Ultimate objectives of PAD

       a. PAD wants to get rid of corruptions. Thaksin, the billionaire civilian dictator, has left Thailand with extensive high level of corruptions and proxy politicians. Having cheated the country while in power, Thaksin hid his corrupt billion of dollars worth of assets overseas. When ousted, Thaksin is subjected to numerous convictions but cowardly fled jail overseas and pull strings on politicians to sabotage his homeland.

       b. PAD protects the Monarchy. Thaksin wants to launder himself through amending the laws with his proxy politicians, while trying to abolish the Monoarchy and make himself a President, that is to cause turmoils and change Thailand from being a "Kingdom" to a "Republic" in stead.

       c. As a permanent cure for Thailand, PAD wants to get real democracy for Thailand. At present it is a fake democracy with bad on-sale politicians.

       d. To achieve all above a, b, c we have to get rid of Thaksin and his proxy politicians and punish them according to the laws.

    Contemporary Thailand

    International Message

    Sondhi's Speech January 27, 2012 American's Corrupt Capitalism, Back Thai's Anti-Monarchy To Seize Thailand [3]

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    Let's come back to the last part which is not the least but there will be a bonus. My audiences, PAD brothers, 4 years ago, on July 24, 2008, I presented this chart which is all true. I am not a wizard. I am not too far advance in time but I am someone who sees and understands. I see the whole big picture. Nowadays, Thailand is only dreaming, being set up, getting lost, money and benefits-oriented. Thai society is without wisdom. It is a society of unwise people who do not want to learn. Pitifully, mass media who are supposed to educate the public, are not interested. Until now, people are unaware that we have lost the 4.6 square kilometers. Cambodia has occupied the whole area. Until now, people do not remember why we have to take the matter to the World Court, despite that we have the right not to. Why we have gone to the World Court is because the Democrat party (of Thailand)'s Abhisit wants to, since if Thailand looses the territory, then he can claim that it is the World Court, not because of MOU 2000. This is only a small example.

    Let's look here, in 2008, I presented this chart when Mr.Abhisit was the opposition, and still joyfully approaching PAD. Today, isn't it obvious why they want to abolish the Monarchy? The reasons are as explained before. Some are scholars, joining because it looks fashionable. But they are not reasonably thinking. They lack of information and understanding. Most importantly they are short of logical reasoning, like Suthichai Yoon's son. Despite that his father owns a news media, having television, website, and newspapers, he still wants to be fashionable as other young generation, without understanding of the matters.

    There are broken-hearted leftists filled with angers and long vengeance since October 6 (1976). Some scholars are doctoral but fixed in angers of October 6 incidence. They keep rampaging and sarcastically abusing me with false reasoning and information. Their knowledge does not match that of my front line writer, Surawich Weerawan.

    [A self-made refugee Professor in History at Medison, Wisconsin, USA. He was a leftist forefront student leader against the military government of Thanom-Prapas and his so-called US Coloniallism in the 60's. On October 6, 1976, he gathered thousands of students to protest the return of Field Marshall Thanom Kittikajorn and Prapas Jarusathien, leading to be surrounded and massacred in Thammasat University. He has not been able to come to terms with such incidence which has haunted him to revenge against someone, which he points to the Monarchy]

    What do the broken-hearted leftists do? First, the underground works such as: websites which some get paid from abroad as I have mentioned Prachatai website, local radio stations, brochures, video clips on Youtube, up to setting up armed troops in red-shirts villages along the border. There are armed-training for buses-loads of people.

    Some NGO's scholars start to attack by distributing a Les Majeste book "The King Never Smiles". They persuade university scholars and youths who want to show off for spotlight, to be alliances because they see that the younger generation has missed the chance to witness His Majesty the King's and Her Majesty the Queen's visits, devotion, and self-sacrifice to the people in all far away regions to help solving people's problems which governments are ignorant. The youths of this younger generation just play Ipad, Iphone, watch MV and do not care about anything. When they are told that the Monarchy is useless, they just join in making Les Majeste articles, websites, and journals. Journals like the "Same Sky" and Prachatai website are own by Mr.Suriya Jungrungruangkit's nephew. They do all sorts, abolition of Privy Councillors and undermine the creidibility of the Royal institute. These are all under westerners' guidance through their organization which I have explained. They use beautiful jargons. For underground works, CIA is involved and supports. UDD (United Front of Democracy Against Dictatorship, Red-shirt movement) is the active movement in defaming the Royal institute, abolition of President of the Privy Council, supporting Thaksin regime, destroing PAD, and using state media to attack.

    Let's have a look at the political movements. In the past, it was the People's Power party. Today, it is Pua Thai party which uses populism to win the people mass, seize the parliament to amend the law and the constitution, sieze the administration and the budget. The budget worth of 350,000 million bahts to prevent flood has passed. But Mr.Smith Dharmasaroja (President of the Foundation for National Disaster Warning Council Thailand) wants to resign (from The Strategic Formulation Committee for Water Resources Management (SCWRM)), saying that for this huge budget, he does not know what it is for. This is a kind of budgetting destined for corruption. My brothers, do you remember, on the very first day of the flood, it is Pua Thai party who said that they needed 900,000 million baht. They threaten independent check-and-balance authorities, bribe to amend the law to undermine court's authority, push scholars to call for cabinet's power to appoint judges under approval of the House of Parliament. This is so naive, wicked, and base.

    The last group is the capitalists group who expands the capital to increase wealth, power and corruption through privatization of state concessions such as PTT. They join foreign capitalists to monopolize domestic capitals.

    Brothers, in the past when I fought about PTT, many people were not interested. Today, isn't it clear? In a year, PTT profits nearly 200,000 million.

    [Petroleum Authority of Thailand (PTT) sponsors a red-shirt journal which is pro-Thaksin and anti-Monarchy. PTT has been 51-49% privatized in Thaksin's PM term when there was unfair distribution of shares to selective people mostly with close relation to Thaksin, probably some Thaksin's nominees and secret foreign off-shore holding companies.]

    The question is the profit of nearly 200,000 million previously 100% belonged to Thais. Why suddenly is it privatized to westerners? or foreigners or politicians' nominees for 49% of the profit? That is nearly 100,000 million. It was supposed to be in our pocket, in Thailand, of Thai public. Why do we have to share?

    Now, they are about to sell PTT further. This makes westerners happy. It matches with foreigners whom I talked about, those who want to seize ours. Therefore, look at the chart which shows the greed mixed with the anger to abolish the Monarchy. If the republic wins, go ahead. If not, the Royal authority is to be decreased, like Sihamoni of Cambodia. That is the plan, the theory and the format they are pushing.

    Brothers, today, our fight is not against Pua Thai party. Because even Pua Thai party is gone, there will be other parties whatever, excuse me, with the God damn same traits, never ever changed. They are just in different manners. Some may rob us under the broad daylight while yelling. Others may silently rob us. The Democrat party (of Thailand), why do you outcry now? When you, the Democrat, were in power, why didn't you de-privatize PTT to Thailand? There were a lot of soft and smooth ways to do it. But you were not interested. You were interested only in babbling politics for yourself. Rubbish!

    From now on, Thailand can survive with only 2 means. First, we must have His Majesty the King who reigns under 10 Good Royal Virtues and Her Majesty the Queen. We must defend the Royal institute with our lives. If we have to come out to die for His Majesty, all of us must sacrifice since he is more than "His Majesty". Because of him, westerners cannot seize Thailand.

    Once, while I was searching documents, I came across an old document. It was in 1999, when Mr.Chuan Leekpai was the PM, His Majesty talked to the people during the King's birthday ceremony. He talked about "Sufficiency Economy", Hua Hin flood, and Petchburi flood. He donated his personal money 32 million bahts to build irrigation system, dredge the canals and river bed. He exemplified "Sufficiency Economy" that it was justifiable spending 32 million bahts to prevent the flood which would cause damages worth of thousands of million bahts every year.

    For me, His Majesty implies that "Sufficiency Economy" means to be public-oriented. If we sacrifice for the public, we loose. But if the public profits, then, it is worth for us to sacrifice. Brothers and sisters PAD, do you remember? His Majesty once said we may have to loose personally, to gain the profit so long as the profit belongs to the people. But politicians never want to loose. They want all the profits for themselves, all of them, no matter who they are. Thai politics need patriotism. Thailand must be patriotic. We have to love our country. What is wrong with patriotism? It is our land we live on. If Thailand is good, Thais become prosperous, wealthy, and happy. Only our unity and peace can result from our patriotism. We have to love Thailand more, and not less but a lot more.

    Having considered all the matters said, the question is how can we survive in such national crises. We have to survive by more patriotism. When the time comes to demonstrate, we must do. Do not wait. The nation is without colour because all people benefit from the country if she prospers. We have advantages over other countries in that we have His Majesty. They cannot compare our His Majesty with other Kings, such as the Japanese Emperor, because the formats and conditions are not the same. Therefore, if His Majesty is safe, then Thailand survives. Also, We must be patriotic. If we are patriotic, no one can come to seize or bully Thailand. If we are not happy with America, it does not mean that we have to be her enemy and it does not mean that we have to stand on China side 100%. We can be friend equally to both China and America and make it open for them to know.

    Brothers, in the past, who steered Thailand away from falling (to colonialism) if not King Chulalongkorn? Nowadays, we let corrupt, mean and base politicians to lead foreign policies. Therefore, the politicians just welcome whoever gives benefits. If they(foreigners) say His Majesty is an obstacle, our politicians just close one eyes, and let Nitirassadorn to carry on (dirty campaigns against His Majesty). When the anti-monarchy movement appears to be strongly opposed by Thai public, politicians just claim innocence and no connection to Nitirassadorn.

    Actually, they are involved from the begining. Politicians who claim no connection, have known from the begining. If not, why not express it from the start? Why later after the strong opposition is obvious? There have been so many meetings, so many demonstrations, so many announcements by Nitirassadorn. The government has taken no action and said only "academic freedom".

    Brothers, behind Nitirassadorn, there are strong ties to the leftist consultants of Pol.Lieut.Col.Thaksin Shinawatra. These people mastermind the movement with same old purposes, to abolish the Monarchy. Interestingly, they are people who in the past fought against America. Today, they become American's tool. The reason is that they do not have good wishes to the country. They claim about His Majesty in their movement whereas they condemn me that I politize His Majesty. Despite of strong fighting (against Les Majeste movement) of mine, they still dare to defy and defame (His Majesty) up to this extent. If I were keeping silent and not standing up, how much (more arrogance to His Majesty) would they be?

    Brothers, the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand 2007, article 77 states, "The State has to protect the Royal institute, independence, sovereignty and integrity of the national jurisdiction. The State has to provide military force, armaments of adequately advance technology." What for my brothers? The Constitution says, "to protect independence, sovereignty and the security of the State, the Royal institute, national interests, national administration, and the Constitutional Monarchy".

    Brothers, despite of the Constitution article 77, there are people who want to abolish the Monarchy. Although Pua Thai party denies the connection, the past records clearly proof the involvement. National interests were lost from Cambodian's invasion. The national security has been undermined since day one of the flood which was not solved. Instead, people got devastated. Therefore, the military has to come out to do something to defend the national interests, protect the independce, sovereignty, security of the State, the Royal institute, national interests, national administration, and the democratic Constitutional Monarchy. Do not say I encourage the military to stage a coup. But if the former selected senator who is now unselected and out of job and so free, go ahead to file a criminal charge. Also the lawyer of Pua Thai party you may go ahead.

    Brothers, Thailand can survive with under 2 principles. First, we have to defend His Majesty the King with our lives, although some who have such duties, having sworned to the Royal Thai Army Victory Flag, but now conspire with a former soldier to stay idle, not doing anything so long as their positions are safe and unaffected, they will not do anything. These people are pathetic. Therefore the duty to defend the Royal institute falls into our hands, like what I have said in 2008 that His Majesty has nobody else except us. So, do not say that I politicize the Monarchy because everything what I said in 2008 which they condemned me, has come true. Don't they feel ashame?

    Second, we must love our country. We must be patriotic. We have to be confident in Thiland and Thai people. We must be able to change the politics. Apart from the Monarchy and patriotism, the third factor Thailand needs is work efficiency because it brings the wealth of the country. Everybody cannot afford to sit and wait for subsidies from the state. Everybody has to work hand in hand. This is patriotism. We have to be fair, not only about the principle of legal state, but also fair chances to capitals. For example, roadside noodle shop owners must be able to borrow 50,000-100,000 without security required, to invest in their businesses. We have to provide opportunity for actively working people, not for politicians, their crony, and party supporters who are all greedy.

    Last, we have to look after the country in terms of sustainability such as forests, lands, water resources, and natural resources for the next generations. This is of utmost important. That is all about anti-Monarchy movement. But before I finish, I have something that I would like to talk to Mr.Banharn Silpa-archa and the Silpa-archas family.

    Brothers of Supanburi Province, please tell him. I do not know whether or not Mr.Banharn believes in superstition. I do because I myself had experience it. Mr.Banharn imagine yourself if you were sprayed with 200 rifle bullets, would you be killed? Maybe not because they could have missed because you are too short. But I survive the close-range sprays of bullets because of holy spirits. I believe why I survive is because I never betray the country. My heart is given to the King. My body, life and soul are given to Thailand. The holy spirits know, so they help protecting me.

    Supanburi Province'sBanharn Silpa-archa's influential region. Several huge fatal explosions and fire after fireworks in 2012's Chinese New Year signify omens of corrupt politicians

    I saw the fire incidence at the golden dragon ceremony in Supanburi. I would like to tell you my personal belief. Mr.Banharn Silpa-archa and all in the Silpa-archas family, I believe it is an omen. A lot of people say it is because of carelessness. I do not say so. There may be some carelessness. However, it may be the time for Mr.Banharn Silpa-archa and the Silpa-archas family, to reconsider about yourselves. Since the begining of politician's life, have you ever put the public first or not? Perhaps, you may have which I do not know. I just ask a query for you to consider.

    In 2007, when you first built the golden dragon, there was also a fire. This time there are some people killed. More importantly, the parsonages are all gone. The temple is wrecked. I don't know. I know one thing which you may or may not believe. I cannot comment.

    We, human beings, no matter how great, can never escape the Law of Reciprocal (Karma). I am not sure whether or not the deeds are following you and your family. I just ask a question for you to think. It is not too late for you to start to put the public first and sacrifice for the country.

    You are an old politician. You used to be as high as a Prime Minister. When they form any governments, you always express your opinions. Now His Majesty is insulted, by a youth crusade's proposal to swear to the parliament, not to speak directly to the people. Don't you feel anything? For a status of Mr.Banharn Silpa-archa whose family has immigrated into the protectorate of the Kingdom of Thailand under the Royal patronage. Don't you feel anything? And in the status of a former Prime Minister who had received his kindness, don't you feel anything? On the political side, you can comment about joining the government.

    You are confident that Yingluck Shinawatra will keep you in the cabinet. You have all the expressions. But for the father of the homeland, as a head of political party, don't you express anything? Go back and think it over this most important matter I give you. Believe me. You are nearly 80. Power or money do not matter. In a few years, we will all die, Mr.Banharn. May this fire in Supanburi, the fire at the temple and the death of the people, be a lesson embeded in your mind. If you cannot solve this omen, the day you leave the world will not be happy.

    My brothers, I have to say goodbye for today. Brothers PAD, it will be quite a while to get on the stage again. I have said that I would not be repeating everyday because I have said everything before everybody and forecasted all before. Everybody knows all have come true. Today, I have come out to tell brothers and sisters, for you to understand the whole picture. May all of us have faith in His Majesty. Prepare ourselves for one day we all will have to come out to defend Thailand. Thank you.

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