Ultimate objectives of PAD

       a. PAD wants to get rid of corruptions. Thaksin, the billionaire civilian dictator, has left Thailand with extensive high level of corruptions and proxy politicians. Having cheated the country while in power, Thaksin hid his corrupt billion of dollars worth of assets overseas. When ousted, Thaksin is subjected to numerous convictions but cowardly fled jail overseas and pull strings on politicians to sabotage his homeland.

       b. PAD protects the Monarchy. Thaksin wants to launder himself through amending the laws with his proxy politicians, while trying to abolish the Monoarchy and make himself a President, that is to cause turmoils and change Thailand from being a "Kingdom" to a "Republic" in stead.

       c. As a permanent cure for Thailand, PAD wants to get real democracy for Thailand. At present it is a fake democracy with bad on-sale politicians.

       d. To achieve all above a, b, c we have to get rid of Thaksin and his proxy politicians and punish them according to the laws.



    The Proof of Thaksin's Cowardliness

    ( Last edit 2009-04-06 )

    Thaksin's Old Friend, Current Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kasit Pirom, Press Release, March 31, 2009

    On March 31, 2009 about 4 pm Mr.Kasit Pirom, Foreign Affairs Minister gave a press release at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs against the sentenced-to-jail Thaksin Shinawatra, the fugitive criminal who, via satellite VDO, had instigated the disturbances in the red-shirt mob the night before. Thaksin had accused Kasit of accepting money from him (when Kasit was an embassador and Thaksin was a Prime Minister) but Kasit was later disappointed with rank promotion. As as result, Kasit has turned to be an opponent. Thaksin also defied Kasit to chase him for the brown passport in Thaksin's possession.

    Kasit stated that Thaksin had already explicitly taken the battle in his own hand by himself. With pleasure, Kasit requested Thaksin also to tell his shoddy followers to step aside and out of Kasit's sight. "It is the time that they should run away because they completely failed to defeat Kasit in the house of parliament. Now, they must not enter the battle field on the street.", Kasit said.

    First, Kasit defied Thaksin with an open debate, no matter where Thaksin would want. Kasit proposed that since Thaksin always showed off with his English fluency he should not mind the debate either in front of BBC, CCN, or Al Jazeera, all international media of which Thaksin had already been one-sided interviewed. Kasit would not mind San Pa Tong, Chiang Mai, the birth place of Thaksin (where local people are mostly Thaksin's supporters), Hong Kong, or Dubai (where Thaksin likes to take refuge), or Manchester City stadium (where Thaksin was once a president of the club but later was kicked out). Since Thaksin also boasted that he had a lot of (leader)foreigner friends, Kasit replied that he also has a lot of friends in (Thai) Democrat party and PAD. Thaksin must accept the debate challenge which Kasit has defied. "Otherwise, Thaksin is just a pretentious coward, talking to himself boastfully with lies. Come on, Thaksin, come to discuss the facts, information and ideoolgies. Do not fabricate lies."

    Kasit said "Second, I have been a Minister for 3 months. I have to go upcountry as a senior inspector. As a senior, I have to be generous and charitable. I have been donating to the juniors particularly since I was (initially) working in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is a deeply rooted custom. if a Minister of Foreign Affairs visits any foreign country, he would donate some money to the inferior, local officers or make merit with them."

    "Thaksin gave me money in several countries but I never asked for it. He donated it by himself. People donate food to Buddhist monks in the morning or on Buddhist holy days. They donated the food by themselves. Thaksin is picking it out of the monk's receptacle. Is he a man or a devil? He donated the money which I did not use a single cent for my personal benefit."

    "Four years later, I joined PAD and became a member of Democrat. I would never forget it (Thaksin's money) since I would be a slave under the Godfather Thaksin with no longer pride if I become under Thaksin's threat to blackmail. Therefore, Thaksin, do not twist the facts. Every cent, every dollar, I informed Thaksin such as in Indonesia. The local officers have monthly salary of only three hundreds of dollar. Upon receiving from Thaksin, I distributed it all over. When Thai fishermen were arrested (in Indonesian territorial waters), they came to rest at the embassy and were supported by Thaksin's money. Buddhism resumed in Indonesia was also supported by Thaksin's money. Do you want your donated money to charity back? Two local officers have already passed away. Are you following them to heaven or hell? I do not think Thaksin would be able to follow them to heaven. He could go only the other way. Do you want to reclaim the money? Those days you were the kind charitable chief in the society but today you are demanding the money back."

    "In Germany, for example, I started a project called "Mobile Consulate" helping Thai prostitutes. If they quitted, they would go to the temples, and got training in meditation. They were supported by Thaksin's money. Not a lot, about 30,000USD. You can take it back from their mouths. What kind of person who would demand the already donated money? You were also a senior (Minister) in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs."

    "Another incidence was when there was the hurricane Cathrina in Louisiana. Some Thai expatriates were affected and requested help from Thaksin. The 20,000USD money was donated through Doctor Prommin Lertsuriyadet. Every cent went to rescue. Do you want it back? Or do you think I had embezzled it? Please do not demand it back. The money has gone to help people and do not twist the facts. I was only the medium. I never personally took it. I have been sufficient in my own status."

    Kasit said "Third, about the passports, if Thaksin wants to return them, I would be glad to go and get them. Just tell me where. Do not play hide and seek. I am ready to fly anytime. Or you can mail them back, if you do not have to use them because you already have passports of other countries. It is a kind of waste to have Thaksin as a Thai citizen. If you are sincere, then return them. You may choose to mail them in which I will pay the reimbursement or if you want me to go and collect, I will be glad to dine and have some bottles of wine with you, just like old friends who used to plan the future together."

    "As for what you quoted my disappointment with the promotion, I wish to say that we had shared the ideologies since 1994 when I was an ambassador to Indonesia and you were a Minister of Foreign Affairs. You visited Indonesia first. I got along well with you and fell in love with you just like others believing you were a modern tycoon without knowing the actual ins and outs of you. When you entered politics (Plang Tham party) to be the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I admired you. You persuaded me to take a candidacy of Plang Tham party for the constituency number 2 in Bangkok in a general election. You also asked me to take a candidacy in an election for the governor of Bangkok but it changed when Maj.Gen. Chamlong Srimuang returned. This is what it was. I also took a leave for two weeks to help Plang Tham party at Shinawatra buildings because I thought I would be able to assist the brightening of Thailand's future. I had been in touch with Thaksin all along. When I was an ambassador to Germany, you visited me several times whenever you dealt with Siemens telephone. We were talking how to make Thailand excel. In the middle of the year 2000, about 5-6 months before the general election, Thaksin called me to visit him at Duseldorf, Cologne when he brought his son, Pan thongtae, to join a photo exhibition. As I used to say on PAD's stage that my wife was thrilled expecting that Thaksin would ask me to join in his political campaign in which we share the ideologies to make Thailand excel and surpass South Korea. We expected to make the Prime Minister Office to be like the White House because everything in the Globalized world goes straight to the Prime Minister. Therefore, to be able to compete, speed is a must. There must be application of new techonolgies to help the administration, such as a simulation room. When there are any incidences in Thailand, no matter rains or floods, they must be displayed on the screen ready for immediate decisions and actions. Those are Thaksin's dreams for sales which he talked about. Thaksin asked me to work at the Prime Minister Office if he became the government. Consequently, I quitted the ambassador post and became the Minister ambassador affiliated to the secretariat office of the Prime Minister. I was working there and was assigned several works such as Saudi Arabia's stolen jewelry, southern border conflicts. I proposed to remove some polices in the south and reform the Royal National Police Office but Thaksin refused, claiming that the police knows better in their own house. Thaksin did not want to hear my proposals.", Kasit revealed.

    After Thaksin was out of politics (September 2007), Dr.Somkid Jatusripitak (very close Thaksin's advisor) still asked Kasit to help his works but Kasit said," I went on PAD's stage so many times, therefore, I would better quit. I have been definitely against Thaksin but not personally. I can still talk with Thaksin anywhere. It was just he did not keep what he said he would do. For him, I would be his enemy. However, it is not just because we are competing for the same girl. It is only a matter of different ideologies. I see that Thaksin regime has no good governance. I have never been fighting underground. I fight openly on the streets. We used to love but we have to go different ways because of the plans did not go as expected. One day we may sit and talk because I do not take it personally."

    Kasit said, "Today, Thaksin has run out of cards to play. He behaves like worms in the shit. He is trying to dig up dirts to smear on me. Thaksin, are you out your brain? Are you no longer sporting enough? You ordered your men and women slaves to sniff me out? Where is my piano? It is in my house. I bought it as a second-hand. Does it trouble anybody? If you want to learn how to play, I would be glad to teach. It does not cost a thing. If it matters because I did not fill it in the asset declaration statement, I would accept the punishment. I do not have anything to hide. I live in a townhouse as reporters already knows. I never hide my wealth. Never. Thaksin should stop behaving worm-like. If anybody wants to know anything, come and ask me. I can clarify. Otherwise, I will not be able to stand here. I would not be able to take the Minister post and stand up in the daylight against Thaksin."

    Kasit continued to challenge Thaksin, "I defy Thaksin to debate on every stage. Would you dare? You also boasted that you have armies of soldiers, polices, red-shirt gangsters. I have more than you and dare to fight in any kind of battles. But I never ask my compatriots to show off and attack your men. If you wish to fight on Kong Island, Kood Island (Koh Kong, Koh Kood at Thai-Cambodian border), that is O.K. Do not be afraid that me, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, would rule the society but you also cannot threaten me with non-patriotic, anti-royalists or delingquent gangsters. I am ready but how about you, Thaksin? I know Thaksin is only a talkative coward. One-sided speaker PM Thaksin then always avoided the debate in the House of Parliament as well as debates anywhere else. He also jumped bail, fleeing from the trials. But he accused me of being an international terrorist. How could Thaksin graduate from the police cadet and be awarded a doctoral degree from abroad when he cannot differentiate acts of international terrorism from an execution of openly freedom of speech and expression of ideologies against corruptors in Thai politics. Your childishly behaviours smearing and fabricating lies against your opponents are not for dignified scholarship cadets graduates."

    "Having dragged me through the mud, Thaksin also drags me through the courts to sue me about the comment on his wish to be a President. You know yourself whatever you want to be. You always say there is no justice in the judiciary system. You jumped the bails, fled the trials and the sentences. But you hired lawyers to sue your opponents and politicians. It means Thaksin relies on the judiciary system. Why sue others while not serving the sentences on yourself? Having been a police and an ex-PM, fled the jail and sabotaged Thailand, you should return your passports and your ID card. Go ahead with whatever other nationality you wish to be but stay away from Thailand. This society wants to move forward and does not want parliamentary or Hitler-style elected civillian dictator. Thaksin may sue me again because it is only his last card to play. But before sueing, come back to jail first and start from that. Do not behave unmanly. Do not be such a chicken. Though I do not like to use the words but Thaksin deserves those since he does not dare to return to face the facts. Do not hide behind your cronies. Come and hit me as a man to a man in every stage and every form. I am ready. I am never armed because I am neither a rich, a police nor a military. I have only myself which you cannot look down and cannot simply smear dirts on. I confirm once again after the same statement in the House that I will fight to my last breath to bring you down. I apologize for giving a press release at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs despite unrelevance to the office but I cannot wait.", Kasit concluded.

    Shawn Crispin's Articles on May 7, 2009

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