Ultimate objectives of PAD

       a. PAD wants to get rid of corruptions. Thaksin, the billionaire civilian dictator, has left Thailand with extensive high level of corruptions and proxy politicians. Having cheated the country while in power, Thaksin hid his corrupt billion of dollars worth of assets overseas. When ousted, Thaksin is subjected to numerous convictions but cowardly fled jail overseas and pull strings on politicians to sabotage his homeland.

       b. PAD protects the Monarchy. Thaksin wants to launder himself through amending the laws with his proxy politicians, while trying to abolish the Monoarchy and make himself a President, that is to cause turmoils and change Thailand from being a "Kingdom" to a "Republic" in stead.

       c. As a permanent cure for Thailand, PAD wants to get real democracy for Thailand. At present it is a fake democracy with bad on-sale politicians.

       d. To achieve all above a, b, c we have to get rid of Thaksin and his proxy politicians and punish them according to the laws.

    Contemporary Thailand

    International Message

    Sondhi's Speech January 27, 2012 American's Corrupt Capitalism, Back Thai's Anti-Monarchy To Seize Asia-Pacific [2]

    ( Last edit 2012-02-17 )

    Let's come back to the second part which is very important but not the most important of the matters which I want to point out. Before I elaborate, I would like you to notice a bit. We are under western's influence in terms of values a lot. Several values which we are influenced are such as they would claim international value of having a government from an election. However, the international which means America and Europe would never be interested in how clean the election is. It would not matter if there is bloody electoral frauds. Electoral Committee is bribed to close the eyes would also not matter. Just have MPs elected to vote in the house is OK. To privatize PTT [Thailand only State's Enterprenuer's Petroleum Company, now partly privatized] or to privatize whatever, westerners do not care. in fact, it is better for them since it goes along with them. As a result, westerners both America and Europe have their parlance and their formulation.

    First, there must be an election which does not matter for them what type and how fraudulent. It is none of their business. Second, is the human rights. Their human rights depend on what they would choose. If it is the government of the country they want to abolish, they would carp that country about human rights and violence against the citizens. For example, in Thailand when red shirts were shot dead by men-in-black, they would just say we violate human rights. But once there were raids on drugs during Pol.Lt.Col.Thaksin Shinawatra's term in which over 2 thousand people were extrajudicially killed. But they do not talk about because it is not beneficial to them. They may talk about soldiers shooting red shirts if it benefits them, to simply knock down the military which nowadays is weak because of senior soldiers's selfishness, not to the least caring for their subordinates.

    Third formulation is transparency. They would stress on transparent good governance. In 1997 during the economic collapse, blonde-hair westerners condemn us as hypocritic "crony capitalism" duplicity, twofacedness and multiple standards. They issued the rules, then, prohibiting Thai government and the Bank of Thailand from intervention to rescue private financial institutes. They said that it was wrong, being against the rules. But four years ago in 2008, when American Banks collapsed, Mr.George Bush and Mr.Barack Obama agree on government money to support American Banks, here and there. For them, only their capitalism is transparent and clean. But if it is other, it is double standard. Therefore, they are good at talking, abusing and hypocrisy.

    Having done that, they entered the end of Washington Consensus era when they used three prongs which are the World Bank, the IMF and the WTO. Now, their corporations become large. Have you ever thought, brothers? Apple Inc. has sales revenue ten times more than the budget of Thailand. Apple's cash on hand is more than what Thailand has. There are a lot of corporations like Apple.

    So today politics in the west, particularly in America, are no longer for the people. The owners of the Republican party and Democrat party are all capitalists. Who liberated global finance market, if not Mr.Bill Clinton, the husband of Mrs.Hilary Clinton? After ten years, the result of that global liberation is America's and the world's collapse worth of several trillion American dollars from the greed of liberation. Therefore, Wallstreet's financial institutes are supporters of Democrat party.

    Republican party is backed by oil corporations. Mr.George Bush's family business has been in oil industry for very long time. Who is Mr.Dick Cheney Vice President under George W. Bush? He was a former Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Halliburton which also has business in Thailand as well as in Arabs. Wherever there is oil, Halliburton is there. Therefore, Republican party is an oil subsidiary while Democrat party is Wallstreet. Between these two, oil corporations and Wallstreet, who are worse, has to be photo-proved because they are equally bad. However, eventually, both oil corporations and Wallstreet sleep on the same bed because it is all about money. Oil corporations need fund from Wallstreet while Wallstreet needs oil corporations to borrow, bank with and pay interests.

    My audiences and PAD brothers, apart from such mentioned corporations, there are numerous other giant corporations such as Goldman Sachs. Bechtel selling weapons is the world's leading war agent. Monsanto distributes GMO vegetations throughout the world. Drug corporations like Pfizer, Merck Sharp and Dohme are very large, so many times larger than Thailand. Therefore, they have the power and influence. Oil corporations, such as Exxon and Chevron, are the new generation who tries to occupy the world by using capitals for invasion into countries in energy sector to liberalize businesses here and there and suck up the wealth back to their home country all the time.

    Therefore, why Mr.Barack Obama said that Asia-Pacific is the center of the world today is not wrong because all others in the world have gone broke, except only in Asia-Pacific. China is unavoidably a fishbone got stuck in their throat.

    There are several ways for them to use to invade into other countries. In America, there are three parts. America likes think tank institutes, like what Thailand has TDRI. Actually, Thai TDRI is exactly a copy from America.

    Who are Think Tanks? Brooking Institute is the people who think and set policies. Where do they get the money from? The corporations which I mentioned fund them to think how America can be the hegemony, how the corporates can invade certain countries or how to open things up. These are think tanks which one of it is Brooking Institute.

    American Enterprises is also their organization, similar to their associations or non-government organizations but get support from enormously rich incorporations.

    There is another organization called CFA, "Council of Foreign Affair" , which I am going to explain what it is.

    The Upper Half of the Chart

    What I have just mentioned are thinkers. Afterward, there are groups to take action who gives training as well as financial support. For example, Mr.George Soros's organization, called "Open Society" in which they put the money. Mr.George Soros is a part of financial support against Myanmar military dictator regime. Myanmar refugees get money support from Mr.George Soros's Open Society. Another organization is called NED, "National Endowment for Democracy".

    National Endowment for Democracy is an organization which American parliament supports financially with annual 100-million-USD budget. What this organization is for, according to the international parlance, is advocacy of democracy in any countries wherever the governments are to be toppled for a new one, including Ukraine, Belarus near Russia, Egypt, and the latest Tunisia. This includes Gaddafi in Libya. which NED has a role in training and funding (for the anti-government activities). There are two other foundations, The Rockefeller and The Ford.

    These organizations are bodies to raise funds, bodies to train, and bodies for implementation. NED is in the implementation group. Another organization within the American government, called "Movement.org" is for anybody who wants to operate movements in any countries, just contact them.

    There is another group which boosts morale and drums up such as the Amnesty International. They have only one function which is news casting, for example, a call for protest against China's violation of human rights, a call for here and there to rise up, a call for Chinese government to release him and her, which are internal matters of Chinese government.

    Another organization, apart from the Amnesty International, is Human Rights Watch, a sound name. However, my brothers, all of these are western tools, particularly America, for slick and smooth interfering with other countries.

    Several organizations are behind several NGOs in Thailand. I will come back in the last part to tell you. Let's look at this chart. This is the example which I want to stress on the CFR, "Council on Foreign Relation".

    Brothers, CFR, "Council on Foreign Relation" should have been public council, shouldn't it? There should be American people, Russian people, scholars of this and that countries to join, not the most influential capitalists such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, City Group; or energy sector such as Chevron, Exxon; or technology sector such as Dell Computer, IBM; or food and drug sector such as Monsanto, Pfizer, Merck Sharp and Dohme; or military weapon dealers. My brothers, if in peasant's simple words, in the CFR, what the hell are these giants doing? They are business people and do not have a damn function in this council.

    Therefore, with their presence in this organization, it means the organization is occupied . They are policy makers who follow the capitalists above here. That's it, right? Now, let's look here. Where is the money flowing to? They put the money in here, to finance businesses such as various foundations. Thai NGOs and NGOs all over the world, get money from them. NGOs come out to protest this and that, but never about the nation, all for westerners. Some of the protests are reasonable and acceptable such as the environment issues. But no NGO has come out to protest against anti-monarchy movements because they belong to westerners, being Thais who get paid by westerners, NED.

    From Mr.George Soros's organization, from USAID, through NGOs, the money flows to several groups in Thailand for example the broken-hearted leftists, NGOs's movement activities, meetings, seminars, anti-monarchy movements as well as the Nitirassadorn. Some people in Nitirassadorn get paid from here to campaign because of the CFR here which I have just explained. They write articles saying that Thai Monarchy is an obstacle to political reformation. So, if it is their ideas of CFR up here, when funding their affiliates down here, would it not transfer the ideas to them? They belong to the same species, my brothers!

    OK, let's look here. What the capitalists do is to snatch away the benefits and resources while CFR goes downward along here to finance. Most importantly CFR works with American intelligence, the CIA. After the Cold War, CIA has turned to be a spy, serving in business espionage for American business organizations. After 911's World Trade Collapse, CIA has been called for to increase the underground roles into other countries such as assassination of some leaders or abolishment of some governments which can come through NGOs.

    My brothers, do you know how much did the organization called NED - National Endowment for Democracy donate to Thai NGOs last year? Nearly 1 million USD or 30 million baht. Do you know there is a Thai website which receives 70-80 per cent of their income from NED. This website is called Prachatai. In the photo is a woman, the manager of the website which has been charged with Lese Majeste. It is strange that nobody has been able to close it. This website is so mighty despite that it is the media of the anti-monarchy leftists, underground anti-royalists, and getting direct paid from NED. It is definitely proved because when American organizations subsidize anybody, there must be announcements which can be verified. The message is clear. Although they deny that despite of being subsidized, there would be no influence or control on them. Would you believe it? I do not. It is impossible.

    The Lower Left Quarter of the Chart

    Therefore, Prachatai website has always been a Les Majeste anti-monarchy website. You will see this image from NED website which clearly states that for Thailand, who gets the money. A sum of 500,000 USD which is 15 million bahts is for seminar among local peasant leaders to understand MP's roles. Who the hell are local peasant leaders if not red-shirt local leaders? So, it is obvious.

    When the money flows down along here to lobbyists who do public relation to influence media such as CNN and The Economist to continuously condemn Thailand if not under Thaksin. In contrast, they will praise anything under Thaksin Shinawatra or of the red-shirts. Openly, the Economist and CNN badly criticize His Majesty the King. Dan Rivers who used to live in Thailand and has a Thai red-shirt wife, biasly twisted his reports.

    Here the western money goes to the broken-hearted leftists, NGOs's scholars, Prachatai website, anti-monarchy underground movements to claim freedom of expression in order to commit Les Majeste, undermine the monarchy by abolition of article 112 (of the Criminal Code). And here the money goes: to support corrupt capitalist group; to Pua Thai government to amend the constitution to abolish check and balance system, to seize the power, the court, the military, and scholars; to support globalization and borderless capitalism social value. Who says repeatedly that the world now is borderless, if not Charnwit Kasetsiri? And who is Charnwit Kasetsiri if not one of the hundred plus who co-sign the petition to amend article 112 (of the Criminal Code). Is it clear now?

    Therefore, brothers can clearly see what is the immunity of the country? Why do they have to attack His Majesty? if in peasant's simple words, what has His Majesty done to affect their god damn heads? His Majesty's whole life is with the people, for the people until he is so old, unable to visit the people like before. Instead of feeling appreciated to His Majesty, they carp at him.

    Some members of Nitirassadorn may not know that some other members get paid by westerners. His Majesty is in the way of these people. Actually, he does not come out to oppose westerners. He never says that. But with his wisdom (Tharma) he knows that Thailand would surviver only with "Sufficiency Economy". If without "Sufficiency Economy", we shall not survive.

    More importantly, my brothers, my brother PAD and my audiences, UN accepts that "Sufficiency Economy" is the right theory. This frightens those bastards. Why? If Thailand has "Sufficiency Economy" and survives whereas other neighbour countries do not, the neighbour countries would come to learn and adopt the "Sufficiency Economy" which means the end of their wealth. They will no longer be able to suck the wealth from Thailand or our neighbours. Do you see that?

    Consequently, CFR Council Foreing Relation's articles state clearly that His Majesty is the obstacle to political reformation. The question is whose politics? Simply it is the politics of corrupt capitalists, these bastards, American capitals, energy group, food and drug group, technology group, and arm dealers group.

    The Whole Chart

    Thaksin Shinawatra is another character which they use. Any politicians in every government are also characters which they use. Do you remember my words about Pra Viharn mountain and MOU 2000 (MOU BE2543)? I had asked myself all along because I could not answer why on earth they (Democrat party of Thailand) would not cancel MOU 2000. I tried to solve it so badly that I could have knocked my head off but I still could not. But when I see this, I come to understand that every government, every party including the Democrat party, just drop the parcel on the conveyer belt. The territory, the 4.6 sq.Km land, now occupied by Cambodia, has been conveyed to the hand of Pua Thai party so that Pua Thai party would deliver it to Hun Sen which is the delivery to the foreign energy corporations.

    My brothers, His Majesty's wisdom announces "Sufficiency Economy" because he studies Buddha's Tharma profoundly in depth. Therefore, "Sufficiency Economy" can cure the lusts and desires in capitalism.

    Furthermore, His Majesty is the center of hearts and souls which make Thailand too tough, if he is not abolished first. He is not like Hosni Mubarak of Egypt or Gaddafi of Libya. No! Because he practices 10 Good Royal Virtues. Egypt has a lot of people who hate Mubarak. Gaddafi had a lot of tribes who disagreed with Gaddafi's. But His Majesty the King and Her Majesty the Queen have more than 90 per cent highly respecting, loving like their fathers and mothers. This is the obstacle of the bastards to seize the energy resources and to open up the country. Therefore, there is only one choice for them to exploit Thailand in the future, to drain out the wealth, to totally possess Thailand, and to encircle China, that is to utterly destroy the most important morale base of Thai people, that is to undermine the monarchy institute to the end. Nothing else is better than starting with article 112. If successful, they would go ahead. If not, they would just retreat because of too many people opposing. At the least, it is a start of their or westerners' ideology that if the monarchy would remain, it would be only a puppet, like Sihamoni, King of Cambodia who is a puppet of Hunsen.

    Now brothers, do you see the picture clearly that "Nitirassadorn" is the same cage animal as the corrupt capitalists. Poor bastards, historically, America fought against communist to enter and trade within communist countries. They use CFR to influence the American foreign policies and force communists to open up the countries. When communist China opens up, damn it, China remains centralized and becomes rapidly developed to be very wealthy. They get scared and want to block China.

    Therefore, for ASEAN nations, they never pay interest to anybody. Singapore? She is a westerners' lackey. I can say she is a 100 per cent westerners' loyal serving dog. I just cannot find her spot. Singapore is so tiny, roughly smaller than a toilet in Thailand. Singapore becomes a middleman for capitals and for everything. Singapore is not a country. She is a middleman serving westerners. Indonesia is happy with the growth of the middle class. Westerners are happy because Indonesia is rich and buy more than 100 airplanes. Malaysia is changing. Vietnam has no choice except to stand on American side because she needs American umbrella. Myanmar is opening up. It is only Thailand left. if they win Thailand will have politicians ruling. Thailand these days is devastated only because of politicians, with no exception to anybody or any party. They are selfish and benefit-of-the-party-oriented. Not even a single party cares for the national interest. They care only for their own self benefits and themselves.

    Therefore, my brothers will clearly see what I have said that Thaksin is just a character. After Thaksin is gone, there will be another character. Why? Because politicians' traits are all the same, playing politics for themselves, not for the country. Interestingly, red shirts leaders such as Mr.Sunai Julapongsathorn, Mr.Jaral Ditta-apichai, and Mr.Thanes Jaroenmuang former lecturer at Chiangmai University have been to America to visit these people in Washington DC, just like receiving policies. They boast around that they have already met these and those westerners. Actually, they have received westerners' orders, probably unknowingly. In the past, they wore red-shirts in Chicago. This group of Thais in Chicago is so stupid, not aware of being used by America to abolish their own King. There are some stupid doctors in Chicago who boasted that they had visited somebody, being proud in westerners' welcome, unwitting of westerners' game.

    The Lower Right Quarter of the Chart

    My brothers, are you clear today? This region's wealth is why the West wants Thailand to change the system to be without His Majesty, without Monarchy for Thais. Politicians would get in and take all. They can sign to give away state concessions for oil, liberate for Thais to be enslaved to borrowing, higher goods prices, and expensive imported medicines. Nowadays NGO activists when funded by them, eventually are not able to resist them. Do you see, my brothers, that Thailand today has collapsed?

    Let's have an intermission and then go to the last part of the program.
    Translated from http://www.manager.co.th/Politics/ViewNews.aspx?NewsID=9550000012553

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