Ultimate objectives of PAD

       a. PAD wants to get rid of corruptions. Thaksin, the billionaire civilian dictator, has left Thailand with extensive high level of corruptions and proxy politicians. Having cheated the country while in power, Thaksin hid his corrupt billion of dollars worth of assets overseas. When ousted, Thaksin is subjected to numerous convictions but cowardly fled jail overseas and pull strings on politicians to sabotage his homeland.

       b. PAD protects the Monarchy. Thaksin wants to launder himself through amending the laws with his proxy politicians, while trying to abolish the Monoarchy and make himself a President, that is to cause turmoils and change Thailand from being a "Kingdom" to a "Republic" in stead.

       c. As a permanent cure for Thailand, PAD wants to get real democracy for Thailand. At present it is a fake democracy with bad on-sale politicians.

       d. To achieve all above a, b, c we have to get rid of Thaksin and his proxy politicians and punish them according to the laws.

    2010 Thaksin's Terrorism

    Militant Red Army

    Public Autopsies of April 10, 2010 (2)

    ( Last edit 2010-04-26 )

    Department of Special Investigation announces progress in its investigations

    On 23 April 2010 at 1130 hrs., Mr.Tharit Pengdit, Director-General of the Department of Special Investigation (DSI), Ministry of Justice, gave a press conference on the status of outstanding investigations related to the current political situation.

    On behalf of the DSI and as secretary of the Committee on Special Cases, Mr.Tharit Pengdit said that given the recent situation and incidents, the Committee has resolved to consider four categories of acts as special cases. These acts, which have to be investigated under special investigation laws, include: (1) terrorist acts, (2) acts which constitute threats to the government, (3) acts which pose harm to the people and government officials, and (4) acts involving equipment and weapons of the state. These special cases have been transferred to the DSI as the main agency responsible, with twelve other government agencies jointly involved in the investigation, including the Royal Thai Police, National Intelligence Agency, and the National Security Council.

    The DSI Director-General said that, although the cases during the past weeks were already considered as special cases, including the forty-five other bombing incidents, other incidents have continued to occur, such as the bombing of high-voltage electricity power lines, and the firing of an RPG into an oil tank. Then on 22 April, explosions took place in the Silom area, destroying property and harming people.




    These types of incidents are considered terrorist acts. The DSI and other government agencies concerned condemn the instigators behind these terrorist acts. He also warned them that such acts are punishable by the maximum sentence which is the death penalty and asked that they stop committing such harmful acts towards innocent people. Those not involved should avoid the areas where the incidents occurred and not join the demonstrations which are considered unlawful.

    Regarding progress in the investigations, the DSI Director-General said that the police had on 22 April arrested Mr.Methee Amornwuthikul – one out of the 24 individuals against whom arrest warrants have been issued. The said individual has been involved in many unlawful acts, one of which was the use of government-issued weapons.

    During his questioning, Mr.Methee provided information on many important issues. First, Mr.Methee confessed metheethat he was involved in the 10 April incident as a part of the frontlines calling for democracy. Following the clashes with authorities during their operations to reclaim the area in front of Satree Witya School, Mr.Methee’s group took possession of a number of government-issued weapons. Mr.Methee himself seized a certain number of lethal weapons and distributed them to other people. While denying that he had kept some automatic rifles, the search of his car revealed that he indeed had government-issued automatic weapons in his possession. This constitutes evidence that weapons were taken away from military personnel and were planned to be used for fighting in the future.




    Second, Mr.Methee admitted that lethal weapons were used against military personnel during their operations to reclaim areas back from the demonstrators. Finally, after the mobilization of demonstrators to the Ratchaprasong area, the demonstrators met at an undisclosed location on a daily basis to plan their moves.


    The DSI Director-General said that the DSI and other agencies concerned will continue with their investigations, focusing on justice for all sides and ensuring progress in a straightforward manner.

    Ronayos's Comment: Mr.Methee Amornwuthikul was an ex-nude model. He has a very bad temperament and used to settle any disagreement with violence. See more in Thaksin's Red Knights.


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