Ultimate objectives of PAD

       a. PAD wants to get rid of corruptions. Thaksin, the billionaire civilian dictator, has left Thailand with extensive high level of corruptions and proxy politicians. Having cheated the country while in power, Thaksin hid his corrupt billion of dollars worth of assets overseas. When ousted, Thaksin is subjected to numerous convictions but cowardly fled jail overseas and pull strings on politicians to sabotage his homeland.

       b. PAD protects the Monarchy. Thaksin wants to launder himself through amending the laws with his proxy politicians, while trying to abolish the Monoarchy and make himself a President, that is to cause turmoils and change Thailand from being a "Kingdom" to a "Republic" in stead.

       c. As a permanent cure for Thailand, PAD wants to get real democracy for Thailand. At present it is a fake democracy with bad on-sale politicians.

       d. To achieve all above a, b, c we have to get rid of Thaksin and his proxy politicians and punish them according to the laws.

    PAD 2008

    Tyranny We Are Up Against

    Police State plus the Red Gangsters under Thaksin's Regime

    ( Last edit 2008-12-12 )

    With the government's authority in Thaksin and Thaksin's proxy hands as long as eight years, Chief of Police and all high ranking police officers throughout the country were systematically appointed, purged or replaced to serve their wicked personal wishes. Only Thaksin supporting polices were promoted to take charge.

    The attorney general who has a full authority on prosecution of criminal cases, can either decide whether to go ahead with criminal charges on any allegations or delay the cases or even abandon the legal proceedings altogether. Unfortunately, the office of the attorney general is under direct influence of politicians in power and has never been freed from politics to prosecute any abusive politicians.

    To suppress the exercise of PAD's demonstration, dangerous threats to the protestors by hired racketeers in red shirts have been one of Thaksin's tools. The safety of peaceful and unarmed rallying PAD supporters --more than half, were over 35 years of age, and 60% were female-- was intentionally neglected by police to be left to be attacked by hundreds of such racketeer gangsters intoxicated and paid to attack PAD in several parts of the country such as in Bangkok, Chiangmai, Udorn Thani, Buri Ram, Ubon Rachathani and Sri Sa Ket.

    Red Shirt Gangster Attacking Yellow

    Not to mention several serious injuries to men who were volunteer guards of PAD, while polices stood idly and turned a blind eye, Armed Red UDD or DAADseveral women protestors were openly hit with sticks and stones or slapped in the faces during a marching parade around the Democracy Monument in Bangkok at the beginning of the protest in May 2008.

    Human Rights Watch's Statement

    A woman protestor sustained several blows to her head and kicked several times by surrounding red gangsters until she went comatosed in Udornthani in July 2008. Unavoidably, PAD protestors had to arrange their own guards and set up perimeter with barricades at the entrances to the protest site for their own safety. However, PAD guards had only barehands, motorcycle or industrial helmets, sticks and flag posts to counter any attacks by Thaksin-backed outlaw gangsters. As for the police, PAD protestors non-violently resisted the violent raid by using their bodies and barehands only.

    On August 29, 2008, thousands of polices with fully armoured anti-riot gears raided on barehanded PAD rallying protestors and destroyed PAD's properties around the beseiged government house. claiming that they followed the civil court's and criminal court's orders to remove PAD from the government office. However, both the civil court and criminal court announced that the police did not follow what the courts actually ordered. On top of that, the appeal courts had already lifted any previous lower court orders against PAD.

    Later, in a peaceful PAD's demonstration in front of the Metropolitan Police Head Office, police fired several tear gas cannisters toward thousands of protestors without warnings. Later, the police shamelessly denied the use of teargas despite VDO clips showing firing tracts from their head office buildings.

    At about 3 AM of September 2, 2008, police allowed hundreds of men in the red gangsters UDD (No Po Ko or No Po Cho or DAAD), paid, drunk, armed with sticks, stones, slingshots, pistols, swords and knives to march from their site over a mile away to approach the PAD site. (More Photos) Rows of three hundred polices just let the gang run straight in to the PAD's protesting site where PAD had to defend themselves with sticks and flag posts. Three PAD protestors were shot, more than fourty people were injured and one fatally hit in the head. PPP politicians were seen supporting and coordinating the No Po Ko attack. It is generally believed that it was a conspiracy plot for PM Samak to declare the state of emergency at 7 AM, just four hours later.(The Event as Witnessed by the Media)

    Unjustice by the police has been applied to PAD particularly the core activists, to try to damp down the demonstration. Thaksin Shinawatra has filed criminal charges on libel more than fifty cases against the five core activists to start rolling the ball over to the police to take prompt overreactions. Other fake accusations and vigourous uses of violence by the police have been well documented, photographed and distributed in the media.

    The criminal charges against Thaksin's people who are now in administrative power, have been much delayed. The case where red gangsters, No Po Ko, led by Thaksin's strong supporters, Nattawut Saikua, Jatuporn Prompan, Jakrapop Penkae, Weera Musikapong which rioted and violently attacked President of the Privy Council, General Prem Tinsulanond's house in 2006 (below) has not progressed during ex-PM Samak and ex-PM Somchai, Thaksin's proxies s' terms. Also, the case of an ex-Minister in Ministry of PM Office during Samak's term, Jakrapop Penkae, who committed lese-majesty with his speech at a foreign press meeting in the middle of 2007 and his speech for expatriate Thais in Los Angeles in November 2007, were delayed in police's hand for a year before reaching the attorney general.

    Poor co-operation from the attorney general to file a lot of criminal charges against Thaksin's gang is also highly doubtful and severely questioned by PAD.

    P.rime M.urderer Somchai Wongsawat

    At about 6 am of October 7, PM Somchai Wongsawat ordered the police special execution squadron "Arintharaj" and border police troops to brutally attack barehanded peaceful PAD around the House of Parliament just for his cabinet and MPs to attend an obligatory policy debate in the buildings.

    The police special execution squadron "Arintharaj" and the border police troops, unlike urban polices, are more or less equivalent to military troops because they have been trained mainly for using lethal forces against domestic terrorists or domestic military-armed incidences.

    To disperse the protestors, the police ignored the stepwise application of the force according to their standard guidelines. The police did neither negotiate nor give any warning before shooting. No safer dispersal with water cannon was used. Polices methodically avoided standard safety firing by aiming tear gas bullets directly into the protestors, thus causing other serious injuries more than eyes irritation.

    Hand grenades M26 were both thrown and fired from M79 launchers to cause blast injuries, thus causing either fatality and lost of limbs. A young woman of 28 years old was killed by a blast injury on her chest. A booby trap bomb planted in a car went off or a grenade fired at the car immediately killed a PAD male activist, ex-police from Buriram. The police also fired to the crowd with automatic rifles, shotguns, rubber bullets and pistols at the scene.

    October7, 2008 Kill, Cripple and Clear the Streets VDO

    More Video Clips of the Police's Shoot to Kill

    The Police's Marksman

    Photos Evidence of Military Weapons Used Agaist Barehanded PAD

    Police used both Lethal Explosive Tear Gas and Non-explosive one

    Eventually, PM Somchai managed to successfully declare his administrative policy while the people bled and lost their limbs outside and around the buildings. Two people were immediately killed just outside the parliament. At least four protestors lost their legs. Two lost their right hands. Two lost the fingers. More than 700 people were also injured and received hospital treatments.

    PM Somchai's Inhumane Crackdown of PAD

    National Human Rights Committee Press Release

    PM Somchai believed Thai police have used "soft approach" on protesters following police's using tear gas to disperse the protest on Tuesday October 7.

    Photos of Angkana's funeral

    PAD mourn the death of a young female PAD protester who died in the police's raid in the evening of October 7. Miss Angkana Radubpanyawoot, age 28, died of a large blast wound to the left side of her chest. PAD fell silent to honour the victim and honoured those who have been injured by the multiple tear gas attacks.

    PAD mourn the death of a former police, Pol.Lt.Col.Methee Chartmontri, a frontline PAD security chief, from Buriram who died in the police's raid in the afternoon of October 7. He died immediately besides a blasted car, parked near the protest site. He had a wife and two young daughter 7 and 3. PAD fell silent to honour him and attend his funeral.

    Photos of Methee's funeral

    After the historical verdict on October 21,2008, which sentenced 2 years imprionment of Thaksin, The Administrative Court also issued an order to prohibit police to use violent force to disperse PAD. Pro-Thaksin has changed the tactics by using polices-in-disguise, UDD (DAAD) or the red-shirt gang as well as Thaksin-hiring plainclothes police or on-sale military soldier saboteurs to escalate more violences and vicious attacks against PAD and judges, for example, two grenade explosions at two high court judges's residences, an arson in a Chiangmai's local radio station which broadcasts PAD's rally, an M-26 grenade explosion thrown at PAD's guards killing one and severely injured one as well as injured four more on October 30, 2008.

    Attacks on Santi Asoke Communities

    Santi Asoke is a strict Buddhist religious community which join PAD along with General Chamlong Srimuang who is one of the core leaders. Santi Asoke has several activity groups spreading throughout Thailand.

    In October 2008, a small village of peaceful Santi Asoke in Sri Saket in the lower northeast of Thailand where children, orphans, and strict Buddhist sect families live in a low profile agricultural lifestyle was intimidated by a red UDD/DAAD racketteer gansters. The red violently raided while Police simply took no action against the attackers.

    In the middle week of November 2008, a vegetarian restaurant namely Meritism Park (Uthayan Boonniyom), a member of Santi Asoke, a strong alliance of PAD, situated in the urban area of Ubol Rachathani, Northeast of Thailand, was stormed in by a crowd of red UDD/DAAD racketteer gansters. There were mostly women who did not resist or fight back. A police station is only 100 meters away from the restaurant, but as expected, the 10-minute attack leaving three people beaten up and the shop totally ransacked did not prompt the police to rescue the victims in time.

    On November 30, 2008 Thaksin supporters gangsters rallied in front of a Buddhist practice residence namely "Doi Lai Plai Fa" in a Meritism Community of Sant Asoke. They seriously threatened this Santi Asoke residence which sites an 107 MHz FM radio station broadcasting Buddhism programs. It is in a serene forest environment of San Sai, Metropolitan district, Chiang Rai.

    About 01:00 on December 3, 2008, this Buddhist practice residence was attacked by arsonists. Two wooden huts were set fire with benzine and dry rice straw.

    About 19:00 on December 7, 2008 an assailant in a pickup open fired an M16 automatic rifle into this Buddhist practice residence. Fortunately there was nobody injured. A water reservoir tank was hit. Over a hundred of M16 bullet cases were found. The police made no arrest.

    More Daily Killing with Military Weapons

    In the early hour at 3 AM on November 20, 2008, an M26 ambushed outside the seized Government House launched a deadly M79 grenade onto the peacefully resting audiences in front of the rally stage. The grenade pierced through the tent roof and exploded directly on the crowd. Mr.Jenkit Kladsakorn, one of the protestors was fatally hit while other twenty more audiences were injured and hospitalized.

    PAD mourn the death of a male PAD protester, a father of a young daughter of 11 years old and a small son of 7 years old, Mr.Jenkit Kladsakorn from Sataheep, who died on November 20, after sustaining multiple serious wounds on the neck and the chest following an explosion of an M79 grenade launced by M203 grenade launcher ambushing outside the beseiged Government House at about 3 AM. PAD fell silent to honour victims and honoured other 26 victims who have been injured in the same attack.

    His Daughter's Interview

    Photos of Jenjit's Body Rally Outside Metropolitan Police Headquarter

    More Grenades Injuring and Killing PAD which PM Somchai said they were just usual crimes.

    Eight protesters were injured and one male of 22 years old, Yuthapong Samerpark sustained a brain death, after two assailants fired a grenade at a group of some 20 PAD guards who were standing outside a gate of the Government House at the Misakawan Intersection opposite the Education Ministry, on Saturday November 22, 2008 at 2:10 am.

    Two suspects parked their motorcycle near the back gate of the Metropolitan Police Headquarter and used a grenade launcher to launch a grenade at the protesters. An eyewitness taxi driver waiting at the intersection for passengers saw a red light in the air, followed by a loud noise shortly. The two men were about 200 metres away from the explosion spot. They ran to their motorcycle and fled the scene on Phitsanulok Road. The explosion caused a small hole in the ground and damaged two pick-up trucks, a sedan car and a motorcycle near the scene.

    Later, Yuthapong Samerpark was declared dead at Ramathibodi Hospital at 14:30 November 23, 2008. He sustained a severe blast injury to the brain and the neck with shrapnels causing a cerebral haemorrhage and severe brain edema.

    PAD mourn the death of this young PAD guard, a father of a young daughter of 2 years old. PAD fell silent to honour victims and honoured other 7 victims who have been injured in this attack.

    PAD's Announcement Number 24

    PAD's Press Release November 22,2008

    PAD's Announcement Number 25

    A Chiang Mai local radio station surrounded and a PAD supporter shot dead in front of ignorant police.

    A Chiang Mai local radio station, Avis (Vihok) Raio Station, which is an alliance of PAD, leading by Terdsak Jiamkitwatana, has been broadcasting PAD's rally all along. Since it is very well located in the capital of the Thaksin regime, it has been under regular attacks from Thaksin's supporters for the past six months. In fact, fifteen incidences of shooting into the radio station by red DAAD gangsters or Chaing Mai Protectors 51 Group (Kon Rak Chaing Mai) or Thaksin Protectors Group (Kon Rak Thaksin) have occurred.

    Terdsak and his fellow who call themselves Royal panther troops, on November 26, 2008, was surrounded by red DAAD gangsters in the radio station. The red racketteers fired into the radio station with pistols and steel balls/sling shots. There were some people injured by gunshots but trapped by the surrounding gangsters inside and would not be allowed to leave the station to goto the hospital.

    Setha Jiamkitwatana, the 60-year-old father of Terdsak, decided to drive through the red gangsters to help the trapped injured but was stopped and dragged out of his pick-up truck. His right arm was nearly chopped off. He was brutally beaten up and shot to death in front of rows of polices who stood idly. No arrest was made as well as rarely media report was reported on this killing.

    Chiang Mai Incidence

    A local 107.5 MHz FM radio station broadcasting PAD rally in Mae Sai, Chiang Rai, in the far north, was attacked by a makeshift bomb which caused minimal damages.

    Four Grenade Explosions Near the Government House November 27,2008

    ASTV under Sondhi Limthongkul of the Manager Media Group, a Cable TV station which is the primary mouthpiece of PAD has been under numerous attacks by various military weapons such as grenades, pistols and rifles throughout the past two months. At about1:50 am on Friday 28, 2008, there was an explosion probably launched by a bazooka aiming at the studio of the station, followed by a continuous ten-minutes bombardment with AK47 assault rifles. The attack came by boat as the station situates besides the Chao Praya River. Fortunately, nobody was killed. Afterwards, numerous AK47 bullet cases, a lot of bullet holes on the walls and in the windows were found. There was another round of grenades attack at about 00:30 am on Saturday 29, 2008. There were two explosions at the back of ASTV station facing the Chao Praya River.

    VDO Showing Broadcasting While Attacked by Military Weapons

    ASTV Cable TV Station was Bombarded by Military Weapons

    Media condemns violence

    At about 23:30 on November 29, 2008 the rallying people in the government house in front of the center stage were hit by an explosion of an M79 grenade fired from outside of the compound, near Benjamaborpit Temple. The grenade fell through the tent roof on to the crowd and seriously injured five people, Miss Kamolwan Muennu, 27 years old from Pataloong, graduated from Rajmongkol Pranakorn, suffering from a severe blast injury to the back of the head, Mrs.Jitra Jintanasap 57 years old from Nakorn Srithamrat, Miss Supanna and Mrs.Piangjai suffering from severe brain injuries. All four critical were admitted to the ICU at Ramathibodi Hospital. Another female of 64 years old, Mrs.Sirinan Iadprasert, a pig farm owner, from Prajuab Kirikan, sustained a ruptured left eyeball. Other fourty seven people were less injured from shrapnels.

    (Photos of the incidence)

    Miss Kamolwan Muennu succumbed to death on the following day. She was the elder sister of a brother and a sister. She was sacrificial to her last day, as her family willingly donated the eyes, the kidneys, the liver to patients in transplant projects. PAD mourn her death and fell silent to honour her and other victims injured in the same attack.

    At about 04:00 on November 30, 2008 there was a grenade explosion at the 6th entrance of Don Muang Airport's domestic flight building where PAD is holding a rally. Two men were injured, namely Mr.Kampol Thongkam, PAD 27 years old and Mr.Tiam Uathadthan a passer-by. Mr.Kampol sustained lacerations by shrapnels on the chest and the left arm. This incidence happened despite of a well fortified perimeters by walls of automobile tyres.

    At about 00:15 on December 2, 2008 there was a grenade fired from a mysterious van on the toll way at the PAD's rallying in Don Muang Airport. The grenade exploded near the entrance of the inbound passengers. A large glass window was shattered. Twenty nine people were injured. Mr.Ronachai Chaisri, 29 years old a graduate student, from Songkla was fatally injured by a blast wound to the back of the head. Mr. Wijai Wijan 43 Mr.Wuthichat Prakongwong 26, Mr.Prasong Kongprasutr, 55, Mr.Somsak Chaisuwan 46, Miss.Phanchawee Suphatpong, 66, and Mr.Piyachart Daengpuangpaibul, 30 are also seriously injured. Miss Phanchawee suffered from a blast injury to the head, a shrapnel depositing in the brain and a brain haemorrhage. She had an operation on the brain and was comatosed.

    PAD mourn Ronachai's death and fell silent to honour him and other victims injured in the same attack.

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