indonesia and Malaysia. Vietnam has a population of nearly 100 million and their middle class people are growing. Philipines is considered already as an American colony. If all ASEAN countries including Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Brunei, Malaysia are considered, the purchasing power of ASEAN group will be about 500+ million. In 500+ million people, there would be about 100 million middle class people. Stop here and remember it for a moment. We will be back to this point later.

    Next map is more of Asia. My brothers will see China, Japan, Taiwan, and Hongkong,. Japan and Korea can be simply ignored because they are already under American influence. Only China is not.

    It has been quite a while which American has engaged itself in the wars with Afghanistan, Iraq, the Middle East, leaving China to continually prosper until eventually she has become the world's factory. Whatever on earth producable, China produces it.

    The prosperity of China from centralized administration made China grow annually at 10 per cent successively for 20 years. The lowest growth was 8-9 per cent. As a result, China has spreaded its influence into this region into ASEAN group through the South China Sea. China backs Myanmar here all the time from the past when Myanmar was a closed country, holding Ong San Sukyi at home. China gives support psychologically and financially, everything because China wants to have influence in ASEAN as well. There are only disputes with Vietnam and Philipines in the matter of Spratly islands around here which Vietnam, Philipines, and China claim their rights. Even Taiwan and Malaysia also claim their rights.

    Spratly islands are cluster of islands which have a lot of oil. My brothers, I am talking about another important point to show you that Thai politics is about oil for 70-80 per cent. With the oil there, China will not retreat. China says these islands belong to her. There were clashes which although not fatal but is a persistent confrontation. To maintain her influence, China sent warships and develop more aircraft carriers. China does everything to show off her military strength.

    Vietnam becomes frustrated about China because of the feeling that China is too big for Vietnam to oppose. Therefore, Vietnam opens the door for America to join her. American takes the opportunity to sell weapons and give support. With a psychological support to Vietnam in a visit to Hanoi, Mrs.Hilary Clinton gave an interview that the South China Sea is an international waters for anybody to sail. No one has the rights to seize the international waters for oneself. This means American wants to confront China face-to-face.

    Afterward in 2009, in 9 occasions, Mrs.Clinton visited Indonesia and Thailand during Abhisit Vejjajiva's government and headed to deal with Myanmar which previously America had isolated her with boycott, ignorance and nonintervention, until the recent reopening of the diplomatic relation with Myanmar.

    That is all about the American's clear declaration to return to Asia-Pacific region for a permanent and steadfast presence in order to joint venture for trading with countries in this region. If boldly interpreted , she is certainly coming to rob the wealth of this region because Europe has collapsed and so has America. There remains in this world only this wealthy region. The wealth remains because of the growing middle class. China is having hundreds of million middle class growing. Thailand already has that. Vietnam is about to come like Philipines. Soon, Myanmar will be. India is coming. Indonesia has just bought over 100 American Boeing airplanes worth of several billion USD. That is why America loves Indonesia very much.

    Why I have to talk about this is because I am explaining what the direction of the world trade will be and how it will affect Thailand, and most importanly the oil either in the Thai gulf or Spratly Islands. Why are Thailand and Cambodia disputing over matters which someone [Suthep Tuaksuban, Deputy PM in Abhisit's Gov.] calls a wee bit of land, not worth for a dispute? The answer is if we loose the inland territory and follow the 1 to 200,000 ratio map, we will loose the territorial waters to Cambodia 3/4 with the remaining to us only 1/4, instead of what have actually belonged to us 3/4 and to Cambodia only 1/4.

    Brothers, do you know? Thailand has just given state concessions to western oil corporations, particularly UNOCAL which was later taken over by Chevron. So many oil wells in the Thai gulf and around here are given away, do you know? The concessionary fee or royalty they pay to us, is very very low indeed when compared to concessionary fees for oil paid to other countries. Simply, we are jackass and bullshitted by westerners while our politicians and bureaucrats conspire with westerners to cheat our homeland helping westerners to pay less royalty.

    Brothers, the present day satellite technology which you see in the movies, spotting people on the earth surface to zoom up on the screen, is already outdated. Foreign satellite technology is highly advance so much that satellites can search for natural resources. They use satellites to explore the continental shelves. Westerners like Chevron have several oil rigs in the Thai Gulf. They have scuba divers to explore here and there. They know how much oil there is in the Thai Gulf. It must be overwhelmingly abundant because if it is not, they will not play politics within Thailand to undermine our Monarchy. My brothers, this is an important point which I want to say.

    Let's take a glance at the South China Sea. My brothers, in the South China Sea, America and Indonesia are settled. Indonesia does not like China. Brunei can be omitted. Indonesia is America's greatest hit now because of, first, the growing middle class among the 290 million citizens. There must be several dozens of million citizens for any incorporations. In America, the eyes are very widen for Indonesia is the place for capital to get in and grab the wealth back. Moreover, Indonesia has oil wells.

    This is the problems in the South China Sea which America has to intervene for Vietnam to get the resources, or at the least, not to fall into China's hand alone. Then, America can ask to share the benefits from Vietnam by joint venturing for the energy. In Myanmar, America has got in. In Malaysia, America is fully supporting Anwar Ibrahim because he is standing on the west side.

    Brother PADs and my audiences, for those who do not remember the 1997 incidence, I will remind you. 1997 was the year when the economy collapsed. Indonesia collapsed. Thailand collapsed before Indonesia, Argenita and Chile. Only Malaysia did not collapse because Malaysia shut down the country. Mahathir announced the date to stop foreign exchange with Ringgit currency. He gave 24 hours for people outside the country who were holding Ringgit to sell back to Malaysia. If after that 24-hour deadline, there would not be a buy back. That was the country's shut down. I remember that day CNN casted news condemning Malaysia. The Wall Street Journal published condemning articles. Mr.Suthichai's "The Nation" newspaper published condemning articles against Malaysia. So did the British Financial Times.

    Brother PADs and my audiences, there was only our "Manager" who praised Malaysia that she was on the right track to defend herself first. How should a country remain opened for others to rob? The robber was George Soros who is another character who also wants to demolish the Monarchy. I will explain later. This is just a prelude.

    Therefore, it is obvious that if Anwar Ibrahim has the chance to come back to be a PM again, America will be happy. Vietnam has to rely on America because she needs America to counter China. Cambodia has no meaning because she is Vietnam's lackey. Laos is too small to be significant, having no energy resource apart from hydroelectric power from irrigation. Myanmar, America has entered. It is only Thailand for America to finish off the occupation which means economic wise and policy wise. For the whole picture, China remains a pain in the ass of America. America does not want to pal up with China in equal terms. America wants to dominate China. But China does not yield because China consider that this is her border which she has the influence. America has shaken hands with India whereas China has shaken hands with Pakistan. Today, America begins to interfere with Pakistan to knock Pakistan out from China.

    Therefore, if America gets India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, it means America can totally blockade China. Do you see the encircling around China with occupation of India, (Bangladesh is of no significance), Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam plus Cambodia, Malaysia and Indonesia. Japan and South Korea are already fallen to America. Fortunately, in Taiwan, Ma Ying-jeou of Kuomintang Party which has the policy to reconcile with China, has been re-elected. Otherwise, the opposition which wants to separate Taiwan to be independent from China would welcome smiling America to interfere and create tension in the Taiwan Strait.

    Do you see the picture now? Let's have an intermission. We'll come back for the second part and you will understand more, in just a moment.

    Why does Chevron have to divide the 2-million-dollar cheques in to two?, one for Chaipatana foundation under HM the King's patronage and another one to Yingluck's government through which US government declares no donation. .....However, US Ambassador was present at the 1 million USD donation of Chevron (Thailand) to PM Yingluck's government organization to relieve flood suffering. The money from Chevron is likely to be some sort of bribery to anti-royalist red-shirt movement instead of going to million victims of the flood. ........ As well as other donations from Thais and foreigners alike, According to the US government's official announcement below, all relief funds from US government never goes through PM Yingluck government because of a lot of corruption and gross mismanagement government flood relief organization under PM Yingluck. ..... From the early phase of the flood, lots of rescue baggages were unnecesarily delayed because of redirection to the government for relabel with Thaksin posters instead of the actual sponsors or anonymity.

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