Ultimate objectives of PAD

       a. PAD wants to get rid of corruptions. Thaksin, the billionaire civilian dictator, has left Thailand with extensive high level of corruptions and proxy politicians. Having cheated the country while in power, Thaksin hid his corrupt billion of dollars worth of assets overseas. When ousted, Thaksin is subjected to numerous convictions but cowardly fled jail overseas and pull strings on politicians to sabotage his homeland.

       b. PAD protects the Monarchy. Thaksin wants to launder himself through amending the laws with his proxy politicians, while trying to abolish the Monoarchy and make himself a President, that is to cause turmoils and change Thailand from being a "Kingdom" to a "Republic" in stead.

       c. As a permanent cure for Thailand, PAD wants to get real democracy for Thailand. At present it is a fake democracy with bad on-sale politicians.

       d. To achieve all above a, b, c we have to get rid of Thaksin and his proxy politicians and punish them according to the laws.



    Thaksin's Arts and Cruelty of Puppetry by Newin, ex-Right Hand of Thaksin

    ( Last edit 2009-04-08 )

    Newin And His Faction's Press Release on April 7, 2009.

    At 13:30, Siam City Hotel, Bangkok, Newin Chidchob, head of the Newin's fan club, together with the core leaders of the club (i.e., Anuthin Chanweerakul, Songsak Thongsri, Theerachai Saenkaew, Thosapol Sangkasap, Sampan Lerdnuwat, Ekaporn Rakkwamsuk), and Newin's faction MPs in Poomjaithai Party (i.e., Boonjong Wongtrirat, the vice Minister of Interior, Cherdchai Wichianwan, an MP from Udornthani, Supachai Jaisamut, the vice speaker of the Prime Minister office) gave a press release in reply to the accusation by the sentenced-to-jail Thaksin on-the-run, the real head of red-shirt army. One of the directors of dissolved Thai Rak Thai Party (original Thaksin's party), an ex-MP Pongpol Adireksan and Porapol Adireksan, an MP in Pua Thai party (current Thaksin's party) were also observing the press release. Newin took an hour pleading to abandon the mass rally on April 8.

    Newin raised three topics to start his message. First was the current political situation. Second was about the Monarchy and Third was the personal matters between him, his friends and Thaksin.

    Newin exposed Thaksin

    Newin said, "Dear respected people, me and my friend have decided to come out to announce to the public today to make the society understand the matters. The most important agenda is the worrying current situation of the country. The nation is dividing and tomorrow (April 8) there is going to be a mass rally which everyone is very much concerned. From the long experience of mine and my colleques here since September 2006, in working with some core leaders of the red-shirt group who are currently around the Government house, we used to run a movement against the CNS (Council of National Security, the military coup group) at Sanam Luang (Royal Plaza) and elsewhere in Thailand in order to reclaim the democracy. From such experience with some of the core leaders, we conclude that we need to remind our compatriots not to fall into any conspiracy or become a small chess piece."

    "In tomorrow's rally if the situation becomes violent, the rallying people will certainly suffer the heaviest casualty and Thailand will be at the most invaluable lost. This is the most important reason why we come out today. From the past twelve days observation, I believe the people have heard over and over the mentioning of People's War, People's Revolution, the country would be turning to ashes, capturing of the townhalls. It makes us worry and believe that some core leaders have planned for some turmoils, a civil war, riots, a coup, sabotage and arson attacks throughout the country with violent force. It will not be peaceful as claimed on the latest 12-day rally stage. We also witness the serious announcement of some core leaders such as if the red-shirt cannot achieve, the whole country will not live. If unsuccessful, then let death finishes up the whole lot.", Newin added.

    Newin asked, "I have to put this question to you, the core leaders and compatriots who join the rally that if on April 8, red does not achieve the success, why should the people die altogether. They repeated it again and again in this campaign. I wish for the pople who are joining the rally please consider what are the real objectives of this rally. Is it only to expel this governmnt or else?"

    Newin asked further,"Me and my friend have reasons to believe that the core leaders have hiden intentions other than expeling the government. On January 15, 2009, a core leader announced in the opening ceremony of the D-station (a satellite TV station belonging to the red) that the new Thai state will be established with red-shirt people's hands and the D-station will be a tool to widen the supporters base. I put this question to the core leaders why new Thai state. We already have Thailand, a democratic nation under constitution Monarchy. I believe Thais are already happy under His Majesty the King. The core leaders must answer my question what the real intention of the statement to establish a new Thai state on January 15, 2009 is. What system would the new Thai state be governed? What kind of principal establishments would the new Thai state have."

    Newin said,"The announcements throughout the 12 days were repeated all the time that if the red-shirt cannot achieve, the whole country will not be able to live peacefully. Me and my friends consider the statement as hijack of all the people for a ransom which is not right. For the past two days, some core leaders of the red verbally attacked me because they are angry with me telling people in Buriram on April 4, that anybody who want to overthrow the Monarchy must have to walk over my dead body."

    "I believe the thoughts and ideologies in protecting the Monarchy are not only mine, My friends and all Thais are not different. I put this question to the core leaders on the stage. What did I do wrong saying that I am loyal to the Monarchy? Why are you so angry when I said who want to overthrow the Monarchy must walk over my dead body first? Is the only sentence, for the core leaders who also claim to be loyal, made them so much angry that they put a death warrant on my head. My question is whether such of my statements to be prepared to sacrifice my life to defend the Monarchy similar to all other Thais, is a prick of your conscience. Why are you so mad with a Thai who declare to defend the Monarchy with his own life? This is the question to the core leaders in the rally.", Newin asked further.

    Newin insisted, "If this rally intends to solve people's problems such as agricultural commodity prices, unemployment, economic problems, or a fight against dictators for democracy or any public majority's interests, I will certainly support it. But this campaign is only for the interests of only one person(Thaksin) who is better off the whole Thais."

    Newin continued, "I do not aree with the rally for the interests of only one person(Thaksin) amidst such economic and social crises, though, as welknown in the media, that I used to work for him head over heel. With due respect, no matter how much I love him, if that person loves himself more than the people and the country's well-being, I will quit."

    "I quitted because we are not slaves to do whatever is his sole benefits, without considering the effects to the country and the public. Avove all, me and my friends insist that we love Thailand more than Thaksin. Me and my friend come out to express our disagreement to the instigation of the crowd for a sole's benefit. The rally like this, me and my friends used to do. But this present rally and the old ones are different in that 2007-8 's rallies at the Royal Plaza were for protecting of democracy and against CNS who seized power from the people. After 2007 we ran movments and rallies several times after the general election to protect the democratically elected and legitimate governments i.e., the government of Samak Sundaravej and of Somchai Wongsawat from being pressured by mob rules. I say all of our rallies by me and my friends in the past are to defend democracy and democratically elected government.

    "However, this present campaign is for expel a legitimate and democratically elected government. As a result, we do not join them. Me and my friend insist that in the future, if there is a coup to overthrow democracy, the people will see me and my friend come out to fight to expel the dictator like what we did against the CNS because I consider it a fight for democracy, not a fight for a sole person."

    "Via the press here, I would ask this question to the core leaders of the UDD. PM Abhisit's administration has won in the house by the same set of MPs in the house which had voted for ex-PM Samak and ex-PM Somchai. Therefore, how can this PM Abhisit's government be undemocratic? On the day of the voting for PM Abhisit's, several of my friends who had been in the banned People's Power party did not have a party. Moreover, the decision to vote was a privilege rights of each MP as stipulated by the constitution. Today, to say that this government is undemocratic, one has to answer why it was democratic and why the constitution was O.K. only when one was in power."

    "I would like to ask such questions to the core leaders. To the fellow compatriots who join the rally, please rethink. With my and my friends' experience with the core leaders, we are concerned about the conspiracy leading to violence in which the people will suffer and the country will loose at the unimaginable extent.", Newin pleaded.

    "As for the Monarchy, I insist that me and my friend have a political standpoint holding fast to the constitutional monarchy. We do not protect the privy council or anybody but the expression of our ideas today is because of our concern about the violation of the Royal authority and His Majesty the King's wish. Some words of the core leaders are claimed not to be targetting at the Monarchy but the behaviours and the perspectives of the behaviours of somebody on the stage signify their actuality. Thaksin, my old beloved, has gone along with this movement.", Newin said.

    "Every phone-in, and VDO-link to communicate with the rallying people has an important objective to expel the privy council. I insist that it is highly risky to affect the Monarchy because each member of the privy council was selected according to the Royal wish. As a Thai, I consider the Royal wish has its meaning and is even more important than the Royal authority. HM the King has already made the decision (choosing members of the privy council), I would like to ask the core leaders and Thaksin that you criticize them as bad indecent for what. All of the privy council members are the Royal jurisdiction and according to the Royal wish.", Newsin asked.

    Newsin asked further, "I would like to ask Thaksin and the core leaders of the rally whether or not you know better than His Majesty the King. Who do you think you are? Is your decision better than the King's jurisdiction? How come you have violated his Royal wish? What rights do you claim? I would ask the core leaders further. While you are criticizing, do you stop only at the Royally assigned people or in your mind you mean persons higher than those. Up to now, if we Thais love Thailand and want to do good things for HM the King, the quickest and the best for us to do as loyalty is to make the country peaceful."

    Newin then said, "I plea with Thais to jointly do good things as loyalty to His Majesty the King, returning peace to Thailand. Then there would be an exit of the cricis, tomorrow or the day after. Only we, no matter what colour, stay home or work at home, keep out of the rally. I would consider such deeds as our part in making peace as a sacrifice to the King. In this occasion, I wish to tell the compatriots who are joining the rally on April 8. Please think it over. Whether or not what we are doing or what is happening, are personally benefiting somebody or generally benefiting the whole."

    "As for the personal matters between me, my friends and Thaksin, we have been accused of being betrayers (to Thaksin) and reward demanding. I have to say this. Me and my friends here had been elected as MPs of Buriram since 1988 while Thai Rak Thai party were not established and Thaksin was not in politics. In the general election, my father and me did not need Thaksin's and Thai Rak Thai party's popularity. We were elected by ourselves before the birth of Thai Rak Thai party and before Thaksin declared his entrance into politics. Why we joined Thai Rak Thai party was that Thaksin invited us to work in politics together in order to use each one's strong points to reinforce others." Newin said.

    "I believe you remember the general election in 1999 which was the first battle of Thai Rak Thai party. The southern northeast (of Thailand) which Thai Rak Thai party lost was my and my friends stronghold when we were in Chart Thai Party. Therefore, our combination was a complimentary, not only to increase the number of elected MPs but also the number of the party list MPs to Thai Rak Thai party. It was not Thai Rak Thai party add the votes to me and my friends in Buriram.", Newin claimed.

    Newin continued, "Before we moved to Thai Rak Thai party, I had been vice Ministers in three Ministries i.e., Finance, Commerce, Agriculture. The day I politically joined Thaksin, I was an Agricultural Minister. After I joined Thai Rak Thai party I was still an Agricultural Minister like before. Nothing was better. Therefore, if someone says that I got a lot from Thaksin and still not enough, I would insist that I got only three main things."

    Newin admitted,"First is the new idea for works which is very good for serving people. I am very much obliged for Thaksin. I always recall that he is the template of workers for the people in helping them solve problems. I admire this most. It is very beneficial working with Thaksin and I never deny what I got about this."

    Newin said further, "Secondly, what I got from Thaksin, being a vice Minister of Agriculture similar as before, was more works including the works which others did not want to do and which others did not have the courage to do. Eventually, when there was a September 19 coup, I was arrested and imprisoned for 10 days, 11 nights. Those were what I got from Thaksin."

    "Thirdly, what I got was I have been indicted in two cases. The first is the two- and three-digits lottery case. The second is rubber shoots case. Although I become a defendant, today I am still in Thailand to stand trials in the justice system. No matter what the outcome from the justice system or the judges of Thailand would be, I will solemnly accept. I see all of my comrades ex-cabinet in Thai Rak Thai party still stand trials in Thailand together. Except Thaksin alone have fled the trials in the judiciary system. Whereas all others are ready to prove their innocence in the judiciary system in Thailand.," Newin complained.

    "As for the accusation from the speakers on the stage about me getting a lot from Thaksin such as my father (Chai Chidchop) has become the House of Parliament speaker, I have to explain this. My father has been elected by the majority of the MPs in the House. It was also the resolution in People's Power party to assign the duty of the speaker to replace Mr.Yongyudth who was forced to resign from the speaker post. Mr.Yongyudth had been voted by the People's Power party in the same manner like my father did. It was also the same MPs vote for Samak and Somchai to be Prime Ministers. My father got elected to be the speaker replacing Yongyudth because of the same single reason that Thaksin did not trust other MPs in People's Power party. It was not a reward to my work for him.", Newin refused the allegation.

    Newin bitterly continued,"I was accused of being treacherous, betrayal and ungrateful. I have to explain that in the case between me and Thaksin, it is not a betray but it is about different political thoughts. At a certain point, when we are different, we choose to walk different paths and along with what we believe good for the public and the country. In my case, do not say it is treacherous, betrayal and ungrateful.

    Talking about betray, it is in the case of Samak who lost the vote to return to the Prime Minister post on September 12, 2008. I consider this a political betray. (On September 12, the majority of People's Power party's MPs intentionally did not attend the House session to vote for Samak to come back for the second PM term, despite Samak was still the head of the party. Samak crestfallenly went home alone and never returned to the parliament.)

    I believe the people and the media realize that before Samak became the head of People's Power party, who had approached and begged Samak to take that job. Actually, after Samak had finished serving the term of Bangkok Metropolitan Governor, he had announced a retirement from politics. It was Thaksin and several others in People's Power party who later marched to beg him to be the head of People's Power party."

    Newin added,"The result of accepting to be the head People's Power party made Samak's life in repetitive miseries such that a person in his 70 should not be. When they marched to beg Samak to be the head of the party and promised that he would not be neglected, it was welknown in the People's Power party, and I took part in assuring Samak that I would not leave him stranded. I have to be straight to say that on September 12, 2008, I believe that Samak was ready for both choices i.e., to be or not to be the PM. If only you (Thaksin) just tell him one word "No". I do not believe that Samak would be so stubborn to walk himself into the House of Parliament to be voted for the PM (and lost)."

    Newin revealed further,"I remember the situation. Me and my friend, all of us here, got an order from Thaksin. Thaksin begged us using the term "at any cost" to secure the return of Samak to be the Prime Minister again after Samak was found guilty (of conflict of interest) in a commercialized cookery show on TV. It was not only me who got the order. Minister Anuthin Chanweerakul, Minister Songsak Thongsri, and all of us here got phone calls from Thaksin."

    Newin reminded," We have witnessed that all along the PM term of Samak, he did everything to defend Thaksin so much that Thaksin could return to Thailand according to his promise before the general election (December 2007). Thaksin was able to prostrate himself on the ground at Suwanapoom Airport. How come Thaksin did that to Samak. Would this act not called ungrateful?".

    Newin explained,"With due respect, I give the facts here to justify the use of word "betray". This word must be used with the case of Thaksin toward Samak. Also the word ungrateful must be used with the case of Thaksin toward Samak. I also have to remind the compatriots that the incidence on September 12, 2008 which was scheduled to vote for the return of Samak but (majority of MPs of People's Power Party abandoned the House meeting to prevent a quorum.) the meeting was called off. The acts of Thaksin against Samak made me and my friends look at Thaksin differently. All of us here used to work whole heartedly for Thaksin, confronting with the military during the CNS in power. We all were the top on the list of the enemy of the CNS. I was arrested and jailed, not knowing whether I would survive the next day. I did that for him."

    Newin bitterly explained,"Why I see the incidence on September 12, 2008 and Thaksin's acts unacceptable to me is because they are without sympathy and unsincere. Me and my friends witness Samak's fate and look back to other senior politicians in our country, including Sanoh Thientong, Somkid Jatusripitak former vice PM, Somsak Thepsuthin. We have to rethink that once it happened to Samak on September 12, then one day it would be our turn and it actually has come."

    Newin sadly continued,"I insist that we worked together. We respect every rights, ideas, ideologies and political courses. I used to love Thaksin because he worked hard to solve the problems of the people. This was his good side. Howabout when we become disagreeable? Any employees, workers or anybody can resign, if unhappy, uncomfortable with the owner of the company. Similarly, employers not satisfied with the employees can simply finish the employment and the matters are over. I used to be members of several political parties. If disagreeable, then I just moved out and the conflicts ended. However, along the political paths when I became disagreeable with Thaksin, I am to be hunted down and smashed."

    Newin in tears said," I wish to tell Thaksin that we are free people, not slaves. I also wish my compatriots to look at the people who were disagreeable with Thaksin. How many of them? and what happened? For me, I am to be hunted down and smashed. Please pass this message to the rallying compatriots and the core leaders. I used to be his tool. I was just an old hunting dog. Whenever I was disagreeing not following, then I became ungrateful and treacherous for Thaksin. These are our experience. Dear compatriots who are joining the rally on April 8, please keep our experience as examples."

    Newin added,"After the coup on September 19, 2006, Thaksin was in exile. Who was risking their lives? Wasn't it my team who all sit here? If you say that we betray you, I would ask after September 19 what we did for you, Thaksin. What did you order us to do? After People's Power party's winning in the general election (December 2007), I believe nobody can deny that my team was campaigning in the northeast on Thaksin's behalf and got the victory in that general election."

    Newin asked,"After winning the general election, what did you, Thaksin do for us? You name us as fake bloodline, treacherous, betray, ungrateful. I ask you, Thaksin, who betrayed who? All of the informations I explained are actual facts and personal matters between me, my friends and Thaksin. I do not want the country ruined and collapsed further because of one man. All of what I said has proven that in my life, I have received only working style form Thaksin and nothing else. We never ask you for anything but work wholeheartedly for you. If whatever me and my friends have done good and meaningful to you and we remain to have some relationship, I wish to ask you two things. First, please order your men to stop violation of His Majesty the King's wish to prove that you are loyal to His Majesty the King. Second, if you truely love Thai people and Thailand as you say, plase stop the support of the movements. Please stop the campaign to make the country divisive. Those are only two things which we ask for, if you could please. Thank you.

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