Ultimate objectives of PAD

       a. PAD wants to get rid of corruptions. Thaksin, the billionaire civilian dictator, has left Thailand with extensive high level of corruptions and proxy politicians. Having cheated the country while in power, Thaksin hid his corrupt billion of dollars worth of assets overseas. When ousted, Thaksin is subjected to numerous convictions but cowardly fled jail overseas and pull strings on politicians to sabotage his homeland.

       b. PAD protects the Monarchy. Thaksin wants to launder himself through amending the laws with his proxy politicians, while trying to abolish the Monoarchy and make himself a President, that is to cause turmoils and change Thailand from being a "Kingdom" to a "Republic" in stead.

       c. As a permanent cure for Thailand, PAD wants to get real democracy for Thailand. At present it is a fake democracy with bad on-sale politicians.

       d. To achieve all above a, b, c we have to get rid of Thaksin and his proxy politicians and punish them according to the laws.



    Red Hearts And Thaksin

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    October Comrades is/was a group of former activist students mostly from Thammasat University, plus some from Mahidol, Ramkamhaeng and Chulalongkorn universities during October 1973 to October 1976. In that brief period, Thailand was temporarily, and for the first time, democratic and freed from military dictatorship by the rising up of hundreds of thousands of people led by university students. October Comrades turned left with some connections to the Chinese supporting Thai communist party while right-wing politicians (Samak Sundaravej; Major Utarn Sanitwong a chief of military radio station; Utis Naksawas, a professor in economy; Tomayantee, an eminent writer) joined the army and cronies of ousted Kitikajorns to escalate hate campaigns and frequent political assasinations.

    October Comrades took part in early of October 1976 rally inside Thammasat University. In the early morning of October 6, 1976, military armed force and agitated armed mobster led by Salang Boonnark (retired Police General now) stormed in to Thammasat University, brutally kiled, hang and burnt some students, and rounded up those peacefully rallying thousands of the students inside the university.

    Later on that day, a military coup took over. Most of the activist students fled the military iron fist, into the jungle to join the guerillas of Thai Coummunist party in various parts of the the deep jungles of Thailand (then). Some stayed in the cities but went for underground support of the communists.

    Some years of the hardship in the jungles and weaken Thai Coummunist party, because of competition between China and Russia, together with more democratic Thailand, under PM Kukrit Pramoj and PM Gen.Prem Tinnasulanond enabled peace deals and amnesty to the communists to surrender. October Comrades then returned to cities' civillian lives. Some certainly keep their vowed ideologies over their dead comrades' bodies, in their red hearts. Or don't they?

    Thaksin got hold of some former student leaders to be under his employment in the huge Shin corp. But the letter below is the letter from ones who were not under Thaksin (then) to the one under him then.

    Open Letter to October Comrades
    United Dome, Thammasat University
    To October Comrades in Thaksin Shinawatra
    October 30, 2004

    We, named below in this letter, once know others and still consider ourselves comrades who share the ideologies and the struggle to establish democracy together, would like to call for all October Comrades, regardless of, whether or not, you still count us as comrades sharing the same ideologies, that now, our beloved Thailand is facing a major tragedy and that it is the right time for us to write an open letter to those of you, to demand your reconsideration and your brave important decision for the people.

    We see that the crack down of the rally at Tak Bai district, Narathiwas province, on October 25, 2003, which led to six people's deaths and 1,298 arrests and which complicated further to over 78 deaths during the official custody, was a major mistake by the government under your support and in which you share the responsibility.

    The reasons which the Prime Minister (Thaksin Shinawatra, then) announced to the public that the state, in order to keep peace, had to enforce law and order, by cracking down the rally and by arresting the protestors, together with the explanation of the causes of massive pitiful deaths because of asphyxia in up to 78 people that it was a result of unavoidable accidents (act of god or force majeure), are irresponsible speech from the government leader standpoint. It does not give the whole truths to the people but, instead, covers up some truths in order to protect the responsible persons along the chain of command. It also covers up the incidences which in fact would be revealed to Thai people and the world that it actually was not unavoidable accidents (act of god or force majeure). The incidence was in the capability of the officers and the government to take care and could have prevented. And when it did happen, the government must accept the serious responsibility. Partial truths announcement would severely jeopardize the government's credibility among Thais and the world citizens.

    Moreover, the claim that those people killed were addictive and boozy is without proof. Also the claim that deaths might have been from starvation and weakness during the Ramadan starving, is groundless because such religious practices have never resulted in any deaths. The claim that those protestors had heavy (military) weapons is without evidence. All claims are unbelievable on and should not have come from the country's leader or the high ranking officers of the state.

    The practices by the state officers who controlled the protesters by having their hands tied behind their backs and ordered them to creep on their stomachs with their faces down, and then by ordering them to lay on their stomachs in a pile, one over another for several stacks and for several hours, tightly packed in the trucks, which eventually resulted in a large number of torturous deaths, are obvious with common sense that, at the least, they were careless, so much that a lot of people succumbed to deaths. It is a severe criminal offense. As it is an operation by state officers, which your government supports, the government must also be responsible. This incidence reflects that all the responsible officers along the chain of command did not consider the captured as fellow human beings or fellow countrymen who also deserved the same due protections and treatments as human beings in the same nation under the same laws.

    This incidence demonstrates that the execution of the policies of this government resulted in errors which have caused violence continuously over and over throughout this government term, since the dispersal of the protesting rally against (natural) gas pipe at Songkla, the interrupting executions of suspected drug trafickers which resulted in more than 2,500 murders, the policies for the three southernmost provinces which has failed continuously and resulted in violences, paranoia and perpetual revenges, and the latest mass deaths at Tak Bai.

    All October comrades should have realized from the beginning, of such wrongful policies which stress on using violence to solve problems so much that there have been repeated violences among the countrymen, and should find preventions or give the right advices to the Prime Minister (Thaksin), not to let him administer and execute the policies for divisiveness, territory of terrors and angers so extensively within the country until they become too deeply-rooted to cure, like what is currently going on.

    We see that the policies, the words, the attitudes and the signalling of the Prime Minister (Thaksin) to the subordinates and the propaganda to convince people to agree with the use of violence under uneffective control, like what is happening, are the causes of widespread abuse of power to slander, threaten and massacre people who have different opinions. In turn, such of PM's acts result in widespread of angers and revenges from the affected people who would believe that they have not been justly treated. They may end up in a violent crackdown like what happened on October 14, 1973, October 6, 1976 and May 17, 1992 in which you all have encountered and realized the worst of them.

    Dear October Comrades, we all may see that though we may have certain differrent approaches, though we have chosen different ways of life, we still conseder you as comrades who hold the same ethical principles and ideologies. We all struggle for justice in the society for equality in the society without racial, languages, religions and status consideration. We have all along expected our October Comrades in this government to be able to take part in responsible voices agianst the evil and the violence inflicted by the state.

    The painful deaths of a lot of people at Tak Bai district on October 25, 2004 are asking for our conscience and ideologies to fight for the justice because of these deaths belong to people who rallied for justice. The deceased did not have the opportunity to receive justice, which we used to defend with our lives, as governed by the constitution, the laws and even moral principles which people should practise accordingly, toward others. The people who died unjustly, despite that they might have had different political preferences or ideologies or different religions from us, in fact, they are Thais whom we all when young, have readily vowed to serve and join to fight for, and to defend their freedom with our lives, in order that justice would be born in Thailand.

    The deaths of the people are telling us and October Comrades who join the government to realize that it is the time to stand firm on justice in the society and human dignity in order that the government would acknowledge that it is a serious crime which the responsible officers would have to be punished according to the law, when there are deaths of innocent people in the official custody. It is only the justice and the trust in equality which can unite Thai as a nation.

    We call for October Comrades to show their stance to your colleague in the government to know that the crimes by the state against the citizen, resulting in a lot of torturous deaths of people at Tak Bai, are criminal offenses as well as moral offenses, and severely undermining the unity of the people in the nation. Even now, the government under your support still ignores to show actual responsibility. Therefore, it is now no longer reasonable and unrighteous to join or support this government (of Thaksin). We call for October Comrades to abandon the cooperation and supports for Thaksin regime and to jointly show the stance with other justice-loving Thai people and the world to condemn these crimes and to at best deter any future crimes under the wrongful policies of this government, against the compatriot people.

    We hope that you, October Comrades, would still be comrades sharing the ideologies and the conscience in the up-coming struggle with us for justice for the people.

    Signed by

    Krisdang Nootjaras (Former Premier of the Student Organization, Thammasat University)

    Pichian Amnatworaprasert (Former Premier of the Student Organization, Thammasat University)

    Thongchai Winichakul (Former Deputy Premier of the Student Organization, Thammasat University)

    Parinya Thewanarumitkul (Former Secretariat of the Union of the Students of Thailand)

    Saowanee Jitruen (Former Coordinator of the Union of the Students of Thailand)

    Somyos Chuathai (Former Member of the Dome Front Council)

    Suraswadi Hoonpayon (Former Reporter of Athipat News)

    Wilai Trakulsin (Former Committee Member of the Student Organization, Thammasat University)

    Nanthawat Thamterdthai (Former Committee Member of the Student Organization, Thammasat University)

    Ubolrat Tangjitpiyanon (Former Committee Member of the Student Organization, Thammasat University)

    Kitisak Prokati (Former Deputy President of Student Council, Thammasat University)

    Kasian Techapeera (Former Committee Member of Student Council, Thammasat University)

    Suthachai Yimprasert (Former Coordinator of 21 groups, Thammasat University)

    Anupong Pongsuwan (Former Chief of Dancing and Drama Club, Thammasat University)

    Supawat Tangjitpiyanon (Former Committee Member of Dancing and Drama Club, Thammasat University)

    Suthep Suriyamongkol (Former Secretariat of Plang Tham Student Party 1975, Thammasat University)

    Wanthanee Sasnarakkit (Former Secretariat of Plang Tham Student Party 1976, Thammasat University)

    Pornrawee Sumanojitraporn (Former Committee Member of Yoong Thong Party, Thammasat University)

    Weerawong Warinkittikul (Former Committee Member of Yoong Thong Party, Thammasat University)

    Prasart Leelathien (Former Committee Member of Neaw Pracha Party, Thammasat University)

    Saengchai Ratanaseriwong (Former Committee Member of Pithak Tham Party, Thammasat University)

    Orawan Narakul (Former Member of Student Council 1975, Thammasat University)

    Yuwadee Jaroensuk (Former Member of Student Council 1975, Thammasat University)

    Pairin Plai-kaew (Former Committee Member of Women Group, Thammasat University)

    Wacharee Paoluangthong (Former Committee Member of Women Group, Thammasat University)

    Suchada Pruksaniyom (Former Committee Member of Women Group, Thammasat University)

    Wanida Tantiwitayapitak (Former Officer of Women Group, Thammasat University)

    Kanjanalak Ratanaseriwong (Former Officer of Women Group, Thammasat University)

    Suwimon Chuachanwong (Former Officer of Women Group, Thammasat University)

    Warunee Purisamban (Former Officer of Independent 21 Groups, Thammasat University)

    Sa-ngob Anankapannan (Former Central Committee Member of Sreth Tham Group, Thammasat University)

    Somboon Siriprachai (Former Academic Committee Member of Sreth Tham Group, Thammasat University)

    Somsak Jiraboonritilert (Former Officer of Actvist Group, Thammasat University)

    Supalak Suwanprasob(Former Officer of Actvist Group, Thammasat University)

    Patanajarin Suankaewmanee(Former Officer of Actvist Group, Thammasat University)

    Pornchai Nanthawichaikul(Former Officer of Plang Tham Student Party, Thammasat University)

    Sakan Pruthinan (Former Committee Member of Photography Club, Thammasat University)

    Jongpien Songkitisunthorn(Former Officer of Actvist Group, Thammasat University)

    Supaporn Asdamongkol(Former Officer of Actvist Group, Thammasat University)

    This open letter of the October Comrades was addressed to those following people

    1.Dr Prommin Lertsuriyadej (Former Secretariat of the Naewruam Party, Mahidol University)

    2.Jaturon Chaisaeng (Former Premier of the Student Organization, Chiang Mai University)

    3.Sutham Saengprathum (Former Secretariat of the Central Student Organization of Thailand)

    4.Pinit Jarusombat (Former Premier of the Student Organization, Ramkamhaeng University)

    5.Dr Surapong Suebwonglee (Former Premier of the Student Organization, Mahidol University)

    6.Saman Lertwongrat (Former Premier of the Student Organization, Thammasat University)

    7.Kriengkamol Laohapairot (Former Secretariat of the Central Student Organization of Thailand)

    8.Poomtham Vejchayachai (Former Secretariat of the Chulaprachachon, Chulalongkorn University)

    9.Wacharapan Jankajorn (Former Chief of the Naewpracha Party, Thammasat University)

    10.Prapat Panyachartlak ("Walking Tall" Hero in October 14, 1973)


    Facts From Wikipedia
    Ramadan is the Islamic month of fasting, in which participating Muslims do not eat or drink anything from true dawn until sunset. Fasting is meant to teach the person patience, sacrifice and humility. Ramad.a-n is a time to fast for the sake of Allah, and to offer more prayer than usual. Muslims also believed through good actions, they get rewarded twice than they normally can achieve. During Ramad.a-n, Muslims ask forgiveness for past sins, pray for guidance and help in refraining from everyday evils, and try to purify themselves through self-restraint and good deeds.

    Autopsy at Tak Bai
    Since the Tak Bai Massacre incidence took place in the very humid south during the most humid month in the Muslim community which hold strict religions practice of urgent burial rituals of the deaths, no proper autopsy of the 78 deaths was carried out to find out what exactly was the cause of the deaths of the deceased Muslim men. During the warm and humid open-air, Lady Dr. Pornthip Rojanasunan, a forensic science expert, coud just walk around the heaps of the decomposing deaths and made rough conclusions.

    Gen.Panlop walked free and got paid
    Gen.Panlop Pinmanee, an old classmate of Major General Jamlong Srimuang, was the chief responsible for the military operation, i.e., military weapons firing at Masjid Kru Se and dispersal and rounding up of protesters at Tak Bai. Right after the incidence, he walked free from any charges after resigning from the responsibility post in the south. Near the end of 2008, he flew to meet Thaksin in China to accept some cash from Thaksin following which Thaksin and Gen.Panlop ran a propaganda campaign with media interviews accusing some privy councillors and supreme court judges of conspiring behind the September 2006 coup which had ousted Thaksin.

    The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind.
    There has been no reply from October Comrades in Thaksin administration. Nobody expresses neither regrets nor responsibility. Everybody under Thaksin keep quiet and conveniently contine their routine earnings as usual. Thaksin declared state of emergency in the three southernmost provinces ever since but Thailand has never achieved a real peace up to this day.

    Territory of Terrors
    More than three thousands people, mostly innocent civillian citizens, soft targets, both Buddhists and Muslims, both male and female, such as teachers --more than one hundred teachers were killed now as of May 2009 --, civillian officers have been brutally executed, shot or decapitated (either by terrorists or possibly by corrupt state officers). The culprits have been scarcely arrested. Still, Muslims in the south call for fair treatments during official arrest. During Thaksin administration, Mr.Somchai Neelapaijit, an outstanding Muslim lawyer, defending Muslims people in the court of law was abducted by a team of polices on a busy road in Bangkok and never found again. After 3 years of his disappearance, he is now officially declared dead.

    Red Hearts caught red-handed, swallowing their spitted and sworn ideologies while selling their souls to the wealthiest corrupt capitalist, Thailand ever have.

    Moreover, after Thaksin was overthrown from the PM seat by a coup in September 2006, some people who had obviously called for anti-thaksin measures and had signed this letter, went back on their words and became supporters of Thaksin either insideously or explicitly, parallel alliances or direct supporters, one way or another, such as Suthachai Yimprasert (wearing red-shirts and got on the red stage in the begining of 2009), Thongchai Winichakul, Nidhi Eoseewong, Parinya Thewanarumitkul, while most of October Comrades in Thaksin administration which include Sutham Saengprathum, Jaturon Chaisaeng, Surapong Suebwonglee, Kriengkamol Laohapairoj, Poomtham Vejjayachai, remain serving and loyal to Thaksin despite of him being a convicted fugitive.

    Jaturon Chaisaeng accepted the role of Thaksin's puppet, leading Thai Rak Thai party when Thaksin was in self imposed exile in 2006-2007.

    Surapong Suebwonglee joined Samak Sundaravej's cabinet as a Minister of Finance in 2008 despite obvious involvement of Samak in the brutal massacre of Surapong's comrade students in Thammasat university back in the October 6, 1973 incidence.

    Nidhi Eoseewong, The Professor of the Darkness

    Dr.Nidhi Eoseewong a leftist and (used-to-be) highly critical scholar based in Chiang Mai, set up a school of (leftist and dark) thoughts with his similar colleagues. They called themselves the "Midnight University". Nidhi gave an interview to "Business Prachachart" a critical newspaper in October 2004.,

    "The violence at Tak Bai is very shocking so much that I asked myself if this was really Thailand. It is unbelievable that it was acts of the state which are really very bad.?Worse than October 6, 1976. No matter what PM Thaksin claims, it is not justifiable."

    "You (Thaksin) did not appreciate that the Muslim (Islamic)Thais in the south are also Thais like us. The way you (Thaksin's military force) put them on GMCs (military trucks) by having their hands tied behind their backs and stuffed them like (cattles) canned food, and the way the soldiers kicked them around and trampled on them, I ask you the soldiers and particularly you Thaksin, whether or not you are still Thai."

    Dr.Nidhi Eoseewong commented further, "The worse is that some Bangkokians do not understand anything despite of their high education. Some see those acts appropriate. I was shocked when I saw the opinions posted in the webboard. Some reflect agreements with the acts by the state. I see this as a total failure of Thai education system."

    Dr.Nidhi Eoseewong said, "The education have not raised the people's knowledge. Those people should have retreated to Kmer, Mon or better to the stone age because they are not aware of being Thais. I feel very bad in particular what Thaksin and the Foreign Ministry are trying to explain this to the world's community."

    "It is too late now. The best exit is to pull Thaksin down from the government first. The longer he stays (as a Prime Minister), the more he hurts the country and everyone in the country. Leave now before you (Thaksin) are driven to go." Dr.Nidhi concluded.


    Nidhi, after all, is obviously right that the education have not raised the people's knowledge, particularly what he said is very true for himself and some other leftists. Later, Nidhi turned silent about critiques on Thaksin but join the support of Thaksin like some other purchasable leftists.

    By now, Nidhi should not have been very shocked as he told Prachachart Business when he knows how much Thaksin, the richest corrupt capitalist, Thailand ever have, had paid media to cover up his faults and to shift the public's thoughts by manipulating of opinions on internet webboards. Nidhi himself would have known how much Thaksin might have had paid him to shift his thoughts and some other fake leftists like Pratheep Ungsongtham and Weng Tojirakarn.

    Mrs.Pratheep Ungsongtham Hata, a Ramon Magsaysay international award laureatte, is a dedicated teacher to slum children. Perhaps she is too grateful to Thaksin, the huge donator to her charity foundation.

    In front of ten of thousands of PAD supporters in 2006, both caught readily on VDO and broadcasted ASTV, Doctor Weng Tojirakarn, a former student activist once fought in the jungle with Thai communist party in 1976-7, and the old-style right-wing on-sale politicians Sanoh Thientong, both wholeheartedly condemned Thaksin and swore themselves in front of the Democracy Monument, to overthrow the motherland-traitor Thaksin. Very conveniently in 2008 they both turned to support Thaksin to resume and laundered.

    Weng has become one of the red-shirts army leaders while Sanoh Thienthong serves Thaksin in the House since Sanoh's Pracharat party became a coalition to Thaksin's parties (first with the People's Power party and later with Pua Thai party after the People's Power party was dissolved because of electoral frauds by ECC's and the Constitution court's verdicts.)

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