Ultimate objectives of PAD

       a. PAD wants to get rid of corruptions. Thaksin, the billionaire civilian dictator, has left Thailand with extensive high level of corruptions and proxy politicians. Having cheated the country while in power, Thaksin hid his corrupt billion of dollars worth of assets overseas. When ousted, Thaksin is subjected to numerous convictions but cowardly fled jail overseas and pull strings on politicians to sabotage his homeland.

       b. PAD protects the Monarchy. Thaksin wants to launder himself through amending the laws with his proxy politicians, while trying to abolish the Monoarchy and make himself a President, that is to cause turmoils and change Thailand from being a "Kingdom" to a "Republic" in stead.

       c. As a permanent cure for Thailand, PAD wants to get real democracy for Thailand. At present it is a fake democracy with bad on-sale politicians.

       d. To achieve all above a, b, c we have to get rid of Thaksin and his proxy politicians and punish them according to the laws.

    PAD 2009

    Defending Against Thaksin And His Red-Shirt Gang

    Good Morning Thailand, A Motive to Kill Sondhi

    ( Last edit 2009-05-20 )

    The lady Wiriya Chawakul admits being very close to Thaksin and Potjaman since the time before the PM office and into the seat. The lady Wiriya has been receiving large amount of donations from Thaksin which she happily welcomes no matter it is clean or not. She used to be sarcastic, complaining why no clean people make such donations.


    Lately, when Thaksin campaigned to lead red-shirts mobs to expel PM Abhisit government as well as attacking the President of the Privy Council, The lady Wiriya came out to strongly guarantee Thaksin of his loyalty to the Monarchy, claiming her sixth sense or her instinct had told her so. She also claims that it was because anytime she asked him for charity donations, Thaksin gave her money every time. She also agreed with Thaksin's accusations of the President and other members of the Privy Council being behind the seize of power from Thaksin on September 19, 2006, with reference to Gen.Panlop Pinmanee, a retired groundless general (who was responsible for Muslims massacres in the south during Thaksin's PM term.)

    Sondhi talked about the lady Wiriya Chawakul


    Sondhi talked about the lady Wiriya Chawakul in his Good Morning Thailand ASTV programme on April 7, 2009 (Ten days before he was ambushed with military weapons.) Sondhi said, "The lady Wiriya came out to defend the sentenced-to-jail Thaksin at her best that Thaksin was loyal to the Monarchy. It means that for everything which Thaksin has done since 2001 to now, the lady Wiriya has neither acknowledged nor learned. She used only her sixth sense or her instinct which is worrying since the lady Wiriya always claim herself serving very close to the crown."

    "Moreover, the lady Wiriya believes Thaksin's accusation of Gen.Prem Tinnasulanond, the President and other Privy Councillors backing the coup on September 19, 2006 from words out of Gen.Panlop Pinmanee who claims that there was a meeting to plan for the coup at Pee Malakul's house. Just by listening of such words and believe them right away is considered silly or greedy of money."

    Sondhi said,"The lady Wiriya should have known very well that she had been no close to serving the crown anymore. The people who have dragged the Monarchy into politics to help themselves out were the lady herself and the sentenced-to-jail Thaksin. It was for the lady to guarantee that Thaksin was loyal to the Monarchy through a planned campaign in a press interview by tabloid Thai Rath published on April 4, 2009. It was clearly to help Thaksin. There was also a scathing remark on Privy Councillors that if they were not politically impartial, they should resign. It was right after Gen.Pijit Kulawanich openly accused the sentenced-to-jail Thaksin which the lady gave the press interview to undermine the credibility of Gen.Pijit Kulawanich."

    On April 6, 2009, Mr.Wichit Plangsrisakul, Thaksin's lawyer brought the records of the lady's press interview to the police to sue Gen.Pijit for defamation of Thaksin as a proof that Thaksin was loyal.

    Sondhi asked,"Was the lady Wiriya hired by Thaksin to do this job?" Since on May 13, 2007 M.L.Nattakorn Tewakul or Koon Pluem interviewed the lady in a charity TV programme calling for donations to support the soldiers and the police in the southern frontline (against terrorists). On that day, Thaksin was still in exile but phoned in to donate 10 million bahts in his and his wife's, Potjaman, names. The lady Wiriya accepted it while saying that how about others, if good, why not donate as well. It means the lady Wiriya measures people's merits and loyalty based on money, doesn't it? The sentenced-to-jail Thaksin donated 10 million baht, would it make him a good man and loyal regardless of the righteous source of the money.

    "The case of the lady Wiriya Chawakul can imply that there are quite a number of people close to the crown or in the palace who are compliant with Thaksin regime. There are quite a lot because Thaksin have bought these people. Several were hired in Thaksin regime. Some got salary of 500,000 baht each month. These people behave like spies in the palace. Who visited the palace, would be reported (for Thaksin to know all)."

    Sondhi continued, "The lady Wiriya Chawakul is a sister of the lady Orasa Lamsam, wife of Pairot Lamsam. "

    "The lady Wiriya likes to boast and claim that she is close to serve the crown. Yesterday, she said that she was worried about the country which was divisive as never before. Does it mean that the lady has never learned how the country had been? Or does it mean that the only worry she has, is about TV shows or charity works in order to request an audience with royalty so that she can remain a celebrity."

    "The lady continued that it was a division into colours, dragging the establisments to mix up with politics. She could not help imagining that when the Capital (of Siam then) Sri Ayudhaya fell (to Burma in 1767), whether it was like this. Cambodia knows that Thailand is divisive, they then begin to encroach on us. All Thais must have the same colour."

    Sondhi continued,"Absolutely. In fact, the colour of all Thais is yellow. Yellow is the colour of the patriotic people loving the country, the religions and the Monarchy. Red is not. Red is the colour of communists."

    "The lady Wiriya Chawakul, up to this extent, still pitifully does not get it. She also said that the prestigeous honourable himself (Gen.Prem Tinnasulanond according to Thaksin) was badly attacked. At first, she did not believe it but the evidences from what they talked and in the news indicated that he violated the constitution which stipulated that Privy councillors were to be impartial. If she were him she would have had already resigned for the peace of the country and to avoid being condemned as it was going on."

    "Does she mean Gen.Prem Tinnasulanond, the President of the Privy Council? If she means Gen.Prem Tinnasulanond or Gen.Surayud Julanond, what are the evidences. People were having a house party at Pee Malakul from what Gen.Panlop Pinmanee informed the media that they were planning a coup. Those kind of people were, apart from Gen.Surayud, judge Charnchai, a former chief Supreme Court judge and judge Akrathorn, president of the Administrative Court."

    "I do not dare to say that the lady is idiot. If suppose I announced that the lady got paid and were hired by the-sentenced-to-jail Thaksin Shinawatra to attack the yellow-shirts, she would come out hysterically. She would refuse it and say that I was lying and because I have some hidden agenda. Would it not be too easy to destroy the country, the society, and the Monarchy with just Gen.Panlop Pinmanee's words? Would it not just be too dumb to immediately believe his words? Or would she be truly dumb as well as greedy?"

    "She said the situation of the fall of Sri Ayudhaya could look like now. I agree. Sri Ayudhaya fell because they had traitors such as Praya Jakri. Some traitors might not have to be male or a general. A privilleged lady as well as a lady who likes charity works for celebrity could possibly be.

    "The lady Wiriya (Sondhi was addressing the following statements to her), don't you have known very deep down inside that you had been no close to serving the crown anymore? Why don't you ask yourself? Don't you say you are close to serving the crown. One who drag the Monarchy out for the sake of oneselves is you and the-sentenced-to-jail Thaksin Shinawatra. Do you want me to show you the photos of your guarantee when he presided a ceremony in the Royal temple of the Emerald Buddha? Why don't you say anything about this? I asked you whether or not it was appropirate. Why don't you answer? You make a blind and rough guess that you could believe in your sixth sense and your instinct. There are various kinds of instincts, lady Wiriya. A perception of future, in Buddhism, is called "Apinya". An instinct of a beast is a wish to make the country in turmoils. An instinct of a hell creature is a wish for people to kill others for the red (bloodshed) flooding all over the country. A slicky instinct is an instinct to lie at any moments. A greedy instinct is the readiness to take benefits, no matter inhumane, unethical and immoral. The lady, which instinct do you possess? Think about it carefully."

    Sondhi continued with the message to the lady Wiriya,"The lady, I have told you that what you you came out to give an interview, is considered as a movement in which Thai Rath Tabloid was the interviewer which released on April 4, 2009. You clearly lead the point to help the-sentenced-to-jail Thaksin. You pick up that the Privy Councillors must be politicallly impartial and if you were them, you would have had resigned. I would duly tell you that if I were you, I would have had informed Her Royal Highness for a permission to retrun the decoration of "Lady" (Tan Pu Ying) because you no longer have the honour and the dignity enough to have such the decoration."

    "After the lady Wiriya gave the interview on April 4, to the media in Thaksin regime, some media and scholars in the anti-Royalist network made use of it further. Moreover, the Udorn lovers website exhibited the message inviting the lady Wiriya to give some speeches on the red-shirts stage. Don't you, the lady, know that your expression was to undermine the faith (of the Privy Council) in which Friday April 3, Gen.Pijit Kulawanich gave interview about the-sentenced-to-jail Thaksin? On Saturday April 4, you came out to help the-sentenced-to-jail Thaksin, Oh my God. The real you, Lady Wiriya, has revealed for a long time but that day it was obvious."

    Sondhi addressed the audiences, "Dear audiences, my brothers and sisters, from Wiriya's behaviours, I would not like to call her "The Lady". It is not worth, not fit to Wiriya Chawakul. It can imply that there are quite a number of people close to the crown or in the palace who are compliant with Thaksin regime. Thaksin have bought a lot of these people. Very frightening. Several were hired in Thaksin regime. Some got salary of 500,000 baht each month, depending on their ranks. These people behave like spies in the palace. Who visited the palace, would be reported (for Thaksin to know all)."

    "Initially, the people closer to serving the crown, the courtiers, did not seriously think about it. They did not see any bad consequences so they reported (to Thaksin). It was a nature of courtiers to gossip as common cultures in any societies. Therefore, they would have thought a bit more extension of the gossipping would not do any harm. They would just report about any people who requested a visit to the palace. They would just have some peeps and report which would worth for them a fortune. Infact, it is the damage to their forefather who were brought up (by the Royal family) and they still are not grateful. Though the information reported is not damaging, it is strictly to be kept stictly confidential.


    Sondhi addressed Wiriya again, "The lady Wiriya Chawakul, I ask you. There are rumours that some insiders to the palace exploited their proximity in forcing sales to subordinate bureaucratic officers. It was too much for the people, so much that they wrote to Her Majesty the Queen that their salary were 3,800 baht but they were forced to buy two 500 baht T-shirts. They already could hardly afford to live their lives. The Queen was shocked, unexpecting such incidences. Then the Queen ordered the lady Jarungjit to announce the prohibition of force sales. Then, there was somebody approached Krung Thai Bank, when Mr.Wiroj Nualkae was the managing director. He is willing to testify that somebody telephoned and claimed the establisment's authority to force Krung Thai Bank to buy the shirts in lots. The bank was reluctant because each lot cost tens of millions. The lady Wiriya would you know who did it. The shirts claimed to be for sale for the Royal charity have never been unaccountable and clarified of the actual sale."

    "This is the kind of people who earns by claiming the proximity to the palace. The lady Wiriya, would you admit that this kind of people, is the people who wreck the country. The lady Wiriya, how old are you? I thought you were about 60 years old because of your face looked smooth, firm and beautiful. WiriyaHowever, your close acquaintance told me that you are over 70 years old. I was really shocked why your face looked so smooth and firm. Was it because of plastic surgery? There was nothing wrong with it. You need to be beautiful. All women like to be so but some stress at their minds instead. They have beautiful morality."

    Sondhi addressed Wiriya again, "Today, I have to talk about you more, since you are a good example of someone who claims oneself as close to the crown and came out to give press interview. Right after Gen.Pijit Kulwanich came out to condemn the-sentenced-to-jail Thaksin Shinawatra, you gave an interview to undermine the credibility of Gen.Pijit Kulwanich. Between you and Gen.Pijit Kulwanich who is a Privy Councillor, you have no damn position apart from the president of your own foundation for earning money for royal charity, in order that you can claim the proximity to Her Majesty."

    "Don't you know that after you gave the interview on April 4, on April 6, 2009, Wichit Plangsrisakul, the lawyer of the-sentenced-to-jail Thaksin Shinawatra, made use of your interview as an evidence submitted to the police to substantiate the accusation (against Gen.Pijit Kulwanich for defamation) and to defend Thaksin's loyalty? Actually, weren't you hired by Thaksin? You may reply no. If so, I would ask you something. On May 13, 2007, M.L.Natakorn Tewakul or Koon Pluem specially interviewed you in a televised charity program to help soldiers and polices in the south. On May 13, 2007, the-sentenced-to-jail Thaksin Shinawatra was still in self-imposed exile abroad. On that day, Thaksin telephoned into the program to donate money in his and Potjaman's name for 10 million bahts. Koon Pluem asked whether or not you would accept it. You said yes, and then, you continued that why didn't any other supposed- to-be-good people help donate like them. What does it mean? It means the lady Wiriya measured people's merits and loyalty based on money, doesn't it? The proof was that the-sentenced-to-jail Thaksin donated 10 million bahts, then you praised him good and loyal."

    "Don't you know that once the-sentenced-to-jail Thaksin brought the money from (state) lottery to donate to the palace but got refused? Don't you know that? Therefore, people like you do not care where the money is from, don't you? Then you still argue how many per cent of clean money in this country. Wow, how can you claim that you are close to the crown? If you give the dirty money from drug trafficking to Their Majesties, would it not ruin them? The drug traffickers who were behind, would laugh and say, "Great, we have the agent, the lady Wiriya Chawakul, who can readily access the high level. Damn it, we have paid 10 millions and they accepted it."

    Sondhi addressed Wiriya further, "Instead of you filtering in just goodies and decent money, you argued how many per cent of clean money in Thailand. It reveals that you are the kind of people who are excessively greedy for money. How come? I will read what you said in the interview, otherwise, you may say that I make it up." Sondhi then read.

    M.L.Nattakorn said, "O.K. you did not telephone to ask money from Thakisn" (Nattakorn previously asked Wiriya whether or not she had called Thaksin to ask for money.)
    Wiriya said,"No, I did not phone. I do not know where he is. When he called, I did not get it. An officer got the call."
    M.L.Nattakorn said," You mean Thaksin called to a usual phone, not a mobile phone."
    Wiriya said,"No, no, no." Then, you continued.

    On the following day, a newspaper attacked you that the money was dirty. What did you reply? You said, "Darling, 10 million bahts, how can I afford not to accept the 10 million bahts?"

    "It reflects the real you with the expression "How can I afford not to accept the 10 million bahts?". Suppose, he tosses 50 million bahts and asks you to come out to protect him and to undermine Gen.Pijit. Whether or not you would accept the job, I do not know. But I would reiterate that the expression "How can I afford not to accept the 10 million bahts?" has reflected that you are greedy for money."

    "Mr.Manoj from Kanchanaburi said he was a local bureaucrat when he was forced to buy a light blue T-shirt at 400 baht. The money was deducted from his salary account in Krung Thai Bank. The lady Wiriya, there are a lot more of people like this, ready to verify my words. Really a lot. If you dare to come out to protect the-sentenced-to-jail Thaksin, without a due care, without considering his past attacks against the establisment, I would say that you claim the close relationship to Her Majesty the Queen just for your earning."

    "I defy you to sue me. I am sure I have hundreds or thousands of witnesses. At least, some witnesses are famous people who know you well. I say you should stop. Get on the red-shirts stage instead. Do not claim your loyalty (to the monarchy). It is pitiable to hear you."

    "Oh, some more complaints from Mrs.Sahasri from Mahasarakam. She talked about the force sale of light-blue T-shirts when she was borrowing money from tha National Saving Bank. She was forced to buy two T-shirts at 400 baht each, one for her and another one for her boyfriend. I really want the lady Wiriya Chawakul to sue me. I believe hundreds of people would come out to be my witnesses."

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