Ultimate objectives of PAD

       a. PAD wants to get rid of corruptions. Thaksin, the billionaire civilian dictator, has left Thailand with extensive high level of corruptions and proxy politicians. Having cheated the country while in power, Thaksin hid his corrupt billion of dollars worth of assets overseas. When ousted, Thaksin is subjected to numerous convictions but cowardly fled jail overseas and pull strings on politicians to sabotage his homeland.

       b. PAD protects the Monarchy. Thaksin wants to launder himself through amending the laws with his proxy politicians, while trying to abolish the Monoarchy and make himself a President, that is to cause turmoils and change Thailand from being a "Kingdom" to a "Republic" in stead.

       c. As a permanent cure for Thailand, PAD wants to get real democracy for Thailand. At present it is a fake democracy with bad on-sale politicians.

       d. To achieve all above a, b, c we have to get rid of Thaksin and his proxy politicians and punish them according to the laws.

    Abhisit, Another Crook

    Liars and Traitors Democrat

    Open Letter To Abhisit

    ( Last edit 2010-06-20 )

    Dear PM Abhisit Vejjajiva,

    Right after your steering the country pass a near-miss, it is now time to write to you. It is the particular time when you want people's attention and cooperation, when you call for the people to join your road map to reconciliation and reform, when you say you need to hear our voices.

    Back to you, I am challenging your slogan, "People Come First". I am demanding your responsibility to your promises "to reconcile the different colours of the nation.", "to restore law and order and to bring back the rule of law", and "nine ethical rules of steel for the cabinet.". On top of that you swore in before taking the MP and PM posts.

    You have a Sunday morning TV show "Trust Thailand". How can we trust her under your governing when in time of crises, you misidentified terrorists as innocent? You offered an election date to terrorists without having clean up Thailand. Later, you defiantly compromise with greedy ministers: the purchase of NGV buses, huge constrction projects, and Kao Yai deforestation. I am demanding the honesty to all of your words? Are your objectives not actually "Number of coalition seats come first", "Newin comes first", "Suthep Tuaksuban comes first." and worst "PM seat comes first, before all ethical rules".


    Do I have to remind you that the turmoils in April 2009 and April-May 2010 were neither inevitable nor unpredictable? So would the next one. Years before those turmoils, there were plenty of violent incidences by Thaksin's supporters and Thaksin himself. You certainly had realized that the worst civilian dictator of Thailand used all sotrs of violence -- and I do mean all sorts -- against any of his non-supporters. During his PM term, apart from media repression, abduction, assasination and police state, he had committed Crimes Against Humanities with his own initiatives while the genocidal massacre against Muslims was also executed. His policy resulted in widespread murders of people who were at the worst, just suspected criminals. Instead, of fair trials, thousands of civilians were either mysteriously assasinated or extrajudicially murdered by polices.

    You, your opposition party, resistant media, and the people sufferred from Thaksin's oppression. You were incapable to do anything materialized during that time. That is why brave people, united into a civic movement as PAD, come out to struggle on streets against Thaksin's regime.

    The September 19, 2006 coup arrived in time just one day before bloodshed. Conspired violent Thaksin-Newin red mobs had been on their way from upcountry to strike peaceful PAD's protesting. Was that not enough to give you serious warning? What would take place if there had been no military intervention? Later under PM Gen.Surayudh, did the red UDD gangsters attack against Gen.Prem Tinsulanond, the President of the Privy Council's house at Theves in 2006 not suffice as another omen? Three and a half years have passed since. Two hundreds of schools were mysteriously burnt down in the north and northeast. Dozens of M-79 grenades exploded to kill some PAD while in the government house and at Don Muang airport right before your PM term. During the state of emergency in Bangkok, Sondhi Limthonkul being ambushed on April 17, 2009 by a 3-4 gun men armed with automatic military weapons, M-16, AK-49, HK-33 and an M-79 grenade. No single perpetrator have been caught! apart from some assasins while ambushing Charnchai Likitjitta, an ex-Supreme Court judge who is also a Privy Councilor. The events proof the inefficiency of law enforcement against those Thaksin's violent UDD leaders. Your indolence let them improve and repeat their riot tactics in April 2009 and to regroup, reinforce and restrike major assaults in April-May 2010. PM Abhisit, what next?

    Certainly, you witnessed some brave citizens sacrificed of their lives, their eyes, their legs and arms against brutal Thaksin regime. They had already come with bare hands against red gangsters and brutal police state, defending the Constitutional Monarchy and the constitution from being unduly amended for Thaksin. You even attended a victim of October 7, 2008's funeral. Was it not you who filed a complaint to NHRC and NCCC to investigate the abusive polices in Somchai's government?

    The independent committees -- as you always seek -- finalized their parts in less than a year. In October 2009, they ordered a discharge of those abusively tyrant top polices. But look what you have done since. How on earth!, under your power, you did allow the expelled brutal polices gracefully come back against NHRC and NCCC's judgement whom you filed the complaint to. Are you and your police board not committing a criminal offense abusing the power to admit the expelled polices back against NCCC's verdict?


    Who else do you have to consult to reform the police before you can fire those bad guys and appoint better replacement? Who else, how many more lay people or frontline officers would have to be killed before you take the right actions? Would the lives of Nong Bow Miss Angkana Radappanyawut, Ja Pien Pol.Maj.Sompien Eksomya, Maj. Romklao Thuwatham, Private Narongrit Sala and many more suffice to get you start? How long do we, laypeople, plain bureacrats, fair officers have to wait for your courageous decision, to appoint a decent Head of the Police Bureau, as opposed to those bad ones already well protected and well promoted by you?

    If you admit that you have not been able to keep bad polices out, how on earth would you overhaul the whole police structure before you leave your seat? How would you reform the police if sugested by the roadmap reforming committee which is powerless and only depending on you? And how in the name of heaven, Thailand will survive another Thaksin's red-shirt strike.

    How about the cheat on the donated land supposed to belong to the temple which is now Thaksin's Alpine Golf Course and a nearby Thaksin's housing estate. For a decade, your party has already taken on this matter. The independent Council of the State has also passed the verdict that the whole piece of the land must belong to the temple as expressed in the deceased's will. How many more years do you need to return the land to the temple? Where is the rule of law you chanted?

    Thaksin, having been sentenced by the Supreme Criminal Court to jail since October 2008 and having officially declared by you -- and I repeat, BY YOU -- to be the terrorist master on the national television recently. What have you done then? It had taken several months after you took the PM seat, to revoke the fugitive's passports. How about the revocation of the fugitive terrorist's police decoration and the Royal decoration? Only you, PM Abhisit, have the sole legal power over this matter. How many years more do you need to undo the disgrace of the country? How on earth, would you dare request the interpol or any international communities to respond to the criminal court's warrants when you have not acted what is under your own power against this culprit?


    When it is your turn, for the past one and a half year in the PM seat, you have badly failed again and again to prevent the forewarned turmoils and terrorism. It is because you are not sincere to keep your promises and your sacred duties as a decent PM. You are ignorant to us, ordinary people, and too careless with national security. You and your colleages' behaviours even raise doubts of possible conspiracy yield to Thaksin.

    From day one, you have not been doing what are supposed to be PM's priority and only buy time giving day to day Democrat party advertisement, whereas lots of us, ordinary people, already foresee Thailand's deepest pit not yet to come. You do not seem to know the 20/80 rule of management. Why don't you choose the top priority 20 per cent to result in good 80 per cent for the country? Does it have to be a top Professor of Neurology like your father or a top dentist university lecturer like your wife to tell you that a few effective preventive measures are better than a hundred cures?

    PM Abhisit, don't you know your responsibility as the head of the administration? Don't you have to ensure the swiftness of all bureaucratic services? The law empowers you to speed up all legal proceedings to reach the courts ASAP. That is the rule of law and justice to be served, once and for all, to settle their disputes with undisputable facts and fair trials, to bring a harmony and genuine unity back to the nation, as oppose to your fake unification which can never be achieved.

    You deny such responsibility by claiming impartialities and preach that you won't touch any legal proceedings. Who else, if not you, is the big boss of the attorney general and the police bureau? Why, after full two years, can't police finalize all above mentioned cases as well as the indictment of Jakrapop's one-hour les majeste's speech? Where is your promise to defend the Royal institution? It took ages for you to defuse DSI, to get ICT to work and to get NBT National Broadcasting Television to present bed-time anti-propaganda facts.

    Because you were too late, you can never claim your past withholding law enforcement against red-shirt protesters as justifiable merciful restraint. If you had successfully exposed the evil Thaksin regime on state media since your first month in PM office, there would be no innocent poors joining Thaksin's movement. It is your ignorance which half recruited the poors to be obedient and cheap hostages at the mercy of Thaksin's mercenary terrorists.

    How about other victims of the red-shirts? Definitely, you have not protected their rights, properties, businesses, and certainly their deceased love ones. What did you do to protect Chulalongkorn hospital including the Supreme Patriarch. Consider your old father as a patient, your wife as a staff member, your child as a student in Chulalongkorn University hospital just like others. They had to endure under serious threats for weeks next door to explosive-filled and armed militant red-shirts camps. Arisman Pongruangrong even did announce incendiary to anything, Muslim Mosques, Siriraj University hospital -- everything. Payap Panket did actually stormed into the hospital. They could have burnt Chula roasting patients alive. You had cruelly done too little to prevent such terrorism. The situation was too late for too many havocs to set off, until even now.


    Much surprisingly, according to a news article ( ASTV-Manager) during the red-shirt terrorism between March 12 to May 19, 2010 your cabinet silently approved a huge budget of over 466.5 thousand million baht (15 thousand million USD) when on April 27, 2010 alone your cabinet approved 196 thousand million baht (over 6 thousand million USD) for Newin-backed Sopon Saram, Transport Minister's budget. Initially barred by your reluctance, however, all luxurious doubtful transport projects quietly slipped through during this red crisis. Was Raj Prasong the hostage for ransoms not only under Thaksin but also under Newin? Sino-Thai construction company which closely ties to Poom Jai Thai party also benefits from the projects. Are these partly to fund Newin-Poom Jai Thai party in the next general election?

    Your Finance Minister Korn was busy negotiating with Temasek the major shareholder of Shincorp which owns Thaicom Public Company Limited (previously Shin Satellite Public Company Limited) for buying back the ownership of Thai Com satellite. Why does your government pursue the buying back option? Gen.Surayudh Julanond's government and the Council of State had concluded that Thaicom had violated the concession contract and therefore the satellite is subjected to seizure. This is also solidly backed by the final verdict of the Supreme Court in March 2010. However, without prompt SET action, the leaked information about the unfinished deal effectively kicked the share price up over 30 per cent on June 14 when the SET index was up just over 1 per cent. Evidence pointed to some insiders making easy huge profit. Could this be the secret budget for Democrat party in the next general election, similar to other previous rumours about AIS and Loxley which related to leaked government's decisions?


    You either innocently or pretendedly have got the assumption of the root of the divisiveness all wrong. You started your PM term, saying you were the middle man to reconcile between the yellow PAD and red UDD. You never considered Thaksin as "THE ENEMY OF THE STATE", the one who relentlessly wants to topple any governments, including yours, if not his puppet.

    Before April 2010, you had actively reconciled people by encouraging daily evening national anthem chorus. What a palaver! I had expected yours would be better than Thaksin's parachuting bird origamis to reconcile the south after the massacre at Kru Se and Tak Bai. Don't you know the basis of a peaceful community is the rule of law and justice, not evening patriotism. Could your chorus help prevent Raj Prasong being ablazed after years of effective village-level instigation plus pocket money from Thaksin?


    Having consulted nobody at all, during your nightmares of April 2010, you suddenly woke up with your initiative to call for all colours to join your false hope roadmap for reconciliation. You put a wrong assumption up for everybody to help you solve. Even after the smoke, still you and the state media, so innocently blame pure hostile disunity more than openly pointing to Thaksin as the original cause of the troubles.

    Now that you choose to remain idle in the hot seat. You preach a reform to renew and unite Thailand. But you compose corrupt reshuffling of the cabinets. You got rid of Koonying Kalya Soponpanich, Science Minister who spoke up facts against the corrupt GT200. She was a physicist scientist, who dares to disproof expensive GT 200 against the army chief, and was not put on debate censure. In contrast, you keep the lowest vote of confidence unashamed Transport Minister, Sopon Saram who relentlessly insists on his unnecessary dearly projects. You keep Suthep Tuaksuban who is the person practically in charge of all the "FAIL" security and bad polices. You keep Sathit Wongnongtoey who was actually in charge of all the "FAIL" anti-propaganda. You are not executing decisive measures to freeze all domestic and overseas Shinwatras' assets. All Ministers are just too quick to secure the seats and corrupt expensive projects to fund next electoral frauds. That is how you are actively luring us into another havoc under the well-funded go-loose terrorists and bad polices.

    In reply to your call for timely people's participation to your dream-team committees, I wonder if you are genuine? Didn't you ever have tried to listen to people and the country's needs. After all these long years of Democrat party, where in Thailand under crises, have you and your MPs in the Democrat been?
    Where have all your shadow cabinet ministers been? Were they not equipped with all the knowledge of the country's problems to administer the recipes right away since December 2008? Did you not know we need corruption-free, electoral-fraud-free, clean polices, good justice system and state-media-reform to prevent those imminent dangers right away from day one?

    Since it has been more than 500 days for the country under your authority, passing through several disgraceful turmoils, where is your pledge "100 days to country's successes"? Now that your term is less than a year and a half, under alive and well Thaksin's terrorism threat, do you have much spare time to get more talks without actions?


    Your present quests for numerous committees are tricky cover-up procedural formats rather than immediate effective measures. Why would you stubbornly need timely and money-wasting powerless independent new committees? There are already plenty of independent official bodies which can do or even have virtually finished the jobs. In particular, you have independent NCCC, NHRC and Courts of Law for ultimate fact finding for victims. King Rama VII; Prapokklao institute, NIDA, the National Institute of Development Administration, the national council for economic and social development; TDRI, Thailand Development Research Institute have studied Thailand, with armies of professors and scholars, research paper, ready-made advices and the needy knowhow to impartially and honestly deal with Thai's politics, economical, corruptions and social inequalities. Apart from those decent scholars, you always preach the sacred parliamentary system but why don't you leave investigative works to plenty of parliamentary committees led by your colleague MPs which have budget, staff and authority to interrogate people and to publish the results to help finalize the legislature in the house.

    Instead, you request your own anew appointed committees to do extensive fieldworks to harvest all opinions -- and you do insist "ALL". It will take months, if not half a year, even with most deligent field researchers and without red-shirt nuisance. Still, the committees are without all supports but you. The committees' resolutions will be definitely powerless because lack of statutory authority. They will be adamantly rejected by red-shirts. Either your government or the next government have no commitment to the likely inconclusive findings whatsoever. You set January 1, 2011 to be the gift for all Thais, just to announce the committees' resolutions which will be too late to implement before next disasters.

    Have you forgotten? After Black May 1992, started in Anand Panyarachun PM then, a project to reform the media gave birth to ITV to be fact informer to enlighten people. However, the media reform failed as well as ITV became another junk channel and a propaganda tool of corrupt capitalist Thaksin. This time 2010, although you get the former PM Anand to be the president of the national reform, who would do the rest of the job to prevent the country fall into the fail state.

    Look, what you have actually done with the past independent committees. You had an investigative committee finished the file of April 2009's incidence which you left it under the carpet. You go against the NCCC and NHRC's verdicts on bad polices of October 7, 2008. You neglected the Council of State's advice on illicit estate of Thaksin's Alpine Golf club. You did not look into Kanit Na Nakorn's committee's conclusion of Thaksin's 2,500 Unaccountable Deaths Dduring War Against Drugs. You ignored Supreme Criminal Courts' jail sentence of Thaksin to leave him proud of police decoration and Royal decoration. Why are you asking for more then?

    Are you not buying votes before the next general election? Your committee has Professor Dr.Prawes Wasee as a president. Dr.Prawes is welknown that he had given up medicine for ages but has turned to be the father founder of all the NGOs. Thaksin before his PM term, made use of Dr.Prawes and his alliances eg. Public Health NGOs (Dr.Ampol JindawatanaÁ Dr.Chuchai Supawong), Maj.Gen.Chamlong Srimuang, Santi Asoke etc. You also aware that the NGOs are becoming more powerful just like networks of mafia. And that you need to make a very strong connection with them. Certainly Dr.Prawes' committee would be specially financed to do what you request. Apart from that, the funding as well as spending in NGOs has become abundant because the constitution of 2007 has generously guaranteed the budgets, yet mysterious and never questioned. I do not forget that Dr.Chuchai Supawong was one of the drafter member of 2007 constitution.


    For immediate economic reforming to cure all poors, why don't you swiftly go ahead with legislation in the parliament: raised base rate wages, land reform, cheap loans and debt negotiation for farmers, effective irrigation projects, land taxation, more progressive income taxation, and death tax. For immediate reforming of the media, why don't you start with immediate reform of state televisions and radios, replacing soap operas, obscene music and other junks with facts about Thaksin and his terrorists. You were educated in Britain where you saw good examples of BBC and independent media. Why Thais would not have the same standard of services? Did you not see the weekly program "Question Time" in BBC where the host arranged televised round-table debates among politicians of all parties? Before Thaksin time, Dr.Jermsak Pinthong once arranged a similar popular program "Let Me Solve Them Too" on channel 11 with people's participation. Why would you still have Thaksin's legacy one-sided one-hour PM talk program whereas people and other political parties do not have equal opportunity on the same channel? Are you now getting addicted to power like what Thaksin was?

    In general, simply to reform justice, you must speed up all legal proceedings from the police stations, forensic office, the state attorney to the final verdict in the Courts of laws. On average, any criminal indictments and civil suits take up to five years in the courts of the first instance. If petitioned to finalize in the supreme court, the case would take on average more than a decade. Management science must be applied for quality assuarance as well as standard time limit for each step. Important performacnce statistics of each office should be put up on the internet for transparency check of the efficiency. Information technology, proper funding and increased manpower will help. How in the name of heaven, all past justice ministers have, astonishingly, left court proceedings drown in boring piles of legal documents? The heavy burden of paper work makes administration of the whole system and transparent check and balance in the justice system near impossible and bribery always a high possiblity. You are so naive to overlook these basic and go for constroversial lengthy constitution amendment which would bring no tangible justice to mediocre class.


    Who has been calling for constitution amendment which you take it as a crucial issue? The laterst 2007 constitution is 95 per cent an improvised version of the 1997 template. They are both well written and very strict against politicians in terms of corruption prevention, punishment, and check - balance independent bodies. They passed rigorous scrutinies through extensive polling and public hearing to be rechecked by elected and selected legislative councils. Best is they both passed national refendum. Certainly, they have become pain in the ass of politicians, particularly Thaksin, Yougyudth, Samak, Somchai, Banharn and even Democrat. So, it is the crooks who blame the laws for the turmoils.

    Thaksin through puppets, Weng To-jirakarn, red-shirts and Pua Thai party submitted their draft, to enable his own laundering as well as undermining the Monarchy. Poom Jai Thai party, Chart Thai Pattana party, Pua Pandin party, all-time crook corrupt politicians call for abolition of the five-year-prohibition on politicians who are/were found guilty of electoral frauds as well as division of the province into smallest constituencies to enable easy vote buying. Democrat, under fear of violation of the law and impeachment, call for lifting of strict control on government international deals which have to be transparent and pre-approved in the house. Virtually no lay people are desperate for constitutional amendment at all. So why would you waste another million thousand baht for the unnecessary amendment?


    Having concluded your half term with your less than half performance, by all international standards of civilized democratic countries, no PM would be able to sit proudly in their seats, after failing to protect the country from expected repeated major terrorist attacks. Your ignorance to establish good prevention against Thaksin regime since day one in your post has brought Thailand over and over to the brinks of anarchy.

    PM Abhisit, you badly failed to prevent disgrace of the country since you could not provide reasonable security to other nations' leaders in April 2009? Through April 2009 and April-May 2010, because of your negligence up to now, you share half of the damage for what Thaksin has inflicted the country. If the provincial governors and the provincial police chief superintendants were purged because their failures to deter red-shirts incendiary of the city halls, would you not consider the same for yourself?

    If your colleagues, Mr.Apirak Kosayothin had to leave his Bangkok Governor seat and Mr.Withaya Kaewparadai had to leave his minister seat in public health because of doubts -- just doubts -- over fire engine projects or foul canned food, would you not consider yourself responsible for all the devastation to Thailand under your power. Was the recent vote of confidence official enough to launder yourself as good as Thaksin's popular mandate in the landslide victory of his second general election? How different are you from Thaksin?

    What made you, PM Abhisit, different from other Thai elected PMs is your distinct education in world class modern institutions. You have learned what other decent international leaders have done for their countries. Among millions Thais, you "HAD BEEN" the most prestigeous and the hope of all. However, your half term has passed but you have proved no difference from previously corrupt politicians. What Thaksin can never do, WHEREAS YOU COULD, is being an honest PM. Are you not just a plagiarized PM, using populism after Thaksin with a personal touch of better improvized sweet demagogic speeches to attract middle class urbanists?

    What is the point going just less than half the globe to get only less than half of civilized ethical standard of democratic leaders. Probably, it was only crisp and slick speech in English better than Thaksin that they have taught you. Eton or Oxford must have not taught you ethics. And you must have forgotten what Chulalongkorn Demonstration school had taught you about Captain Norasing (Pan Thai Norasing), who solemnly and ethically insisted to be beheaded to defend "the Law and Order".

    You call for country's reformation but you have not brought a civilized ethical reform to your cabinet and Thai politics. Fragile pitiful Thailand, having passed turmoils, are still in vicious cycle leading to anarchy because of your fake-reform projects. You have to "HONESTLY" ask yourself, if you will not be able to get her out of all turmoils (already half caused by your ignorance) and make an actually better and effective reformed Thailand, starting from "NOW AND FINISH IN YOUR TERM", what should you do?

    Thailand made a deadly serious mistake once in 2001, giving Thaksin a chance to use his crocodile tears to lubricate a slip through Constitution Court's verdict. This time, should we let your flattering tongue buy time for yourself, your party and your dearly Newin coalition a cunning way out and abduct badly scalded Thailand to put into a cremation chamber.

    Yours sincerely,

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