Ultimate objectives of PAD

       a. PAD wants to get rid of corruptions. Thaksin, the billionaire civilian dictator, has left Thailand with extensive high level of corruptions and proxy politicians. Having cheated the country while in power, Thaksin hid his corrupt billion of dollars worth of assets overseas. When ousted, Thaksin is subjected to numerous convictions but cowardly fled jail overseas and pull strings on politicians to sabotage his homeland.

       b. PAD protects the Monarchy. Thaksin wants to launder himself through amending the laws with his proxy politicians, while trying to abolish the Monoarchy and make himself a President, that is to cause turmoils and change Thailand from being a "Kingdom" to a "Republic" in stead.

       c. As a permanent cure for Thailand, PAD wants to get real democracy for Thailand. At present it is a fake democracy with bad on-sale politicians.

       d. To achieve all above a, b, c we have to get rid of Thaksin and his proxy politicians and punish them according to the laws.

    2010 Thaksin's Terrorism

    Return of PAD

    Politician's Secret Deal, A Betrayal To The People

    ( Last edit 2000-05-15 )

    On May 6, 2010, at the Sun house, core leaders of PAD held a meeting which included major general Chamlong Sri-muang, Somsak Kosaisuk, Pipop Thongchai, Samran Rodpetch, Sirichai Mai-ngam, Saranyu Wongkrajang, Maleerat Kaewka, Suriyasai Katasila, the coordinator, and Panthep Puapongpan, the speaker. Together, they released the announcement no.9/2010 condemning Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva for the conciliation with the "New Thai State" 's terrorists.


    Maj. Gen. Chamlong Sri-muang said, "The PM deployed bare hands soldiers to fight against terrorists, resulting in loss of many lives. Instead of enforcing the law, now he is yielding to the terrorists' menaces which is dangerous to the country and the throne. If Abhisit asks PAD's representatives to meet for an explanation of the reconciliation roadmaps, we will go to propose ours. I confirm that why PAD is standing up against is not to expel Abhisit, but it is just in case he is not listening, he should resign. PAD has not thought of anybody to replace him. I think that if he is in the seat but makes the country failed, he has to leave. I insist that, the government has to subdue the terrorists. Admittedly, after the PM announced the roadmaps, soldiers are much discouraged and reluctant to perform because the PM is shilly-shally."

    Somsak Kosaisuk said, "The government has declared the state of emergency but obviously allows violation of laws. Just suddenly, a secret negotiation to reconcile between representatives of Pol.Lieut.Col.Thaksin Shinawatra [PM does not deny Yinglak Shinawatra and Pongthep Thepkanjana made some deals with Korbsak Sapawasu and Korn Jatikawanich] and representatives of the government took place, resulting in a prospect of political amnesty. It can be considered as ignorance. Therefore, I call for the government to enforce the law which does not mean a massacre but means a strict enforcement. There is also some reports that there are ignorance for terrorists to smuggle the weapons out of the rally site. Furthermore, how can the PM ensure that the general election will take place [with transparency and without violence]. The PM has to review the roadmaps. If not, do resign."

    "If the PM yields to reconcile with armed movements, soon there would be more armed protesters for anything. It is illegal and needs to be taken care of."

    "The proposals do not have anything to do with the New Politics party which is ready for any general election."

    Maj.Gen.Chamlong added,"Whether or not the party is flourishing, is only matter to the party but the country is more important."

    Pipop Thongchai said,"The PM is now abandoning the poeple who have all along been giving support to the government to fight against Thaksin's regime. All of a sudden, the PM turns to reconcile. The national reconciliation roadmaps item 1 to 4 should have been done since the starting of the government, but actually none. I believe that from now until November 14, [2010], it will not be possible because the problems require long term measures, particularly the poverty which many sectors have yearned for. Therefore, I see it as mere a nice speech. Item 5 seems like a negotiation between the government and Pol.Lieut.Maj.Thaksin's cronies, which is the actual essence for amnesty."

    "The PM must explain in detail whether or not it is a deal out of the secret negotiation. On the other hand, for Pol.Lieut.Maj.Thaksin's to return to Thailand or not, is up to him. Why Thaksin left the country was because he knew that he would loose the legal battles. So, Thaksin fled before the courts passed the verdicts. Now, Thaksin is struggling for his amnesty. PAD is not worried about the return of Pol.Lieut.Maj.Thaksin whatsoever."

    Samran Rodpetch said, "I believe the PM is making a big reef knot out of the problems and he will fail. I make a notice about the inefficient enforcement of the law that since the beginning of the violence, there have been 30 arrest warrants issued but there are only 6 actual arrests. Therefore, it is obvious that law enforcement is ineffective."

    Sirichai Maingam said, "The forthcoming general election is not going to allow the people to freely exercise their rights to choose their representatives to govern the country."

    Maleerat Kaewka said, "The PM is paving way for the terrorists while the red-shirts are demanding more to buy time for smuggling away the weapons hidden in the rally site, or to bargain with Pol.Lieut.Maj.Thaksin for higher wages. I wish to ask Abhisit what he claims that he listens to the people's voices. Whose voices are they? Now, Abhisit's time is shorter every minute. If revise it now, it will not be too late."


    Panthep Puapongpan added, "I received some information that there were secret negotiations between Thaksin's cronies and the government. Thaksin's side comprised of Miss Yinglak Shinawatra, Thaksin's sister; Mr.Pongthep Thepkanjana, former deputy chief of Thai Rak Thai party; and Dr.Prommin Lertsuriyadej, former secretariat to the PM in Thaksin's government. The government's side comprised of Mr.Korn Jatikawanich, Minister of Finance; Mr.Korbsak Sapawasu, the secretariat to the Prime Minister; and M.R.Sukumpan Boripat, the governor of Bangkok."

    "The negotiations greatly concern PAD because the outcome is for the interests of two groups at the expense of the country since the government will benefit from this-year annual budget; allocation of bureaucratic, military, and police officers; and pardoning convicted politicians in the coalition parties in exchage for a cancel of the indictment to disband the Democrat party. Whereas Thaksin's cronies will benefit from the impediment of the rest of the cases of Thaksin and the amnesty for politician former administrative directors of Thai Rak Thai party and People's Power party. Jaturon Chai-saeng, the former acting chief of Thai Rak Thai party is allotted to compete for the PM seat. If the deals are fulfilled, Pol.Lieut.Maj.Thaksin will not return to political movements. Also, after the general election, the first winner will join with the second winner to form a government."

    "If such negotiation is real, it is considered to be only for a few people's interests at the expense of devastation of the country. However, I would like Abhisit to declare that all those forcasted are not happening to ensure that PAD does not have to take actions like before."


    Suriyasai Katasila said, "At the moment, PAD has not set the deadline for Abhisit's reply. This condemnation of the PM is so far for the worst for this government. Next week, PAD will begin a campaign to oppose the amendment of the constitution by communicating with Mr.Prasopsuk Boondej, The Senate House speaker, to expel 102 MPs who submit a motion to amend the constitution and to expel Mr.Chai Chidchob, the MP House Speaker, for presenting to the House, a motion to amend the constitution with Dr.Weng Tojirakarn's draft, after collecting more than 40,000 signatures. PAD reiterates that we do not oppose amendment of the constitution if for public's interests, but we oppose the amendment for politicians."

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