Ultimate objectives of PAD

       a. PAD wants to get rid of corruptions. Thaksin, the billionaire civilian dictator, has left Thailand with extensive high level of corruptions and proxy politicians. Having cheated the country while in power, Thaksin hid his corrupt billion of dollars worth of assets overseas. When ousted, Thaksin is subjected to numerous convictions but cowardly fled jail overseas and pull strings on politicians to sabotage his homeland.

       b. PAD protects the Monarchy. Thaksin wants to launder himself through amending the laws with his proxy politicians, while trying to abolish the Monoarchy and make himself a President, that is to cause turmoils and change Thailand from being a "Kingdom" to a "Republic" in stead.

       c. As a permanent cure for Thailand, PAD wants to get real democracy for Thailand. At present it is a fake democracy with bad on-sale politicians.

       d. To achieve all above a, b, c we have to get rid of Thaksin and his proxy politicians and punish them according to the laws.

    PAD 2009

    Defending Against Thaksin And His Red-Shirt Gang

    May 25, The Anniversary of The Historical, Victorious, and Unbeatable 193-Day Rally by PAD, The Birth of a Political Party

    ( Last edit 2009-05-26 )

    The Anniversary of The Unbeatable 193-Day Rally.

    PAD held the first anniversary ceremony for the unbeatable and continuous longest-ever 193-Day outdoor rally on May 24, 2009 at Rangsit University and on May 25, 2009 at Thammasat University (Rangsit Campus).

    The main theme at Rangsit University was a PAD's council assembly in which the whole nation's provincial delegates at 30 delegates per province with alliance people's organizations would discuss and vote for a resolution to go ahead for the ways and the actions lying ahead of PAD, particularly the establishment of a new political party of PAD since there had been extensive calling for a new political party under direct support of PAD.



    At 16:00, Mr.Suriyasai Katasila, the coordinator of PAD gave a press interview after the unanimous agreement of over 3,000 delegates was reached that they did not agree with politicians atempt to amend the constitution article 190, 237 and 309 in particular. He talked about the draft of the announcement of PAD for the steps toward the new politics that the committed missions of PAD would be

    • PAD will unite to continue the wishes of the heroines and heroes to defend the country and the Constitutional Monarchy.
    • PAD, by all means available, will assist and support good people into the authority.
    • PAD will be the hope and the source of facts for Thai society to push forward New Politics.

    The main theme at Thammasat University (Rangsit Campus) was an outdoor demonstrations, parades, and shows by PAD members from all over Thailand to commemorate the continuous longest-ever 193-Day outdoor rally of the supporters of People's Alliance for Democracy which helped bringing down two murderous puppet government of Thaksin Shinawatra in 2008.




    The Thammasat 's event was organized and coordinated by the highly dedicated male star, Tua, Saranyoo Wongkrajang who is also one of the second-line core leaders of PAD.

    One of the symbolistic souvernirs in this ceremonial event are colourful T-shirts made by Yam Fao Pan Din Foundation (at ASTV station) which possess distinct 193 figure in Thai scripts on the fronts. The shirts have been sold out several times during the weeks before the events.









    Theme Song : Memorable 193 Days (Roy Kao Sib Sam Wan Ram Look), Lyric and Melody by Saranyu Wongkrajang

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