Ultimate objectives of PAD

       a. PAD wants to get rid of corruptions. Thaksin, the billionaire civilian dictator, has left Thailand with extensive high level of corruptions and proxy politicians. Having cheated the country while in power, Thaksin hid his corrupt billion of dollars worth of assets overseas. When ousted, Thaksin is subjected to numerous convictions but cowardly fled jail overseas and pull strings on politicians to sabotage his homeland.

       b. PAD protects the Monarchy. Thaksin wants to launder himself through amending the laws with his proxy politicians, while trying to abolish the Monoarchy and make himself a President, that is to cause turmoils and change Thailand from being a "Kingdom" to a "Republic" in stead.

       c. As a permanent cure for Thailand, PAD wants to get real democracy for Thailand. At present it is a fake democracy with bad on-sale politicians.

       d. To achieve all above a, b, c we have to get rid of Thaksin and his proxy politicians and punish them according to the laws.

    PAD 2009

    VDO Clip Warfare

    Music VDO Clips, Against Thaksin

    ( Last edit 2009-05-06 )

    In the cyber world, there are a fast growing number of VDO clips against Thaksin Shinawatra. This could well be patriotic mass responses to counter annoying provocative daily Thaksin's VDO transmission and phone-in from overseas into Thailand. Thaksin's wanted to boost hatred campaign and divisiveness as well as to cheer up his private red-shirts army during the first quarter of 2009.

    Thaksin's well-organized campaign before the final assaults with city riots during famous Songkran festival April 9 to 13, 2009, successfully resulted in a wreck to Thailand while hosting the international meeting of ASEAN at Pattaya. Red-shirts caused extensive havoc on the streets of Bangkok including two innocent civillians shot dead, during the supposed to be most enjoyable traditional New Year of Thailand,

    Too fast and too greedy to wait for actual facts, Thaksin imagined his successful plots of unavoidable military violent dispersal of his red-shirts army which would escalate deaths and bloodbath streets of Bangkok. Between April 13 and 17, he boastfully ran around to give interviews to numerous international media eg. CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera and Figaro in order to force a Royal intervention and a compromised white wash decree for him. It was a silly jumping into a deep shit hole of self-made delusions. Despite the actual morbidity and zero fatality was well confirmed, he persevered with his planned fabricated lies, committing into his (failed) conspiracy to find some of his red-shirts' corpses to support his accusations against the current PM Abhisit government.

    Fortunately, Thais as well as the local and international media witnessed actual facts of Thaksin-hired red-shirts' brutal violence on the streets and an undoubted zero-death and reasonable application of military force to end a paid organized riots of the red.

    Without a single red-shirts' death!!!, Thaksin himself was the only single fatality right after being caught lying red-handed on global media as well as by US government. He was forced out of his hiding in Dubai, UAE. Only some of his e-mails were passed back to Thailand, lying again that he was not behind the violence but would like to see a peaceful compromise for democracy. However, red-shirts are now too shy and too fearful of wearing the red on the streets.

    Though the anti-thaksin VDO clips appear home-made because of certain technical limitation, the originality, the artistry and the beauty are truely eye-catching and ear-catching for Thai public. Thais, with reasonably vengeful gestures against Thaksin, could not help but laughing at the humiliation of him in those VDO clips. Most importantly, they represent the actual facts, the message and the genuine feelings of Thais toward the bastard traitors, international terrorists, Thaksin and his cronies.

    Thaksin's VDOs and his transmitted sounds are now used in the judiciary process, as definite proofs of being a prime agitator. The aftermath of the Songkran incidence is that, weeks have passed but Thaksin's Pua Thai party are still busy finding some corpses and military's brutality to frame PM Abhisit government. A red-shirt woman who was caught on a VDO, ferociously hitting around amidst a company of soldiers, was later brought by a Pua Thai MP, to the House of Parliament to explicitly testify that a named military officer leading a company of soldiers brutally smacked her.

    Immediately, in the house, better and longer taken VDOs from the government side revealed the contrary. The woman intentionally undressed herself on the street during the incidence to leave her top with a bra. On the video shot by news camera crew, the undressed red-shirt woman had angrily fought with another civillian man whereas the named officer and his company were definitely proven innocent. The woman appeared lost when her lies were caught in the middle of the televised House of Parliament.

    She and the MP are likely to end up being sued by the named officer. Therefore, this woman may be another dead living casualty. Below is a clip made by a clever artist who has incorporated the view of her back and her bra with a well-chosen local northeastern music.

    Maew Rap (Thaksin Rap) (Original)

    Thaksin Rapper

    Feet Clappers, To Suit Your Square Face

    Too Heavy for The Motherland

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