Ultimate objectives of PAD

       a. PAD wants to get rid of corruptions. Thaksin, the billionaire civilian dictator, has left Thailand with extensive high level of corruptions and proxy politicians. Having cheated the country while in power, Thaksin hid his corrupt billion of dollars worth of assets overseas. When ousted, Thaksin is subjected to numerous convictions but cowardly fled jail overseas and pull strings on politicians to sabotage his homeland.

       b. PAD protects the Monarchy. Thaksin wants to launder himself through amending the laws with his proxy politicians, while trying to abolish the Monoarchy and make himself a President, that is to cause turmoils and change Thailand from being a "Kingdom" to a "Republic" in stead.

       c. As a permanent cure for Thailand, PAD wants to get real democracy for Thailand. At present it is a fake democracy with bad on-sale politicians.

       d. To achieve all above a, b, c we have to get rid of Thaksin and his proxy politicians and punish them according to the laws.



    Jonathan Head, A BBC's Correspondent: Are You Wearing Red?

    ( Last edit 2009-06-09 )

    Original Ariticle : How did Thai protesters manage it?
    By Jonathan Head, BBC News, Bangkok 29 Novmeber 2008

    Some say the PAD should be viewed as a military organisation.

    Claiming victory, the yellow-clad hordes from the People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD) rolled up their mats and sleeping bags. They queued for souvenir autographed scarves - yellow of course - from the leaders who had taken them into this astonishing act of insurrection, and boarded buses and pick-up trucks for the ride home.

    An army of cleaners, technicians and security personnel moved in behind them to get Bangkok's $4bn (2.7bn pounds) state-of-the-art airport back into operation. Within a few days the mass sit-in will just be a surreal memory.

    But the questions their actions have raised about the state of Thailand will continue long after the last plastic hand-clapper is picked up and disposed of. How could a country as advanced and as dependent on exports and tourism as Thailand allow such a vital transport hub to be stormed by a mob that never numbered more than a few thousand?

    My count of my PAD colleagues were not only a few thousands as Jonathan did. Was he actually at the airport when we PAD first arrived there? How did he manage his estimation or is it just to emphasize his biased point further down?

    What is the PAD, and what gives the movement the confidence to commit its dramatic acts of economic sabotage without fearing any legal sanction? Weak police and Thai police were reluctant to confront protesters The airport sit-in shows the PAD's skill at pulling off bold and unexpected stunts. When the first PAD convoys approached the airport last Tuesday, they said they were only going to protest against then-Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat, who was due to arrive back from the Apec summit in Peru. The government had a strategy of avoiding confrontation - it did not want a repeat of the disastrous events in October, when several PAD supporters were seriously injured in clashes with the police.

    It is not true that PPP's (Samak/Somchai) government avoided confrontation. Samak attempted brutal crackdowns against PAD several times by conspiring with red-shirts.Angkana
    Somchai was successful with his order to police to shoot explosive teargas to kill a PAD girl and injured seven hundreds more on October 7, 2008. Nightly shot with M79-grenade launchers killed several PAD supporters and injured dozens Teemore, nearly every other nights for a week while stationed peacefully in the government house. All these fatal political assasination summoned a hundred of thousands PAD to attempt a final blow by moving the rally to Suwanapoom and Don Muang airports. Jonathan did not speak all the truths here.

    The police were under orders not to use force and retreated. No-one thought the PAD would try to take over one of the world's biggest and busiest airport terminals. Anti-government protesters confront police at Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok, 29 November 2008 In fact, PAD organisers told the BBC they had carefully planned the seizure of the airport weeks before.

    When one lies, one would find it more difficult to explain or to reason the lies.

    First, Jonathan wrote something contradictory to what he next wrote something more absurd. No one heard an official order from Samak/Somchai to the police to retreat and not to use force, or did Jonathan?

    It is true that no one including PAD core leaders, had ever thought of attacks on the national airports. PAD core leaders had never planned for the seizure of the airports for weeks or even days. Moreover, it was not PAD who took over the airports. Instead it was the AOT Manager who ordered a shutdown of the airports' operations. The AOT Manager, Mr.Serirak Prasutanon, is the brother-in-law of the supreme red-shirts UDD/ADD core leader, Weera Musikapong.

    What actually happened was, following a fierce crackdown on PAD's rally on October 7, 2008, after nights of being relentlessly bombarded by military explosive shots into the government house, which resulted in a lot of casualty and fatalities, several dozen of thousands of the rallying PAD unanimously request a toughest and final blow to end the brutal political massacre. They unanimously agree further to extend the rally to Suwanapoom airport. CLICK to see More explosive shots after the royal cremation ceremony for HRH Princess Galyani Vadhana on November 20, 2008 and More killing of PAD

    Somchai and PPP majority in the house were never fearful of confrontation with PAD.

    The parliamnet's provocative attempt to continue its session to amend the constitution for Thaksin's amnesty was blocked by PAD's rally on Monday November 24, 2008. Then, it was that Somchai's cabinet meeting was moved to a refurbished building in Don Muang Airport and PAD members wanted to continue to rally there on Tuesday Novemer 25, 2008.

    Jonathan is lying by himself if it was not someone telling him a lie.

    The weakness of Thailand's police is also important. They have proved no match for this determined and organised movement. They are poorly trained in riot control, and lack the status of the army.

    It is correct to say that the police has been weakened and Thai police has been poorly trained in riot control. It is because of corruptions and abuse of power most by Thaksin regime during its six years from 2001 to 2006. Thaksin who is also an ex-police knows how to abuse the whole bureaucratic system including the police. An attempt to clean up the police by putting Police General Seripisuth Temiyawes into the Commander of the Police Bureau in 2007 was interrupted by Thaksin's proxy governments Samak/Somchai as soon as they got hold of the power in early 2008. However, Jonathan is evidently wrong since the police has the weapons, the license, and the will to kill the determined but poorly organized PAD raliiers as already the murderers have proved their fatal tactics on October 7,2008. Should PAD had been well organized and armed as Jonathan has tried to paint, there would have been at least a death on police side.

    When it became clear that the PAD was set on taking over the airport, the local governor asked the army for assistance. None came. As throughout this year, the army's refusal to help contain the PAD has left the government with no means of resisting this insurgency.

    In order to blame the army for ignorance and to the contribution to PAD's victory, Jonathan has to clarify what he is writing above here against the facts below.

    PAD started rallying at Don Muang airport on November 24, and Suwanapoom airport on November 26, 2008. The Nation reported : Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat said in a TV on November 27, 2008 that the Air Force would help police in enforcing the law in the Don Mueang area, while the Navy would give help at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

    The Nation reported on November 30, 2008 : General Anupong Paochinda pointed out that in the prime minister's order declaring a state of emergency the police were mainly responsible for dealing with the protesters while the Air Force would assist at Don Mueang and the Navy at Suvarnabhumi. The arrangement was in line with the allocation of duties among the armed forces, as the Army was responsible for the inner areas of Bangkok.

    Perhaps Jonathan had thought this article would go unchecked and he might have reported any of his imagination at will.
    For an army chief, to order a mobilization of an armed military force ready for a violent operation, particularly without order from the Prime Minister, could be an act of treasons.

    How would the army response to a local governor's call when it was the police's job? By the way, who is the stupid local governor which Jonathan means?
    Why did the local governor call for the army instead of the police and why did he bypass Somchai's PM?

    Logistical efficiency The police are up against an organisation of considerable logistical strength. It is a remarkably well-trained and well-funded movement. One of the many retired generals supporting its occupation at the airport observed that it should be seen as a military, not a civilian organisation.

    Behind the "aunties with clappers" and well-groomed young women clutching lap-dogs that are the public face of the movement are squads of hoodlums, armed with batons, metal spikes and hand-guns who man the barricades and hunt down intruders.

    One morning I followed them as they dragged an alleged government spy off to an undisclosed location, kicking and punching him. I was unable to find out his fate. Some of these thugs are members of private armies run by retired generals.

    Jonathan is painting an ugly formidable look on PAD here. What he describes, fits best to violent red-shirts UDD/DAAD redwho have been paid and instigated to violently search and destroy PAD throughout the country. Up to May 2009, official death toll of PAD killed, was ten while one red-shirt hoodlum was shot dead by his own red comrades during a nightly attack on PAD. red

    Under Samak/Somchai's police state, PAD was under brutal attacks by red-shirt gangsters throughout the course of the rise-up against Thaksin regime.

    In constrast, there has been no violent attack by PAD against the red-shirts UDD/DAAD.

    Lacking police's protection, there were some brave volunteer PAD's men armed with makeshift weapons like flagpost, golfclubs, sticks and slingshots. They were well trained to be restrained to use only necessary force just to protect the elders, women, children of PAD and themselves to continue their peaceful rally. Alcohol, drugs and guns were absolutely not allowed in PAD's rally site as opposed to the red-shirts.

    Despite fatal blasts which killed and shattered limbs, a lot of anger after several deaths and seven hundreds PAD injured, the well-disciplined peaceful rally continued without retreat. That is why PAD deserves to be called a well-trained army, whereas red-shirts UDD/DAAD could hold only short sporadic hate campaigns.

    Everyone basically has the rights to defend oneself against a life-threatening danger. Red-shirts UDD/DAAD leaders holding state authorities publicly announced violent threats against PAD's rally. Therefore, PAD duly has the rights to police themselves whist the police abandoned their duties.



    Jonathan, with bias, tried to smear on PAD with violent look of a well-paid mercenary army. Contrarily to the fact, PAD's rally was going bankrupt because of the huge expenditures. What kept the rally going was people's donation to fight Thaksin's tyranny. The more atrosity Thaksin regime attacked peaceful PAD, the more people joined and funded PAD's rally.

    By April 13, 2009, red-shirts rally for Thaksin helped proven how violent it could be, how peaceful 193-day rally of PAD was, and best how much this Jonathan's article lied.

    The PAD's logistical efficiency is impressive. Within hours of occupying the airport it had ample supplies of food, water, blankets and medicines for the thousands of supporters who joined the sit-in. The food never ran out. You could get your mobile phone charged, or have a massage. PAD cleaners were brought in to keep the floors and toilets in order. The duty-free and check-in areas were sealed off and vigilantly protected by PAD guards.


    This paragraph of Jonathan is true but it should be to no surprise for anybody following PAD's six-month continuous camp-out rally. Moreover, PAD had hit the road for months against Thaksin in 2006. Best of Jonathan is that he has to be naive here to admit that PAD protected the huge luxurious duty-free in the airport which unavoidably substantiates how peaceful PAD's rally was. To be more precise, with all airports officers abandoning their posts, there was neither a single glass shattered nor a single computer terminal tampered at those airlines' check-in counters, let alone all the sophisticated control towers.


    The PAD's propaganda arm is equally impressive.

    It runs its own television station, ASTV, which is widely broadcast and pours vitriol on the government.

    Jonathan is not only speaking half truths here. It is less than a quarter of impartial truths which intend to paint on PAD. First, ASTV is only broadcasting, apart from rather limited internet, via satellite which, unable to be viewed on usual TV sets, requires a private purchase of a satellite dish to view. Second, subscription of cable transmission was under Samak/Somchai government's censorship or self-censor or frequent unusual techical interruptions.

    Third, public free TV channels were practically under full state control. Fourth, a dedicated public TV channel, "NBT", was effectively smearing on PAD for all peak times. People were forced to listen to either government's cover-up or otherwise soap operas, whereas some who were alerted, paid once for ASTV dishes to listen to the uncovered actual facts. Fifth, by the time Jonathan reported this article, PAD's alliance relaying local radio stations such as in Chiang Mai (Vihok radio), Chiang Rai had been stormed with rifiles and A PAD supporter had been shot dead in Chiang Mai by the red.

    If ASTV's messages were of lies, why millions bother to watch ASTV? Don't Brits pay the BBC to listen to actual facts or would they prefer free lies?

    Everywhere the movement goes it takes mobile stages, on the back of trucks, which blare out speeches and music from dawn until the small hours of the following morning. The message is simple: Former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra is evil, stole the people's money and will destroy the country. The poor rural people who voted for his party were all bribed, and unable to think for themselves. Some of those taking part in the airport occupation had been listening to these firebrand speeches for months, without a break. They all passionately believed their actions were worth the cost to the country, to see Thailand's politics cleaned up.

    Is it not confusing here, when Jonathan tries to make PAD's crowd as middle class, elites and royalists. If they constitute the large part of PAD, are they so dumb as he paints, relentlessly listening to the craps? How well does Jonathan understand the speeches on PAD's stage to dare to falsify them? How ethical is Jonathan in accusing his fellow media professions ASTV which carry out several (later award winning) TV programes on PAD stages of being nonsense political yelling?

    In fact, those messages broadcasted by PAD leaders and ASTV are revealing actual facts of Thaksin and his cronies which Jonathan, in particular, and the BBC have not yet reported. They are all alike, Marcos, Hitler, Peron, Somosa, Yian Pin as well as some crook British politicians etc in what they did to their countries. Only those media of Brits are more shy to accept bribes, and Brits' politicians are easier shamed.

    Is Jonathan hired for beating the bush around? Doen't he passionately want politics to be clean?

    The Dean of Communication Arts of Rangsit University, on awarding the best TV station and the best two news analysis programmes to ASTV vividly described the winner as "ASTV News1 is unique in crucial domestic political news analysis, whereas other television stations are not as brave, in news presentation and direct critiques on the government and the society. Such courage should belong to media professions. However, other media still have some claims which preclude a straight forward presentation of facts, particularly, the in depth analysis of the government."

    Now, I put a question back to the BBC whether the BBC would be courageous enough to clean up their house and get rid of unethical reporters.

    The question of who is behind the PAD is a subject of intense speculation in Thailand.

    I met a lot of ethnic Chinese entrepreneurs at the airport who were helping keep the PAD supplied. But much bigger Thai businesses are widely believed to be financing the movement, including at least two national banks.

    Jonathan, what is wrong with being ethnic Chinese and enterpreneurs loving Thailand if they were born Thais? We, Thais and Chinese value being grateful to the homeland and the Monarchy. Perhaps, Jonathan is not, is he? How about Thaksin and his cronies who are not only ethnic Chinese but also traitors to Thailand and the Monarchy.

    Jonathan maliciously accuses "two national banks"which If he cannot name them openly, it means his pure imagination since all Thai Banks, no matter under the state or commercial (publicly listed) are strictly controlled under the Bank of Thailand (and the Stock Exchange of Thailand) to follow strict rules of Banking for the protection of the customers and the public shareholders. Even worst, national banks, which are state-enterprises, are controlled by the cabinet, not PAD. Why has Jonathan kept the huge scandals about the two banks to his own?

    At least PAD leaders are much braver than Jonathan, in exposing Thaksin's wicked order for the state-own Export-Import Bank to lend a billion bahts with extra cheap interest rate and extra long grace period to Myanmar's military regime, just to buy his family Telecommunication business's products.

    Royal support?

    Thaksin Shinawatra made a lot of powerful enemies while he was in office with his aggressive efforts to re-shape the country. These are now using the PAD militants to get back at his party.

    It is obvious here that Jonathan can do best with reiteration of Thaksin's chanting as what also campaigned in English wikipedia, just to make bad things happened to Thaksin looks like personal envious hatred and personal revenges. It is a fabrication of lies.

    Actually, Thaksin tried to re-shape the whole country to be enslaved under his feet and him to be a President. That is why he chose the date of French revolution to be officially the birth of his Thai Rak Thai Party and why his UDD/DAAD chose red colour which signifies communism as opposed to the constitutional Monarchy.

    However, Thaksin is with only simple ideology "a personal greed". The billions of pound hidden abroad before he first took his office to later buy Manchester City football club is the best proof that he is not re-shaping anything for the benefit of the country. He is just a simply complicated crook who wants to comfort his ass.

    I wonder why Jonathan did not imagine how Thaksin was re-shaping his Manchester City Football club and how then he was kicked out from the club. Some personal enemies, according to Jonathan and English Wikipedia's theory, I presume!

    There are also plenty of former military commanders offering their help to the PAD - people like General Pathompong Kesornsuk, who has openly urged the army to launch a coup against the government. Protesters hold a portrait of the Thai king and queen at the international airport in Bangkok, 2 December 2008 PAD says it is acting in defence of the monarchy. One of the top PAD leaders is Chamlong Srimuang, a former general with close ties to Gen Prem Tinsulanonda, the king's most senior advisor.

    What a palaver! Jonathan. I wonder why the BBC sends a pathetic correspondent to make a serious comment on Thai politics without actual knowledge of the contemporary Thai history.

    Thai Ex-Generals are without power. No matter how many stars and decorations they have, they are already history. Major General Chamlong is in his seventy while General Prem is in his eighty. Their collieagues and their closest juniors are all retired. General Pathompong did not have the power and strong connections to the armed brigades since he did not grow up among the fighters.

    Thai military Generals have their own career path. Only the best one of the same cadet class who successfully passed through combats in the battle grounds would be honoured to lead the clans and supported to the top. The only generals who have power to stage a coup are the Commander-in-Chief, the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy, Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force and the Commander-in-Chief of the Police, not even the Minister of the Defence. When they stage a coup, they would do it as a team. Why the Commander-in-Chief holds the key is because he holds the majority of the loyalty of the commanders of the combat divisions who in turn control the armed batallions and the armed brigades, which must be ready for serious actions, if needs be during the coup.

    Never in the history of Thailand that a coup was successful without the actual leader being the Commander-in-Chief. A coup usually took place only when there appeared a threat of an outside intervention, particularly by politicians, to their orderly ranks or against what the consensus of those combat army leaders had expected, in simple terms, if there would be any conflicts against their interests.

    So, hundreds of Ex-generals PAD leaders can go about, shouting, begging, going on hunger strike and praying for a coup, but if nothing is going to disrupt the army leaders' private benefits, why should they poke their noses into PAD's objectives to risk their death sentences following treason charges, to stage a coup just to be condemned later, or for another civillian politician to eventually take over. I am sorry, Thai military simply just never staged a coup at anybody's request.

    Then there is the most sensitive question of all - the royal connection. The PAD has justified its actions as being in defence of the monarchy, and the king's portrait has been displayed prominently during all its protests. Senior figures close to the palace have openly supported the movement. When the queen offered to preside over the funeral last month of a PAD protestor killed during clashes with the police, it appeared to be a tacit blessing for the movement. Some in the government even believe the revered king may be backing the movement, although at the age of almost 81 this seems unlikely. Hard evidence is difficult to come by. But people's actions in Thailand are now being driven as much by what they believe as what they know to be true. The government and its rural followers believe there is a palace-army-elite conspiracy to rob them of their electoral mandate.

    In 2002, during the authoritarian Thaksin, should Jonathan had writen something like above, he would have been deported by Thaksin like what Thaksin had theatened against two journalists, the American Shawn Crispin, and the British Rodney Tasker who wrote the "Listless Days" published in the Far Eastern Economic Review of January 10, 2002 which was banned in Thailand.

    The Monarchy and the Royal Family have been the best example for all Thais. They remind all Thais of what is good and bad, as well as how to work things out. They cheer Thais up when in time of the worst difficulties. The King himself has proved himself beyond any reasonable doubts that he chooses to lead Thais in the best way. Best of all he never violates the law. In early 2006 when there was a call for a Royal intervention through a possible loop hole in article in the 1997 constitution to halt Thaksin's shameless governing, the King openly declined, saying that it was illegal.

    Certainly, the Monarchy was not involved in the dirty coups. Whereas Thaksin as shown in the lowermost photo was supporting the military coup, staged on February 23, 1991. Therefore, Thaksin is definitely proven a "Fake Democratic leader" in that he, in exchange for telecommunication concession, did subsidize the opportunistic military dictator group which ousted the civillian PM Chatichai Choonhavan, a democratically elected government. Moreover, Thaksin, in exchange for his personal amnesty law, supported Samak Sundaravej, who advocated "Thammasat students massacre" and the military coup on October 6, 1976, to be a Thaksin's proxy PM in January 2008.

    There are two obvious reasons why Jonathan and the BBC have no rights to accuse the palace. First, the history such as above is already well established in which Jonathan and the BBC may not insist on their ignorance. Secondly, it was Jonathan himself which admitted no hard evidence. So what is the real motive of Jonathan to write an unsubstantiated matters to inappropriately involve the palace, if not being the shameless mouthpiece of the corrupt convicted fugitive Thaksin.

    I demand a sincere apology from the BBC and Jonathan Head, to the Monarchy and Thailand, for the BBC's message appeared above and anywhere else concerning the Monarchy in this manner, no matter directly or indirectly, accusing the palace involvement since it is an advertisment of lies by Thaksin in an attempt to claim his own righteousness.

    The PAD and its middle-class followers believe the pro-Thaksin camp intends to turn Thailand into a republic, and overthrow the existing social order. With so much believed to be at stake, compromise between the two sides is almost impossible.

    Jonathan is misleading his readers. PAD members do not believe all exactly as what Jonathan tries to make, the righteous image of the red-shirts. There is no political ideology discrepancy here. Most of red-shirts joined the support of Thaksin because of not being informed about Thaksin's corruption, through the bribed and self-censored public media. Some of red-shirts just personally and short-sightedly fall in love with Thaksin's populist uneconomical spending policy. Some violent red thugs are just paid, drunk and agitated.

    A few dozens, such as the fugitive Giles Ungpakorn and Jakrapop Penkair may be the actual broken-hearted communists who intend to turn Thailand into a republic, and overthrow the existing establishment. Definitely, Jakrapop declared an all out war after April 2009. Therefore, what PAD had long expected, is never far from actual facts.

    The wicked motives of Thaksin and a few dozens of his militant accomplices exposed themselves and has disproved the Jonathan's statements, particularly in April 2009.

    With the education of actual facts, and without being perpetually brainwashed by unethical media, only then mutual understanding, unity and peace among decent Thais can easily resume.

    More Comments From Ronayos (1)

    I do not interprete this article of Jonathan as a fair report/comment on PAD. This to me is a rather sub-standard report, particularly when it was created in the name of the long-trusted world renown the BBC.

    PAD’s victory is not solely according to the palace and the elite support. What Jonathan wrote is obviously intended to be ABSOLUTELY INCOMPLETE.

    The too simple conclusion of his, seen to me, is that PAD’s main objective is to protect the Monarchy and hence the palace’s support and a direct resultant victory QED. How too simple victory it is, according to Jonathan!

    The length of 193 days for hundreds of thousands of Thais and hundreds visiting/coordinating of expatriates in US/UK/Canada/Europe amidst the soaking rain, burning sun, recurrent flu, annoying mosquitoes, sleepless nights, red UDD attacks/fatal grenades, 7 deaths, a dozen severely crippled, 700 injured and teargas explosives are the best evidences against this sub-standard report of the BBC.


    With PAD’s loyalist heart to the monarchy, we also fight the crook Thaksin’s corruption, the civillian dictator proxies and the electoral frauds which Jonathan did not mention, despite a BBC's photo above here which shows banners condemning the corruptions of the convicted couple. However, Jonathan does not talk about Thaksin’s corruption and PAD’s major objective to fight corruption. Jonathan does not talk about electoral frauds and fake democracy which are PAD’s major objectives to fight.

    Jonathan's article has no original idea at all. He is projecting what Thaksin always wants to lead, class struggles, which is a lie.

    There is no such ideological fight of "class struggles" in this political crisis. Thaksin is just an opportunist claiming to be a democratic hero to greedily step over any corpses to reach more wealth. People from all classes join PAD to get rid of corruption, bad politicians and fake democracy. It is between RIGHT and WRONG, Not the POOR and the RICH.

    More importantly, as a matter of fact, it was the Courts who ruled the ends of two PPP’s governments because of their own frauds, not PAD. Moreover, Samak Sundravej could have been re-elected by his own party, PPP which he was the head, then. Indeed, it was the real owner, Thaksin who mercilessly chopped off Samak. Not PAD. So what made Jonathan wrote such a misleading article?

    Jonathan also did not get the actual facts revealed. By all measurements, the champions of the poorest in Thailand at all time are in the three southernmost provinces of Thailand, Narathiwas, Yala and Pattani. A little better are some arid provinces in the northeast of Thailand, situated far from Mek Khong river.

    Certainly, less arid Udorn by Mek Khong, a stronghold of Kwanchai, Thaksin's head of red army in the northeast, and much better-off Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai in the north, strongholds of Shinawatras/Wongsawats' red-shirts supporters are not among the poorest provinces. Yet, people from Narathiwas, Yala and Pattani as well as the enlightened from Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Udon joined PAD to rally against Thaksin. Therefore, it is not a class struggle. It is a business hiring of Kwanchai, the head of gangster with local radiostation as instigating mouthpiece. Whereas in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, more cronies of Thaksin do the same thing. Please CLICK for more detail.

    The mostly revered HM the King always gives his beloved citizens good advices to follow everyone’s duty at their best. And according to their vows. HM the King always stresses particularly on the MPs, the cabinets, the police and the military officers. He always kindly reminds one’s own conscience to follow the righteous path. Unlike the crook Thaksin, who always tricks greedy followers with big baits which actually are many million times smaller than his own mouthful.

    The top two polices fired from the rank during Samak/Somchai as well as the military, become reminded through the call on duty by PAD. That is why they resisted the tyrant governments' orders to kill and turn much softer to PAD.

    What Jonathan wrote is simply reiteration of what Thaksin had lied.

    However, he wrote, someone in the government (Thaksin/Samak/Somchai) then, believed PAD got the Establishment support. If it is actually so, they should have considered abandoning Thaksin and the attempts to govern by then.

    Next time, I hope the BBC could have done better than reitterating on someone’s lies of whom is an obviously proven criminal and a refused criminal from the British soil herself.

    More Comments From Ronayos (2)

    It is too simple for media to blame PAD by following the official (the police and the government) announcement.

    If they just smartly question what the actual safety the airports and the country under Thaksin’s proxies’ administration have been? Even without PAD, the airports and the whole country have never been safe at all.

    The police and the airport authority are making use of media to smear on PAD still, that PAD caused a lot of damage to the places to justify their killing of PAD.

    However, fact is the only single effective weapon to backfire on the crook governments.

    There is no single window broken, no graffiti, no vandalism, no looting, no computer terminal damaged at the airports and the four main government office buildings (Thai Koo Fah, Santi Maitree, Naree Samosorn, and the red building) at the government house as examined by independent bodies and recorded also in VDOs on the day PAD handed back the sites.

    That is why the airports could start quite right away after PAD left. Perhaps the Government House would be fit enough just after cleaning up of the six months dust and replanting of the grass. Otherwise, not even a tree or a bush was damaged by PAD.

    A shattered window glass at Don Muang, four cracks and craters on the ground at the government office are marks of M79 grenades explosions. So long as any one could fire such grenades into such places without police catching any culprits, even without PAD’s rally, Suwannapoom and Don Muang are still never safe places.

    PAD’s rally with their brave hearts, bare hands or holding hand clappers just exposed how corrupt/ignorant Thai politicians are to the safety of the people. and that is FAKE DEMOCRACY

    It is only Potjaman and her daughter who got the exceptional highest security treats when they are back to Bangkok on the night of Dec 5, isn’t it?

    They got bypass of the security checking, usual passport checking and custom office right at the flight seats. So long as a major tax fraudster bail-jumper criminal with government connections can bypass such checking, Suwannapoom and Don Muang can never be safe places.

    PAD’s rally at the airport has effectively told the world about the crook Thaksin, his ineffective/ignorant proxy governments. A lot of foreign visitors to Thailand who are fed up with their politicians, or used to fight with their tyrants looked admiringly to PAD’s peaceful protest and our victory. We just have to keep peacefully fighting on with FACTS.

    More Arguments in pad.vfly.net CLICK

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