Ultimate objectives of PAD

       a. PAD wants to get rid of corruptions. Thaksin, the billionaire civilian dictator, has left Thailand with extensive high level of corruptions and proxy politicians. Having cheated the country while in power, Thaksin hid his corrupt billion of dollars worth of assets overseas. When ousted, Thaksin is subjected to numerous convictions but cowardly fled jail overseas and pull strings on politicians to sabotage his homeland.

       b. PAD protects the Monarchy. Thaksin wants to launder himself through amending the laws with his proxy politicians, while trying to abolish the Monoarchy and make himself a President, that is to cause turmoils and change Thailand from being a "Kingdom" to a "Republic" in stead.

       c. As a permanent cure for Thailand, PAD wants to get real democracy for Thailand. At present it is a fake democracy with bad on-sale politicians.

       d. To achieve all above a, b, c we have to get rid of Thaksin and his proxy politicians and punish them according to the laws.

    PAD 2009

    Defending Against Thaksin And His Red-Shirt Gang

    The Last Good Morning Thailand, Sondhi's Revealation of The Plots, by Sondhi Limthongkul April 16, 2009

    ( Last edit 2009-06-07 )

    It was only 24 hours away before Sondhi would be stormed with military rifles bullets on the street of Bangkok.
    Original Thai Article From www.Manager.co.th

    For some months, after PAD pulled back from rally, "Good Morning Thailand", a news analysis live TV show, was hosted by Sondhi Limthongkul on ASTV weekdays between 6:00 to 7:00 am to keep PAD supporters well informed of the country's current situation. On April 16, 2009, just under 24 hours before Sondhi was ambushed by military weapons, he gave a lengthy analysis of the recent riots by red-shirts army of Thaksin. The following is the word-by-word translated transcript of Sondhi.


    Good morning dear audiences, brothers and sisters PAD. I was away on April 13, 14, and 15 (Thai Traditional New Year, Songkran Festival). As promised, I will be back on April 16. And here I am.

    Today is April 16, 2009. Now, it is 6:00 am which is 19:00 of April 15 in Los Angeles, and 9:00 am in Sydney Australia.

    Brothers and sisters, do you remember what I told you? I told you that take a long leave on 8, 9, 10 and go away very far (from Bangkok) from April 8 to 15. I had not known that April 16 and 17 would be declared holidays. Why I told you because, I knew from various ominal signs indicating upcoming city riots and the country's devastation. Actually, anybody who follows the news and understand the mentality of the sentenced-to-jail fugitive criminal Thaksin Shinawatra, would easily foresee. Moreover, if one sees idleness of some polices and soldiers and the watch for their opportunity to capitalize on it, one would understand what has happened.

    The incidences at Pattaya, the Ministry of Interior, the riots and the arson of the city were not beyond our expectation. However, an issue which brothers and sisters may not understand and may be deluded by the heat of the moment. I would confirm that your blessing military's action (against the rioters) is correct. But why they did it is because PM Abhisit Vejjajiva ordered, in the emergency meeting to solve the crisis, which PM was presiding at the top seat of the table, which Suthep Tuaksuban was saying nothing at all, and Satit Wongnongtuey was making his face naive like Barney in Fred Flintstone, the cartoon. It was the meeting when those Army chiefs, including General Anupong Paochinda who had his face like being nauseated or keeping something in his mouth and could not say anything. Look at it carefully. The insider's information was that PM Abhisit was the orderer. The military did not propose anything. They just nod to accept the order, but probably thinking to themselves, "Damn daring PM go ahead and fail by yourself." But fortunately it turned out alright.

    Look at it carefully. This job does neither belong to Suthep Tuaksuban, Anupong Paojinda, nor Patcharawas Wongsuwan but it belongs to the young face Abhisit Vejjajiva, of 44 years old who dares to be decisive. I hope he would continue to be ceaselessly brave because the country is still amidst of crises. He has to care about nothing else.

    Brothers and sisters, I insisted before, both in some information and the principles of administration that if the PM wants to proceed with every party stays in lane, he needs to change not only army leaders or the police chief but also the cabinet. It should be over now with the conspiracy to form a shadow government ready for a mishap to happen with the existing government.

    Brothers and sisters, our country is neither a toy nor exchangable assets.

    Brothers and sisters, the biggest and most touching news is that the sentenced-to-jail traitor Thaksin Shinawatra had his brown passposrt revoked by the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs. There are three types of passports: ordinary or brown ones; bureaucratic or blue ones; and diplomatic or red ones for Ministers, Prime Ministers and some top seniors. Thaksin's red passport which has diplomatic prestiges was revoked on December 12, 2008.

    As soon as the Democrat party was known to be the government, the Foreign Ministry revoked the passport which in fact, should have been revoked a long time ago. About 50 per cent of officers in the ministry remain under the sentenced-to-jail Thaksin who destroyed the nation.

    Therefore, the decision to revoke the brown passport announced officially on April 12 could probably be done on Friday 10. The sudden decision made the traitor Thaksin Shinawatra out of passport or any travelling document. Such action is alright following the article 48 which the Foreign Ministry clearly stated that it had the authority to revoke any travelling documents of any person. Article 23 of 2005 clause 7 states that the Foreign Ministry can revoke any passports of persons while travelling abroad and damaging to the country. It was definitely stated in the law but if it were not the Minister of the Foreing Affair, Mr.Kasit Pirom, the chance to exercise this article 23 clause 7 would not be possible.

    As I said, 50 per cent of officers in the ministry remain under the sentenced-to-jail Thaksin Shinawatra who destroyed the nation, including the officers in Thai consular office in Dubai. Therefore, the revocation of the passports is a right and open move forward.

    Thaksin Shinawatra is now using a Montenegro passport. Montenegro in the past was a part of Yugoslavia, east Europe. After departing from Yugoslavia, she establishes a new country called Montenegro. Some eastern European countries may issue passports to the (foreigner) rich who can afford to purchase because they need money. Therefore, the Montenegro passport was baught by the convicted fugitive before hand. Moreover, the sentenced-to-jail traitor Thaksin Shinawatra also holds another passport from Nicaragua. Consequently, the offensive action has progressed one more step. The United Arab Emirates has started a talk with about extradition treaty with the (Thai) Foreign Ministry.

    The Foreign Ministry recently sent officers and Minister's representatives to Abudhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates to discuss about this convicted fugitive traitor Thaksin Shinawatra. There is some good progress. This is also partly why the convicted fugitive traitor Thaksin Shinawatra have heavily intensified his offensive moves. Please be informed about this.


    Another issue which I have to report to you my brothers and sisters, is the fact in Thailand has always been subjected to twist and lies by the convicted fugitive traitor Thaksin Shinawatra. What are the facts and lies. Let's catch him out with photos.

    Brothers and sisters, the convicted fugitive traitor Thaksin Shinawatra is now lying through foreign media petrol_bomb and destroying Thailand by accusing Thai military and Abhisit Vejjajiva's government of harming the people. Most of the time, he uses a photo of a red-shirt man who was shot. Therefore, you would see that on Monday night of April 13, 2009 the convicted fugitive traitor Thaksin Shinawatra used the photos to lie to foreign media twice on CNN and Al Jazeera. The convicted fugitive traitor Thaksin Shinawatra gave an interview with the prepared photo to CNN at 17:00 in order to lie to the whole world.



    Brothers and sisters, please look at the first photo. He told CNN that a Thai soldier shot a protestor at the heart to kill unarmed and peacefully rallying people. But in fact, the red-shirts had petrol bombs, and guns. Were they unarmed? He claimed that the statements from the hospitals, the government, and the domestic media were all lies or a cover up.




    What you see from this photo is a man with his (left) arm bathed in blood with a bullet hole on the left of the chest near the heart. He was in the rally which was dispersed at the Din Daeng triangle. Wait a minute, and I will tell you who was shot. The CNN host did not seem to believe the convicted fugitive traitor Thaksin Shinawatra but was just surprised of what happened.

    PM Abhisit immediately gave a phone interview at 17:00 through CNN. He explained that Thai soldiers did not shoot at people. They shot up into the sky. Most of the bullets were blank. There have been no death whatsoever. Fortunately, it was during the daytime. The shots into the sky were clearly watched by several foreign media.

    After the convicted fugitive traitor Thaksin Shinawatra had given interview to CNN, on April 14,2009 he also gave another interview to Al Jazeera with the same photo to lie to foreigners that the (Thai) soldiers killed the people.

    The 2nd to the 5th photos, on the screen, are clearly shown how Thaksin fabricated his lies. It was the same man who underwent a cardiac massage and whom Thaksin claimed that he had died. The 4th photo shows a photo of a soldier aimed his rifle in a horizontal line. Actually, he aimed like that just to scare the crowd. Next is what Thaksin Shinawatra tried to show these photos.

    Now, come the answers for the million dollar quiz, what are the actual facts. The photos of the red-shirt man shot belong to Mr.Sawai Tong-om. Sawai Tong-om is definitely 100% red-shirt who was shot by a 9 millimeter bullet. 9-mm bullet is for any 9-mm pistols not for M16 rifles. If it were from an M16 bullet, the entrance and the exit wounds would be much larger than the wounds of a pistol bullet. The exit wound would be clearly destructively wider as pointed here.


    This is the wound resulted from M16 which had a big entrance hole, clearly compared to the size of the hand in the photo. The entrance on the palm side was a big hole and the exit on the dorsum behind was even much larger. Therefore, the entrance was as big as a bowl, just look at it. It was obvious that the entrance wound on Sawai was relatively much smaller. That is because it was caused by a 9-mm bullet not by an M16 bullet.


    Even more important, brothers and sisters, Mr.Sawai Tong-om is not dead. He has been treated at Rajvithi Hospital. The red-shirts, as well as the convicted fugitive traitor Thaksin Shinawatra and the collaborating hardcore leftists and broken-heart leftists stationed at a war-room on the Shinawatra building, were monitoring the situation minute-by-minute and were commanding as authorized by the convicted fugitive traitor Thaksin Shinawatra. It turned out that they sent false information, willingfully, to the (red-shirts UDD/DAAD) core leaders, to campaign that the soldiers have killed the people to instigate more violent riots and terrorisms, despite the fact that Sawai Tong-om is being treated in Rajvithi Hospital's ICU.

    More shameful, it was when at 11:10 about fifty red-shirts mobsters moved to Rajvithi Hospital to get the corpse of Sawai Tong-om whom was claimed by the red-shirts core leaders, to be killed as a result of the Din Daeng triangle blockade crackdown.

    Brothers and sisters, how would the hospital give them a corpse since there was nobody dead. Those (red-shirts) people were lied to and lured. Doctor Warunee Jinarat, the director of Rajvithi Hospital confirmed with the (red-shirts) protestors who went to claim for the corpse that nobody was dead. There were only eight injured patients who had come to Rajvithi Hospital. Only one out of eight was seriously injured and it was Sawai Tong-om who had been treated in the ICU. Those people still did not believe. How could they believe (the doctor)? They were lied to and lured. If they had just a bit of wisdom they would not have been lied to.

    They sent a representative into the ICU to check out and see that Sawai Tong-om "is" still alive in the ICU. Worse still, on April 13, 2009, the one who likes to call himself a "Doctor", Dr.Weng, Sawai_ICU"wabble wangler", Tojirakan, red-shirts core leader, came to visit the injured at the hospital, by which he knew deep in his mind that there was nobody killed, but he chose not to declare on (the red-shirt) stage to other people that that there "is" nobody killed. Why he chose not to speak the truths was because he had wickedBusOnFire intentions to the country. That was how they carried on instigating the mobs that (their) people were killed and that was also the cause of throwing, setting fire to tyres, cars and buses. No one (red-shirt leaders) rectified the false accusations. They exploited fabricated lies to agitate people to be angry and riot without responsibility.

    This is a definite proof that they intended to overthrow the government with treasonous acts. As equally important is that while red-shirts were spinning out "massacre", some NGOs including Students' Union of Thailand, helped the campaign by setting up "Lost and Found" dispersed rallying people. Wait a second. I will show you the photos of these crazy NGOs, who they are. They never talk about the two innocent local people who were shot dead by red-shirts mobsters. They never ever talk about this. Never.

    Brothers and sisters, Sawai Tong-om was shot with a 9-mm pistol at Din Daeng junction on April 13, 2009. It was the day when there were people at the Din Daeng triangle shooting at both the soldiers and red-shirts. The bullets certainly came from those people, not the soldiers. Therefore, it is obvious what this total fabrication was intended for. It was for agitating violence among people who was not aware because lacking of actual facts.


    Brothers and sisters, dear audiences, to lead the mass of people during a rally one must avoid arousal with false information. Instead, emotional restraint, self-conciousness, nonviolence, and peacefulness are among the most important principles. red_violenceTherefore, whatever information arrives at the rally stage, must be carefully thought over and filtered. Despite of being factual, if after it is informed, could lead to overheated mass, the leader must cool down the overheated emotion for the self-restrained conciousness. This is the genuine mass leading. However, the red-shirt core leaders and the masterminders behind them which are the convicted fugitive traitor Thaksin Shinawatra and some other 4-5 broken-heart leftists who stationed at the war-room count the lives of people mass out. They see the mass as pawns on a chess board. Red_violenceThey are prepared to exchange the pawns for havoc, for annihilation or for the whole country's deaths or for a total devastation, a total burn down of Bangkok, the city halls, to pave way for a people's revolution which they have desired and have very long self-masturbated since they were in the jungle (after October 6, 1976 incidence) until they came out to come across this convicted fugitive traitor Thaksin Shinawatra. These goddamn leftists never hesitate to exchange live humans to dead corpses.

    Brothers and sisters, have you seen their cruelty? Fortunately, PM Abhisit Vejjajiva, exercised the patience at his best and did not fall in to the pitfall. You know, don't you that the opposition is trying to say that military used violence. PM Abhisit Vejjajiva is the kind of persons who do not favour violence but as a last resort, when the enforcement of law is needed, he will enforce it. As soon as he knew that the blue-shirts encountered in a clash of shooting with the red-shirts, he ordered the blue to retreat without a fight and to let the red-shirts in.




    Brothers and sisters, look at another evidence which they say the soldiers started the violence. This video is the evidence to show that the red was the starter. This scene was at Din Daeng. You will clearly see that there were soldiers forming lines of defense (from the left side toward the right side of the viewer). SoldierOnFireThis is the Din Daeng express way. The dots here (on the right of the viewer) are red-shirts who launched disorganized offensive attacks. They were all on motorcycles. Watch what was going on. The red-shirts threw some petrol bombs which blew up immediately. The soldier caught fire. Do you see? They (the red) threw (at the soldiers) whereas the soldiers did not do anything. petrol_bomgMoreover, in another shot, they (the red) drove a taxi (from the right to the left of the viewer) into the soldiers. The soldiers then surrounded the taxi. Therefore, this is an obvious evidence that the red-shirts started the violence first by throwing bombs into the soldiers' lines, trying to hit the soldiers with a taxi, and injuring some officers. At the end of the video, there were sounds of shots which could not be identified which side the shooters were. It was after the taxi was rushed in to strike.



    It was the real people who distributed this video clip. The red circle is the petrol bomb which the red threw. The people who distributed the video clip confirmed that the red-shirts started the violence first. The soldiers were subjected to the attacks. In the red circle was the petrol bomb from the red.

    Brothers and sisters, today I will talk about the end of the convicted fugitive traitor Thaksin Shinawatra. How is he nowadays? Do you remember this man instigating people to rise up for a people's revolution? Let's see now. His speeches through video link were inciting. His accomplices who are MPs in Pua Thai party also gave various interviews to incite people. However, when he saw that it was not fruitful, he then deceitfully request His Majesty the King to intervene. What is it like do you know? It is like when he was disputing with me. When he was just about to loose, he said let's reconcile. This man is really bad. How come he was born as a Thai?

    I have some cartoons from Manager Newspaper for you, brothers and sisters, to consider.

    Do you see what I see? This year, this is the senior citizen (General Prem Tinnasulanond) whom Thai people went to pay a respectful worship (water ceremony during Songkran festival) most. The Thais lined up in a que while spitting at the convicted fugitive traitor Thaksin Shinawatra. This is the really worst traitor.

    Another cartoon Yook Loy. The first picture shows Barbara, the personal air hostess on Thaksin's private jet saying, "Muad Jiab (Army lieutenant Sunisa Lertpakawat, one of Thaksin's supporter and a short pocket book biographer of Thaksin) called to say that this Songkran festival Thais would like to water youi most". "Really?", asked Thaksin. "Yes, but they have conditions.", said Barbara.

    The second picture shows more conversation. Thaksin:"What condition?". Barbara replied,"You have to lay still and poke your hand out for them to pour water on". That is a water ceremony for the dead (in Buddhist Thai funeral).

    Another issue is about General Panlop Pinmanee. Do you notice that since there have been instigation, a lot of people have unmasked themselves? Some previously looked innocent have turned out to be bullshit. Some unimaginably showed forked tongues. How wicked!

    General Panlop Pinmanee spoke on April 1, 2009, "I reiterate that if I would step on the UDD/DAAD rally stage, it would be on the D-day to the decisive point or the shooting breakout. Only then, I would give a speech. If I do it now, it would fail." That was what he said. The D-day or the day of shooting breakout was on April 12-13, 2009.

    Yesterday, the man called Panlop Pinmanee, a worthless soldier, claimed why he did not join the UDD/DAAD's movement was because their movements were without plan. They were just day-to-day struggles without direction. He had foreseen the outcomes if the movements were like that.

    Brothers and sisters, do you see? Worthless man's words would also be worthless. Similarly, the convicted fugitive traitor Thaksin Shinawatra said that , on the day of the shooting breakout, just only a single shot, he would immediately fly back and lead the people on a modified farming tractor. In fact, NO. He was shopping at a Guccy shop in Dubai with his divorcee-in-disguise ex-wife Potjaman Shinawatra. Some eyewitnesses said. It is the time you should stop lying to Thailand and stop hurting Thailand.

    Brothers and sisters would clearly see that the convicted fugitive traitor Thaksin Shinawatra has changed his tactics. Do you know why? Because he is forcing HM the King to compromise. Why bother to compromise when you (Thaksin) have destroyed the nation. PM Abhisit Vejjajiva declared the state of emergency to crackdown your troublemakers with his authority as stipulated by the law. When you are loosing, lots of your cronies fled away abroad. Not to mention the Siam Gas trucks (filled with highly flammable Liquid Petroleum Gas LPG) driven into the scene aiming for explosion which, as a coincidence or not, the gas company happened to be led by General Chaiyasit Shinawatra as the president. But why just Siam Gas trucks (not other companys)? Why Siam Gas trucks were so easily available? There were so many gas trucks at least three to four in each (red-shirts) blockade.


    Amidst the known riots, (which have already started on April 10 and also during a long national holiday Songkran festival April 11-16, 2009) any non-idiotic gas companies would not transport gas through the trouble areas. The claims that the gas trucks were hijacked following transports through the areas suggest two possibilities, either the company is a damn idiot or it conspired with the red-shirts to make up stories that gas trucks were hijacked. It is too simple to use this trick. Anybody knows it. Brothers and sisters, our country just narrowly survived the near miss annihilation.

    Brothers and sisters, today do you still believe me for what I told you to hold yourself back and stay away from the street? Do you remember? Sondhi Limthongkul told you that we have to let the government who has the authority to order the military and the police to keep peace, do their jobs. Do not be used as a tool leading to a clash. I have told you that there would be complex scenarios. The first was the attack on possible military coup. Then, the military stayed idle while the police have long been idle to overthrow PM Abhisit Vejjajiva's government. If the situation becomes out of hand then the military would immediately step in to seize power. One way or another, they need some violent clashes. Who would be the object of the clashes if not the yellow-shirts. The blue-shirts were the hired ones for about 400-500 men in which a part of them were polices of special detachment and some polices from Buriram. Actually, the blue-shirts and the red-shirts know each other's tricks because they were in the same gang and used to join the same fight. Don't you notice, brothers and sisters, when the red-shirts raided on Pattaya's city hall, they shook hands and happily apologized each other.

    Do you see, brothers and sisters, if we had taken to the street, how dangerous it would be? The coup attempt can come from two sides. One is the military on Thaksin side. Brothers and sisters, don't you ever wonder? Cholburi has both the army and the navy and why PM Abhisit wanted to host the ASEAN meeting in Pattaya, Cholburi? The military had warned him that it was risky but PM Abhisit wanted to promote tourism in Pattaya. He was not wrong because he saw that the navy which stationed at Pattaya was only half an hour ride away. The army and the police were also in Cholburi. Do you know the soldiers and the police officers who were looking after the PM amounted over 10,000 men but they stood still and stayed idle. How come officers of over 10,000 men could not block a thousand of the protestors? Brothers and sisters must have seen (from the news) that the officers did not block and the red-shirts just walked pass freely while the police stood still. Only some pushing here and there were just for the sake of formality.

    The commanding office of the Marine Corps is at Sataheep. My brothers and sisters, I propose to purge the navy commander. We cannot afford to have him there since the navy have long openly expressed the support of the convicted fugitive traitor Thaksin Shinawatra, both the previous navy commander and this present one who is close to his predecessor.

    Why the police chief was idle is because about 20-30 per cent of the red-shirts mobsters are from polices' families. And why? It is because there has been someone paying 50,000 baht a month to each police station's superintendent to keep these people on a leash. The leader of the red-shirts who smashed PM Abhisit's car is the wife of a police inspector in Pattaya. The division 2 polices must be purged, including the commander, the commander in chief, the superintendent, and the damn inspector who had his wife as a leader in the PM's car smashing. Nowadays, they are still defyant and having a party in a restaurant to find the way to retaliate.

    An intermission

    Dear audiences, dear brothers and sisters of PAD, today is Thursday April 16, 2009. Tomorrow will be Friday April 17 when usually in the evening, we would have a televised on-stage speeches in front of ASTV station but it will have to be cancelled since Bangkok Metropolitan is still under the state of emergency acts. Any gathering more than five people would violate the law. Therefore, tomorrow's speech will be cancelled until the state of emergency is lifted. Then, brothers and sisters will be able to return to attend the live on-stage speech again. However, the mass gathering at Phuket will still be unchanged since Phuket is not under state of emergency.

    So please join the gathering at Sapanhin Phuket on April 18. Come to make a big mass at Phuket and come to listen to the inside-out of the current incidences. Phuket brothers and sisters come to show off our strength, come to release after we have restrainted ourselves in our barracks.

    Brothers and sisters, this incidence and others have raised an issue of the essence of the real Thai media. Do you see how CNN, Al Jazeera or BBC interviewd the convicted fugitive traitor Thaksin Shinawatra? The way they put the questions should be the way any mass media use. (Unfortunately) It never happened with Thai media.

    Today, before finish, I will talk about Thai media, particularly Thai TV or Thai PBS which is the worst hopeless at the moment. I would like to pass this message to Thepchai Yong whom I used to respect his professionalism. But lately, Thai PBS becomes infiltrated by the convicted fugitive traitor Thaksin Shinawatra in the form of NGOs whom I will tear off their masks in a minute.

    Brothers and sisters, this is an example of some CNN short questions, "You've called for revolution and you're saying you may head back to Thailand when you feel ready, when you think that's going to be?" At the time of the question, there had already been a dispersal going on since 4:00 am of April 13, 2009 and the shooting had broken out but Thaksin was still not back in Thailand. Do you see, brothers and sisters?

    Another question CNN asked directly,"The difficult to understanding the idea that you are presenting an idea of democracy in Thailand is that there was democracy when the last government was ousted in December, because there were, and a court found them guilty of, electoral fraud because of vote buying, where is democracy in that?"

    BBC asked further, "Are you the man behind what we are seeing ? Are you orchestrating these? You're fanning the flames because you are in almost daily contact with your video link to your supporters." Do you see CNN and BBC hit to the points.

    Another question BBC asked,"You keep talking about democracy, But this is a democratically elected government which these protestors are simply trying to force out of government through their weight on the street. Now, this is not democracy."

    More quesitions were, "Would you like to return to the country ? Would you like to lead the country again? Is that what is behind this?"

    Brothers and sisters would notice the level of courage of the world class media as compared to Thai television media, whichever free public TV channels, Thai's do not match theirs. This includes Thai PBS which consumes our tax at 2 billion bahts per year to claim itself as public and to have NGOs such as Giles John Ungpakorn, the elder brother of Giles Unpakorn (a Marism-Leninism-Communism preacher who wholeheartedly supports corrupt capitalist Thaksin on the red-shirts stage), sit in the executive board. They conveniently get 2 billion bahts every year while ASTV runs off its feet to get money for a 24 hour coverage. This crazy channel just televises from 6:00 to 24:00 and continue with re-run programmes. This is a kind of taxpayer's money squandering. Using the money is O.K. with me but it must be beneficial to the country.

    During the crisis, Thai Television (Thai PBS) let the red-shirts' MP in Pua Thai party lied on TV, and interviewed in particular only biased scholars, white ribbons (claiming peace) but with red-hearts, who chant just only, really indeed, just "PM Abhisit must dissolve the parliament or resign." They just try to knock out the government by reporting the injury and killed.

    For example, who came to the interview? Nithi Eawsriwong, Parinya Tewanarumitkul and Chaiwat Satha-anan who always claims to be a specialist in peaceful measures. These crazy people never solve any problems for the country. They like chanting "Peace". When a dozen people were shot dead (PAD supporters were shot and bombed), they kept their mouth closed. Whereas when red-shirts come out to set fire to the city, they remain close-mouthed against the red-shirts but insisted on Abhisit to dissolve the parliament or to resign. Hey, are they hired by Thaksin Shinawatra that much? Don't they have any teachers' dignity to say the right thing?

    The worse is when the crazy television was reporting the crisis in which the red-shirts were burning the city. On Monday April 13, 2009, after the red-shirts started the arson and rioted to force the officers to crackdown the rally at Din Daeng triangle at about 4 am.NattawutThai PBS did not report facts to reduce the conflicts in the society. Thai PBS was the only one channel which let Nattawut Saikua, the core leader of the red-shirts UDD/DAAD to lie on-air. His lies were broadcasted amidst the tensed crisis. Imagine the city was burning while Nattawut was also broadcasting the lies. Nattawut could have said, "Dear people, now, the soldiers have shot 40 red-shirts dead, here and there." and what would have followed? Would Thai PBS take any responsibility as Thai PBS conveniently consumes money of taxpayers 2 billion bahts a year?

    On Tuesday April 14, 2009, the red-shirts core leaders announced the surrender, this crazy television Thai PBS interviewed Witaya Buranasiri, Pua Thai party MP (Thaksin's proxy) and chief opposition whip to let Witaya tell lies on tv that there were a third party rioting (riots not caused by red-shirts). Do you see, my brothers and sisters?


    Next, on Wednesday April 15, 2009, about 21:00 in the programme "Change Thailand" on Thai PBS invited Sombat Boon-ngam-anong with nick name "Noo-ring" or better known as "Bo Ko Lai Jood" (Spots Admin, as he is an administrator of websites) to discuss the way out from the crisis of the country. Thai PBS introduced him as a president of Kra Jok Ngao (mirror) foundation. But actually he spoke only for the convicted Thaksin.


    Well, I will tear off his mask. Do you see his photo of this man "Bo Ko Lai Jood" (Spots Admin), he is a red-shirt. He joined PTV under Weera (Musikapong), Jatuporn, Nattawut, Jakrapop. He was one of the second lot of UDD/DAAD core leaders. This is the real UDD after the first lot were arrested because of rampaging at Si Sao Teves (in front of the house of Gen.Prem, President of Privy Councillors) in 2007. He is the one who made "Bored with PAD mob" stickers. His manners are of low, degraded, vicious. Look at him showing the middle finger. Do you see this kind of man who Thai PBS invited to the programme to find the way out for the country.

    What does Thai PBS become then? It becomes a tool of the red-shirts. This is the him, the crazy foundation president wearing red-shirt. Do you see? And Thai PBS conveniently consumes money of taxpayers 2 billion bahts a year.

    Now just let's look at Thepchai Yong (Thai PBS Managing Director). It is a pity, very pity. Really pity Thepchai Yong has to be very careful because if you bring in one side of the opinions and you also let others speak with a fair chance, that would be O.K. But if you just let someone paint a smear on others, Yongthen you are wrong. I wish you correct it. The interviewer hosts, Ms. Karuna and Ms. Nattaya are also not good enough. If you are for real then you bring both sides into the interview. Invite Dr.Jermsak, Pipop Thongchai to counter those people to clarify what was going on, who was right, who was wrong and who set fire to the city.

    The other day, Thai PBS went out in the field to interview some red-shirts in which they gave some false information such as the dead but the reporter of Thai PBS did not correct the false information. Alas, Thai PBS invited "Bo Ko Lai Jood" (Spots Admin) who is a red-shirt, showing his middle finger, obviously on Thaksin Shinawatra side, to daringly present his ideas to solve the country's crisis. What a ...! How....!

    Who does Thai PBS, very often, like to invite to talk about media? It is Chuwas Rerksirisuk, the Administrative Director of Prachatai website which always defames the monarchy. Prachatai is not a medium. It is a website which collects and allows defame messages against the Monarchy to be posted. Recently, the police went in with a search of their office. Prachatai website was established by the elder brother of Giles Ungpakorn, John Ungpakorn, who is currently a board member of Thai PBS.

    The interviewer hosts, Ms. Karuna and Ms. Nattaya are biased toward NGOs as well as the fakely impartial scholars, particularly the biased scholars and red-shirts. Brothers and sisters, I would like to pass this holy message to Mr.Thepchai that, it is different between the provision of fair chance to speak AND the provision for liars to lie on TV. Mr.Thepchai, what Thai PBS likes to say that it is a professional medium, even like making of another BBC, Oh me, you have to very objective and realistic. Don't the Thai PBS people feel ashame that you will never be like BBC. No way. Thai PBS consumes 2 billion baht of people's money per year to waste among your NGOs people so bad that I wish to even propose a abolish Thai PBS. The 2 billion baht would work better for the country if for ASTV instead.

    So, that money is for your masturbated self-satisfaction, to show off your fake impartiality of the white-ribbon scholars group, the midnight university group, or the red-shirts-in-disguise, all of which are in fact, red-shirts.

    The news or scoops from Thai PBS are persuasive toward the fakely impartial scholars, white-ribbon scholars and often protective of red-shirts; whereas those people have never ever helped solving the problems of the country. Moreover, those opportunists always capitalize on the country's crises such as the proposal of an agenda for PM Abhisit to dissolve the parliament. Fortunately, brothers and sisters, Thai PBS's rating has never matched that of ASTV. Thai PBS's rating is very low despite having been broadcasted for quite a while. It cannot match channel 11 which is not as good as our ASTV. Sometimes channel 5 and channel 9 cannot match us.

    It is a pity Mr.Thepchai. I advise you to rectify these issues. It has been very bad. I can carp out all the defects, particularly the indecent "Bo Ko Lai Jood" (Spots Admin) 's middle finger.

    Ronayos 's Additional Comment on Thai PBS through initial greetings from UK

    6-8 Amwell Street
    London EC1R1UQ, United Kingdom
    13 February 2008

    Mr.Thepchai Yong,
    Managing Director, Thai PBS,
    1010 Shinawatra Tower 3 (13th Floor)
    Vipavadee-Rangsit Road, Jatujak
    Bangkok 10900 Thailand

    Dear Mr. Yong,
    We would like to congratulate the management and staff of the Thai Public Broadcasting Service on the launching of this very important organisation. The establishment of the Thai PBS is a big move forward in terms of freedom of expression and information in Thailand.

    As a freedom of expression organization, ARTICLE 19 campaigns for the free flow of information and ideas, including the public's right to receive a diversity of information and viewpoints. We believe that a genuine public service broadcaster can make a significant contribution towards achieving this goal and we very much welcome the establishment, in Thailand of the Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS).

    We hope that Thai PBS will develop into a true independent public broadcasting service, free from political and commercial interference. We also hope that its programmes will serve the public interest, be balanced and impartial, and that it will be fully accountable to the public. Thai PBS can be a powerful tool for peace building, promoting tolerance, education and empowerment.

    Once again, please accept our message of congratulation and hope as you embark in this important endeavour.

    Yours truly,

    Agne`s Callamard
    Executive Director

    Article 19ofthe Universal Declaration of Human Rights:
    'Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression: this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers'

    To be continued

    Thanks to Koon Br21 for the advice about CNN's video clip

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